Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News

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100 Replies to “Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News”

  1. Ugh…. Zuckerberg makes me want to puke…..just simply answer the question, instead of going around in circle acting arrogant..

  2. Mark Zuckerberg owns a building called building 8 where he has invested 1 billion dollars into designing a bracelet that reads your mind and communicates with computers….
    But hes just a businessman

  3. in accordance to technology , and versus the population of the world , how could they equivilate facebook as a monopoly,? there are over 8 billion people on the planet, just because one global corporation is very successful in what they do, and is absolutely popular with the global community as a whole . . does that mean it,s a MONOPOLY? NO!!! IT,S JUST A FACT THAT THEY HAVE BECOME VERY POPULAR . BECAUSE OF AN INTRODUCED , FORUM , AND PLATFORM OF COMMUNICATION.

  4. U stupid politicians if u r going to make your stupid banal and medieval views in today’s market educate yourselves. Take off your adult diapers and try harder

  5. Smart people used to go into politics. Now smart people go into business because that's where the power is, politics is the domain of stupid rich kids who do what the corporations tell them.

  6. Questions are pretty simple however Mark pretend like not understand quite well. İ can understand he mentioned about twitter or snapchat why you talking about categories ? Lots of lawyer words. Zuckerberg doing monopoly its obvious.

  7. I’m feeling like a genius because of how stupid these people are.
    They don’t understand categories, a monopoly is a product or service which destroys or buys other services into their own brand in the the same category, they are saying that Facebook which is a unique category that doesn’t really rank to things such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or google because it’s a service which allows many similarities to all of those which are very different things all offering different services and different ways to operate those services, those are services which operate independently whereas if I downloaded Facebook it wouldn’t be like I had Instagram or Twitter etc. The accusations of Facebook selling info for money is also fake, they have many operations like a checks and balance system which wouldn’t allow that, they hold info but can’t release it unless requested by the user by law, any info released was done by a breach in the system in which Facebook should but also shouldn’t be held accountable for, they hold info, they protect info, but if they are compromised the info they are holding can be stolen, this is in very rare cases.

  8. Regardless of whether facebook is a wrong or not, the way he asked him about it was super weird. When you say that other social network platforms aren't doing the same as Facebook and Facebook therefore represents a monopoly, then isn't every other social network a monopoly, since they are all unique? No. Maybe they offer less services than facebook, but you can still buy cars somewhere else when you don't like (figurative) facebook cars.

  9. While I often watch these for entertainment value, when L Graham asks something that sounds simple think and think again…

  10. The simple answer Mark Zuckerberg should said is Snap Chat but is one piece what Facebook does. However their no direct comparable competition to Facebook, that anyone one else has developed. There is no monopoly, FB creaters has simply cornered the market for the time being. If don't like Facebook, you are free to discontinue use and close your account. This the biggest problem is the government butting in. The fact is some people are morons just belief what they and not fact check it themselves. I am a semi private person so us only a few of FB services. Regretfully when a company gets too successful the government butts in, they have done it to too many companies in this country's past called anti trust law. Ask Bill Gates, he was victim of the government butting in. This butting in destroys businesses, if a crime is committed is the federal government that has committed the crime the biggest monopoly compared only to the City, county, and states governments. They steal millions from consumers in the form fees and fines. My advice to have FB go dark for 30 days see how well people get along.

  11. Google Owns Facebook WTF!!!
    How can it be considered to be in competition with the company that Owns your company ????

  12. its better to be your slave rather than of any savage, kid use me i can allow you not for any operations or missions m not available for foolish purpose

  13. People who highly support capitalism complaining when a "monopoly". If you've played the board game, you know that's the way it works lol. Dont be surprised.

  14. WoW!
    1st Time Ever I Feel Bad To Be An American these Guys Are Clueless!
    Completely Incompetent an Unofficial At Getting Any Real Answers

  15. Zuckerberg is importing censorship from other countries instead of standing up for and exporting freedom of speech. He’s a fraud and Anti American!

  16. A circus tent with a room full of clowns trying to get information on how to fool the public from the ring master of deception.

  17. Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right.. Forget about the ones who don't.

  18. OMG! Just seeing Mark Zuckerberg's face makes me want to barf…. He did not make a "product" but a "byproduct" Facebook is nothing but a derivative, it is pure trash and gossip for narcissists, unless you use it only to message a friend or to post on their timeline Happy Birthday, once a year, that's it. Have you noticed facebook does not list any phone number or address to talk to "customer service" ? They operate like the Mafia on the down-low. You can NOT even find their info with a google search, because Facebook controls or pays all the search engines, not to display their contact info. Facebook had me fired because a coworker was using it to bully me and daily gossip about me to over 500 of their friends most of them were also coworkers. It is a long story but if facebook and social mesdia did not exist, I know I'd still be working right now.

  19. The senator is quite ignorant here. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, apple, Amazon and Netflix all in one category in the tech industry. Their surface main services may be different, but from the side normal people don't see they are similar. Facebook and Google are both in constant competition with their products React and Angular (if you can really call them products). Amazon is a cloud hosting service which runs half the Internet, not just a ecommerce site.
    All of them are innovators in one way or another. Always competing with each other for stake holders etc.

  20. These senators are like the kid who keeps raising their hand in class and asking stupid questions just so the teacher notices them

  21. These people managed to make an agressive thing like monopoly sound good with that instagram acquisition question.

  22. Any company in the world generally looks for revenue and they may follow a minimal regulations which matches with the country they operate, if the senetor is asking moral regulations, then the users/administrators may have to submit to facebook .

  23. Senator Graham is #2dumb2intimidate. Also he should learn some manners by letting ppl finish their answer instead of interrupting them with more stupid questions

  24. Talking about cars they say Trump hasn't done anything for our country or the American people!
    Under Obama if you bought a New car you paid 4 to 5 hundred per month. under Trump
    You drive a New car off
    The lot and pay as little as l75 per month.
    People here where I live
    has been buying Cars
    like Crazy. They impeach Trump you're going tobe
    taking them back.
    I know a Lady that told me.they had already told
    her if Trump was impeach they was shutting the doors where
    she works she's only been on the Job for almost a year…
    It's a shame. He's the
    One put them in here
    and He's the one that
    can closed the doors
    And I don't blame him.
    I hope he shut's them
    all down!! You Democrat's will like that.

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