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Alexander Commana & Hellena Souisa We all know what will happen next… What we often do not know is how electricity
is generated and transmitted to this room. Everything begins from an underground explosion. The earth is scorched to exploit coal. Although coal is often referred to as a “rock”
it is actually the remains of plants that have been trapped by sediments
and under high pressure for 200-300 millions of years. From the rivers in far flung places barges with an average payload
of 8,000 tonnes are sailed through the mainstream rivers. At sea some of the payload is transferred to vessels with a capacity of up to 50,000 tonnes. Some of them are exported Some others are sent directly to domestic power plants. Here coal is combusted
and the steam is used for the turbines to generate electricity. Electricity is then transmitted to our homes and rooms But all of this is just a fraction of the bigger narrative on how this energy resource is produced. And it is far from a honeymoon story. Since we started the journey in January early October 2015,
we arrived in Kalimantan also known as Borneo Farmers in the outskirt of Samarinda, in East Kalimantan have lived next to a coal mine
for twenty years. And in this village,
clean water… …availability has long been a story of the past. Among them is the Komari family. Is this your drinking water?
Yes. So murky? Yes, that’s what we have. Where did you get this from?
From the well. Is it far?
Yes, far. We always run out of water. It has not really rained for a while. Did you go to the main road? That was about half a kilometer. Initially this is the water source for the fields worked by Komari, and other migrant farmers who came from Java in the 1970s Now they only rely on rainfall or the waste water,
from the mining operations with mud sediments. Before there were coal installations,
our fields were just fine, uninterrupted. Now with it around,
regular people like us are suffering. The elites benefit.
They don’t have to do anything to get money. What do we got?
Just the waste, mud. It’s like a pool of mud. See over there where the mud is. This is the mud. Slippery mud from the mines. It is not like nobody protested One of the protesters was Nyoman Derman
from the Kerta Buana village in Kutai Kartanegara district, How often do you harvest this? Every two days.. In 1980, he participated
in the transmigration program and migrated from his hometown
in Negara district in Bali But ten years later, the coal mining company came
and disrupted the waterways for their fields Nyoman protested,
by setting up blockades. so that the heavy equipments could not pass
he was arrested and sent to jail for three months for obstructing the company’s operations. After Nyoman was jailed,
the company could operate more freely. to the extent that it changed
Kerta Buwana village the way it is today. Nyoman is now working his cucumber plantation ,
his eldest son. All of the land you see here were
once paddy fields. Where you were a kid, all of this was field? This was all field indeed,
all the way to that coconut tree line and the base of that mountain. – This is just a fraction of what it once was.
– Where was Ketut’s field? Over there near the road
that supersedes the irrigation channel. Ahhh… This is pretty sweet… Other farmers were afraid
after seeing my father got arrested, the Kertabuana villagers were scared to stand up against the company again. There was surely a deterrent effect. So now most of Kertabuana villagers are no longer farmers? yes. That’s correct, although actually Balinese or migrants
from Java were all known as farmers. Their descendants worked
on farms or plantations. When the mining came,
the interest to work on the field declined. Including Ketut? I went to school to earn my education. But I still work on the plantation when father is home. What do you plant?
Cucumbers. Ketut is studying at a law faculty,
supported by a scholarship. What happened to this father was the primary reason
he wanted to become a lawyer. Were you not encouraged by the government
to migrate here and work the land as part of the “transmigrasi” program?
/Indeed, it was beyond just encouragement. The government brought us here. President Soeharto also came here
to support the program. So the government brought you here
to open up fields and plantation? After it was opened, it is also the government who destroys it…? Yes, kind of. The company got its permit
also from the government. You came here in 1982?
1980. And you were sent to jail in 2005?
End of 2005, and released in 2006. That afternoon, the wind was blowing
for the father and son. But not all children in Kalimantan
are fortunate enough to play kite. Some of them perished prematurely drowned in coal mining pit which should have been reclaimed or filled Until now the company men
have not shown up! Where are they? Those people there who are helping
are from the community …Where are the company men? Bullshit! They haven’t found him until now. There were at least 32 lives lost from 2011 until 2018
due to drowning in abandoned mining pit in East Kalimantan alone Nationally between 2014 and 2018 the total death toll was 115 lives I woke up at dusk and went to the mosque crying. I remember all of my children … …it is not easy raised my children well it is not easy. Of course parents, especially mothers will be sad,
Even until now I still remember and am saddened.
I try to move on…. Raihan did not want much. Raihan only wanted to earn some money so his parents can go to Mecca on a haj pilgrimage and build his mother a house. Four years after the death of Raihan Saputra Rahmawati still holds a grudge against
the government and the company who regarded the calamity as a normal accident In reality, one of the causes was
The government promised to secure the area Even right behind a school. The government promised
to secure the area where the pits area, but in reality, it was just semi-covered
by recycled zinc plates, just a few of them. They then wrote on them something like “this is no playground”. Just like that. Responding to these cases the Governor of East Kalimatan,
Isran Noon made the following statement: Why is the number of victims increasing? That’s not an issue.
It is just poor fate. My condolence. To put an end to this,
what is the provincial government doing? So that there will be no more fatalities? Fatalities are common everywhere. But these victims died in abandoned mining pits? Well, it is just fate would have them die in those pits. So no effort? Our condolences. So that it won’t happen again? We carry the responsibility to the afterlife. The communities must beware, there are holes there. We have informed all of them,… and the holes are marked to prevent more victims.
I don’t understand why there are still victims falling… Who knows there is a ghost in there? There were many victims. Ghost town?
yes, ghost town. There are around 3,500 tailing pond
in East Kalimantan alone According to the regulations
these ponds should have been reclaimed or filled-up. companies are actually required
to deposit a certain sum to cover for the reclamation cost. But this is far more than just companies
not being compliant or a mere corruption of the reclamation fund . it is also about the post-mining regulations that are troublesome. Let’s have a look at a hearing between Commission VII of the Parliament that oversees energy and mining. with the officials
from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry and 290 owners of coal mines . You don’t need to explain to me in great length.
Just answer my question. How much soil should be reclaimed on the land that was mined to exploit the coal? That’s it. Whether it is actually true or not, let the Ministry of Environment conduct the verification. When we went there, what we observed was after the mining operations were done, it was left as pits and ponds. There was only an understanding with the local government that it may be turned into recreational area.
Recreation for ghosts perhaps. I don’t know. That’s what I saw. But no one can guarantee that the environment
will be taken care of. See, that was what was explained to me. Yes, it depends from … All you need to do is just tell me the number. If the mine was 60 meters deep,
how much soil should be put back there? It depends on the surfing ratio.
For example 1:5. The soil that was dug was “5”
but the exploited coal was “1”. That’s how it is calculated. So?
The soild that needs to be put back? The same as what was dug out. There may be a bit more or less.
. The deviation follows a formula … Thus if you dug out 5
units of soil but you only took away 1 unit, the soil that must be put back is 5?
Correct. So all of the mining exploit must be returned in the form of soil? Excuse me, Sir.
Even in other mining operations abroad, if there is a void, they don’t put them all back, but they make a reservoir out of it. What we say in Gunung Bayan
was just a big pond in the middle of a forest. We will make this a tourist area
for ghosts, in the middle of forest. That’s what I saw.
From the helicopter we saw and we wonder what can you make out of a pond so big? Please answer.
kIt was you who issued the permits. I demand answers. You must be responsible for this.
What guarantee was given to the state? After the coal was exploited, the land was damaged
and left behind just like that? Up until 2018, there were approximately
8 million hectares of abandoned mining pits
that were yet to be reclaimed. These pits were a result of mining by corporations, small-scale operations, and 500 thousand hectares allegedly
from illegal mining operations. The question is, what steps are you taking in dealing with the social and economic issues arising from these abandoned mining pits? Please. Whoever it is, we have to be stricter in prosecuting environmental violators. Those who do not comply. It has to be done. Thank you. Other than reforestation,
we have seen reclamation in several places. There is one that has become a recreational beach. There is another that is now a big fish pond. …There are many others. There are still one, two, or three that are yet to be resolved., But once again, with supervision from the local governments provincial or district municipal governments.
Ministry of Environment, I believe this will be resolved one by one. Once again, it is not an easy task, but what I have seen
on the ground it can be done by the Ministry, provincial or district municipal governments. Please go ahead. Please go ahead. I think we have covered this topic sufficiently.
Why continue. I think we are the same on this matter. We want to mitigate environmental pollution. Don’t we? please don’t force us to debate. Please, any other response? Well, if we do not have too much differences,
why are we continue debating? Any response? I agree. That’s it. Audience may give an applause.
Applause please.
Applause plase. Energy from coal keep on demanding sacrifices
from the surrounding communities. November 2018 in Sanga-Sanga
Kutai Kartanegara district East Kalimantan at least five houses collapsed,
11 others severely damaged, and the main road ruined due to mining activities that were too close to the residential area and public facilities 41 people had to evacuate. This mining operation is owned
by PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara a subsidiary of PT Toba Bara Sejahtera which is partially owned by Lieutenant-General
(ret.) Luhut Pandjaitan The mining advocate network, known as JATAM reported that, four companies related to the Luhut Pandjaitan family, have 50 mining pits. managed by PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara, PT Trisena Mineral Utama, and PT Indomining. Also PT Kutai Energi which is a subsidiary
of Toba Sejahtra Group. In total, concession controlled
by companies affiliated with President Joko Widodo’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs amount to 14,000 hectares Hundreds of thousands of hectares? That is true that I have mining concessions. but not hundreds of thousands of hectares. Not really. It’s coal mining. Minister of Environment’s regulation and the regional decree of Kutai Kartanegara stipulate that, the minimum distance between mining activities and residential area is 500 meters. however, this is not always complied with. This was captured in Mulawarman village in Tenggarong Seberang Kutai Kartanegara district This is broken here.
Yes, broken. See. All the way there broken. Especially in the inside. It’s really bad. Let’s come in. See that house. One. That’s another. Two. See. See. See. Inside as well. This can’t be. Take a look. I can’t close this. Why?
Because everything is displaced. This is the same, I can’t close it. Also this door can’t be closed. can’t be closed. The village was built by migrants
from Java since 1981 and had 3,000 residents. Now one by one are leaving as their land gradually change hands to the mining company The Head of the Mulawarman village Mulyono laments the situation where his people live under threat and uncertainty. From the village leadership, we are waiting for the company policy.. Do they want to make this right or do they want to acquire the properties we are waiting for further clarity. We have tried to make the company take responsibilities. We just wait now. What do the property owners want? Maybe better you ask them directly. We prefer they acquire these properties. Because the homes are damaged. Our yards are also full of cracks. In a while, you can see my house is getting worse.
The gradient is getting worse by day. Ironically, in 1991 this village was officiated as …. with 2,600 tonnes of yield each harvest. And now it is under threat of extinction.. These stories in Borneo is the price that
has to be paid to light houses
and drive industries on other islands especially Java . Those who have left their hometowns in Java and Bali to improve their livelihoods
as migrant workers in Kalimatan, are now facing a very uncertain future . Welcome to the Karimun Jawa archipelago. One of the tourist destinations in Central Java . But these islands are not only for tourists. There are fishermen like Madjuri
and thousands others who rely on the ocean
and corals for livelihood to make a living When tourists rest for the evening Mat Juri starts working. But it is not only Mat Juri and the tourists
who are busy around these islands . Barges carrying coal
from Kalimantan pass through here en route to power plants in Java or Bali. Actually, a part of these waters are classified as protected areas under the National Park . When weather is not favorable, barges waited and anchored themselves here. Photo documentation
from Komunitas Akar or Alam Karimun, showed the damaged corals due to the barges . Other damages are caused by the anchors
that often hit the corals. Not to mention the spillover coal
that pollutes the ocean. As barges set anchor, the buoy line was broken, There were four barges in total,
all of them were stranded on the corals. My friends protested. Maybe the government is not aggressive enough.
I don’t know, We are just laymen, we don’t know where to protest. There is only local government
here. So that’s where we protested. Why don’t you pick up the motorcycle.
Okay. The issue faced by Mat Juri in Karimun Jawa is also a concern for the local tourist operators. Through various networks, the issue was picked up by an international environmental organization. Along with local fishermen , they were coming with big groups and launched a protest in their own way. In the meantime Mat Juri had to patiently wait
while continuing going to sea. — musik — The barges that Mat Juri and the fishermen in Karimun Jawa face are set to add up in numbers. Because not far from them a power plant is being built
in Batang district Central Java. On Friday afternoon, President Joko Widodo inaugurated a coal-fired power plant in Batang, Central Java. The power plant that is located at the coastline of Ujungnegoro, is going to be the biggest coal-fired power plant in Southeast Asia. Batang power plant construction was to be concluded at the end of 2018. However, it was set ready to be used 20 months earlier than schedule. The President said that the Governor
of Central Java has resolved protests. the land acquisition issues
due to community protests. – There are people who demand equality?
– Equality on what?? – That’s a matter for the Governor.
– There was a protest at sea, – what is the response?.
– It’s okay, it’s just people protesting. Many media covered the President’s
statements and activities. but not many covered the following. As long as the lands have not been sold yet, the farmers still own them. There were originally some passages on each bridge. But now it has been removed, they close it down. Where do you usually pass?
Here. They are very selfish. Police should just be police.
Army should just be army. This land has not been sold,
but they already occupy it. Remote parts of Java and Bali. What we will see will be consistent
with what we conveyed. Our children can study well. Fishermen can buy refrigerators
and have access to electricity. Small grocers in the villages
can still serve customers in the evening. This power plant allegedly is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia with a capacity of 2,000 megawatt or equivalent to electricity needs of 1 to 2 million households. To fuel that capacity, each month Batang power plant needs 600,000 tonnes of coal. or on average there will be 2-3 barges per day that will pass through the waters around Batang. Thus not only farmers,
fishermen launched protest out of concern for the pollution
and disruption to the fishing habitat caused by the power plant
when it starts operation. If the power plant is built,
what is the future of my children? There is no more space in Indonesia,
except in Batang. . This is all the doings of “smart people” Mountains were put on sale, then irons were planted on sea for the power plant, factories everywhere. I pray to God for the power plant
to not be built. If it is built, where should I go? There are power plants to the east
and west from here. If this continues, Indonesia’s land
will all be used for power plants. I swore to my wife
before she passed away to reject the power plant. Why is it still being planned to be built? Pak Cayadi and Pak Carman, today we execute the final verdict
from the Supreme Court … May 2014. two villagers refused to sell their land
Carman and Cayadi … for 7 months. The villagers expressed
their bitter dissapointment. — keributan massa — Who are behind this electricity company? Batang Power Plant is owned by a consortium
of Indonesian and Japanese companies.. The Indonesian company is PT Adaro Power
a subsidiary of Adaro Energy company that is also mining coal in Kalimantan. PT Adaro Energy was established
in 2004 by five businessmen, they are Sandiaga Uno
who is the vice presidential candidate Edwin Soeryadjaya,
Teddy Rachmat Benny Subiantoand Geribaldi
or also known as Boy Tohir. Whereas the lead spokesperson
for Joko Widodo’s national campaign team in the 2019 Presidential election is Erick Thohir who is no other than the brother of Garibaldi Thohir
one of the owners of Adaro . Erick Thohir has also been a close friend
of Sandiaga Uno since elementary school all the way to when they both partake
in an investor network called Angel-EQ Network. December 2018,
although sitting in different political camps a company owned by Sandiaga Uno
PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya sold its assets to a company owned
by Luhut Pandjaitan, PT Toba Bara with a value of 130 billion Rupiah. The assets that were sold were shares in a coal power plant company in Paiton East Java 500 billion Rupiah has been cashed out, including his shares in Saratoga Investama.
Is it true that the companies were sold? Well, they were not really mine. God owns them all. Kan ini kita semuanya…. With this transaction
just like Adaro Toba Bara now not only manages coal mine in Kalimantan, but also controls the power plant in Java. …It’s conflict of interest. On one hand you own shares
in a coal-fired power plant and on the other you own coal mines. – What say you? How do you regulate the conflict of interest? In Cirebon, West Java,
power plant is also impacting salt farmers. This 600 megawatt power plant
is owned by Indika Energy who also owns coal mines and is building
additional 1000 megawatt of capacity. They want to relocate.
I have said not to do so. This generates income., But still they say this is government’s program. They said the relocation is a government program?
Yes, it is for the greater good. What was the reason? What will they do with the sea?
They want to dredge and make a jetty.. In 2016 environmental activists held
a protest at this power plant and successfully halted
the company operations for 12 hours before the police came and stopped the protest. …Because the power plant has taken it. How many were relocated?.
Over 100 farmers. What do they do for a living now?
The usual. Some are selling salt, some are just coolie carrying sacks. After the relocation, are you better off or not?
Of course not. Life is harder. Behind us are coal taken from Kalimantan. It says it is from Samarinda. We know that is one of the biggest coal
mining area in Indonesia. These are students of an Islamic boarding school who are gathering socio-economic and environmental facts related to the coal and power plant industries
on the coast of West Java , Especially in Cirebon and Indramayu. Do you know who owns the power plant?
No I don’t. Is it owned by the government or someone?
It is privately owned. A businessman. It is just a business. But so are we, trying to do our business. They seek profit, and we are trying
to make a living for our wife and children. But since he has a lot of money, the authorities are protecting him. Communities like ours have no money. God is the one who protects you.
Yes. Other than destined for Batang district
and some power plants on the Java coast one of the final destinations of these coal barges is the north coast of Bali . These coal are unloaded in one of the power plants in Celukan Bawang, Buleleng district. This 400 megawatt power plant combusts at least one barge of coal every day. This power plant started operations in 2015
and will build its second phase of expansion with a larger capacity which is 660 megawatt. The owner is a consortium of Chinese and Indonesian companies who received a loan of 9 trillion rupiah from the Chinese Development Bank. But yet again electricity from coal demands huge sacrifices from the surrounding communities – Did you get the fish?
– Hmmm… None? The fishermen around Celukan Bawang waters often came back from the sea empty handed. But fishermen like Supri
still has to go to sea. It has been declining
because our bait is no longer as effective. There are many ships and barges sailing,
so we cannot go all the way west over there. At least on the safe zone. Off this power plant, over there is no longer safe. It is difficult will all these barges. – How many kilograms is this?
– About 25, or 20 kilograms. -This is small.. How much is it per kilogram now? 30 thousands Rupiah. – This is small. Ini sekitar 12 Kilo – You also work as a security personnel
at the power plant?
– Yes. – Which one pays more between fishing and doing security? Fishing, absolutely. I got a lot from just 8 days of fishing,
go ask the security guy, he bought my fish. What about 8 days of fishing? I earned 13 million Rupiah. – 13 millon for 8 days? How much do they pay you at the power plant? – Just 2.5 million Rupiah.
– 2.5 per month? – Well but …
– Okay .. Not only fishermen,
coconut farmers adjacent to the power plant have their own problems. To make way for the power plant expansion houses yards and the community plantation
have been acquired . However some chose to stay
and are not letting go their lands. A coconut plantation owned
by Ketut Mangku Wiyana is one of them. What is the impact of the power plant
to the quality of your coconuts? The coconuts are now smaller
and the yield from the harvest is less since the power plant
started operations. In the past Mangku could harvest 9,000 coconuts
in one season Now he said he could only harvest around 2,500 . There are certainly some impact since the construction of the power plant. Before it, everything was fine, See that one is dead, just some of the leaves remain. If it was pest, then the leaves will also be gone, but there the leaves are still in place. . Next to it is already browning,
it is just a matter of time until it is dead. Coal is combusted so that the heat
and the resulting steam can be used to generate electricity.
this process emits residues This residues will spread to the plants
waters or enter someone’s lungs. In theory all of these should have been filtered so that the vented smokes are not dangerous Theory does not always match the practice on the field this pollutant contains dangerous
substances such as mercury and others called PM 2.5 This particle remains in the air for a long period of time and can roam for thousands of kilometers. If a human is continuously exposed to PM 2.5 or mercury it could trigger asthma, respiratory infection to lung cancer or even damages to the brain kidney, and heart. According to a research done by Greenpeace pair pollution from power plant in Celukan Bawang will affect the dolphin ecosystem in Lovina
all the way until West Bali National Park. Of course it will also impact the 650 thousands people who reside in this area. Ketut Mangku’s coconut plantation is now like a stone in the power plant’s shoes . The plantation is the one standing between the existing power plant that is operating already with the expansion area that has been prepared with the expansion area that has been prepared But the winner is almost predictable. If pollution continues the quality of the soil will continue to degrade
and no plants could grow. When that happen there will not be much choice
for farmers such as Ketut Mangku . Some of the electricity in this building
uses solar power and saves millions of Rupiah per month. For a small office or household use, maybe an in-situ solution could work. But if we are talking about massive demand such as for 200 thousands, or 10 million household,
what is the solution? I think the solution is collective in-situ that is spread across the users. The space required for solar power correlates with the electricity consumption. Gung Kayon believes there is no need for central power plants that take up large amount of space and transmit the electricity to homes with grid
and extensive cables.or interconnection. Each household only need to provide one square meter of space for every 10,000
Rupiah of electricity cost per month If the monthly electricity bill is 300,000 Rupiah then a 30 square meter space is required to install solar panels Vertical space can also be utilised Gung Kayon argues that if financial institutions
can provide loans for motorcycles then it should be easy to provide loans
for solar panel installations for every home If need be the government
takes part in subsidising the interest – So you live in Tabanan and use this to go around?
– Yes – This is electric? Electric. Normally this is charged using electricity outlet, but I have added solar panel to be flexible when I go around during daylight. It is actually quite effective for charging when parked. The boat where Gung Kayon is on board
is sailing using sheer wind power Hence the average speed is just 7-8 knots or equivalent to 12 kilometres per hour However the ship’s instruments
air conditioning or water pumps , still consumes 70 litres of fuel per hour. Even so / this is still the most energy efficient ship in the world Gung Kayon is learning even more from this ship, his couple chose to stay and not sell
their home their yard and their plantation. But this choice has its consequences. This medical statement states that Surayah
or more commonly known as Grandma Karimun msuffers from chronic bronchitis for years due to dust allergy Have you had asthma for a while? Yes, since the power plant is there. Before the power plant was there?
No asthma? Of course every now and then I got ill,
but nothing like since the power plant is there. My grandchild has been going to the physician
4 times in a month since the power plant is built. There has not been a medical evidence that directly link Surayah’s or Grandma Karimun’s condition with the pollution from the power plant. However her neighbors have chosen to leave . In Jepara Central Java a midwife named Rina Anjarwati works in Tubanan village close to
a power plant She explained the respiratory issues or coughing and cold cases in the village of the weather There are always people to treat especially children . However she cannot conclude
the link with the power plant . Indeed I too think about
the proximity to the power plant, karena berdekatan dengan PLTU? but I dare not say this is because of the power plant because there is no strong evidence yet or a special screening. Researching the link between public health issues in the community and the power plant activities , is indeed not Rina’s duty as a midwive. However in Palu Central Sulawesi
the picture is much cleared. You are looking at Panau power plant,
that has been operating since 2007 with a capacity of 66 megawatt or a tenth smaller from the the Celukan Bawang power plant in Bali. This power plant supplies part of the electricity demand in the cities of Palu and Donggala . Although the capacity is relatively small, the impact to the Arsyad family
who lives only 10 meters away from the fence line of the plant the impact is extremely serious. The x-ray results indicated that I suffer from dust allergy. There is no other dust here other than the ones from the power plant. We live far from the highways. In another household Mahdaleta showed what she inhales on a daily basis. I have cleaned this yesterday,
and now it is accumulating like this already. Or in the home of Rusli Talib
that is also adjacent to the power plant fence line Meanwhile Niswanti family has their own way to show the amount of dust they accumulate every day. This is not all because.. … some has entered the lungs. There are many who suffer from respiratory infection or lung disease,
but they took it lightly. But I think it is indeed due to
the dust from the power plant. The anger of Arsyad and the community is also triggered by the disposal of fly ash, which should have been shipped and disposed at a specialized facility dedicated to handle dangerous and toxic waste The location of this waste disposal area is very close with the residential area. We can see there to the east the tarpaulin, which actually the power plant promised to cover all of the fly ash with geo-membranes. But in reality, that was not done as promised with geo-membranes, but just with regular tarpaulin.. Once covered with tarpaulin, they pour the fly ash again on top of it… In January 2017 PT Pusaka Jaya Palu power has been declared guilty however the verdict from the highest court in the land is not bringing much impact to the community. For 7 years between 2009 until 2016, this power plant is owned by PT Toba Sejahtra of Luhut Pandjaitan before it was sold including a 5% that is now owned by the Palu municipality In addition to the legal process
the community launched protests and road blockades protests and road blockades. And countless meetings with the local officials and politicians . Amongst these posters … …this one caught our attention. According to our records,
there are about 20 impacted Panau residents, who mostly have passed away, and some are under medical treatments. One of them is Ibu Novianti, resident of Panau
at neighborhood RT2/RW2 who is undergoing her eighth chemotherapy
at Dharmais Hospital in Jakarta. Welcome to
The nation’s capital gleaming with lights . At peak its electricity demand could reach 5,000 megawatt for 12 million
of its residents. The Novianti that Arsyad was referring to now lives in a temporary accommodation in West Jakarta . Nasopharynx cancer at the upper part of the throat forced her to seek specialized medical treatment at a hospital for cancer patients Her husband Abdul Samad shared that he was once worked to carry coal residues . I used to carry coal too. I put the coal residues to the barge and then we sail them to Tuban. There are cement factories in Tuban, Semen Gresik, Holcim. They then mix it to make cement, but not in Palu. Oh God… It has been eight months since Novi and Samad lived temporarily behind the Dharmais Cancer Hospital. Theoretically, kanker nasopharynx cancer is commonly found across Southeast Asia . It could be caused by a virus,
hereditary and exposure to air pollution from cigarette smoke , traditional cookstove tradisional,
to other chemical pollution. Please take proper care of the waste. but where have the waste been disposed? Let it proceed, but where do you dispose the waste? Are you giving it to the communities? In addition to nine chemotherapies Novi must also undergo a suction procedure to extract liquid behind her nasal cavity. Harvard and Greenpeace published a research in 2015 that concluded there were 6,500 premature deaths in Indonesia caused by coal power plants every year. Or on average , there are 17 deaths every day due to coal pollution exposure. Since it began operations in 2007 until 2017 in Panau only there were 8 deaths due to cancer and lung disease. Meanwhile 6 others including Novianti are still under treatment and the condition
is deteriorating. However there has been no government officials or health authorities who are researching and explaining the links between power plants and the cancer-induced deaths in Panau In the meantime threats to public health
and safety remain unmitigated. This event was recorded on 29 August 2018 at a coal stockpile location in East Kutai district East Kalimatan Open pit mining operations and heavy winds will affect the communities in two villages Kaliorang and Selangkau they will be the ones who bear the impact . On other hand electricity has become a vital and primary need for our civilization today. From household need surgery rooms
in hospitals and to drive engines and machineries There are people complaining and
upset about blackouts or electricity rations almost every day on our social media. Let not on my next visit all I hear is that there are still blackouts. . I don’t want that.
Everything must be anticipated, and it must be calculated from now. And for that purpose coal is the cheapest and most available source of energy compared to other energy sources. The cost of generating electricity from coal Is only 600 Rupiah per kilowatt hour or per 1 KwH. Whereas the cost of generating electricity,
from natural gas is around 1,000 Rupiah dand from diesel could reach 1,600 Rupiah per KwH. And renewable energy such as solar could reach 2,900 Rupiah per KwH equivalent Why is coal the cheapest? The short answer is because the environmental cost socio-economic cost and impact to public safety and health are borne onto those who are impacted . The Electricity Generation Plan or “RUPTL” stipulates that until 2027 54% of Indonesian electricity supply will still come from coal. Renewable energy such as wind solar and hydro will only be around 22%. From the corporate records in the Department for Law and Human Rights President Joko Widodo’s eldest son
Gibran Rakabuming Raka was recorded as a shareholder and non executive board member of PT Rakabu Sejahtera who currently is replaced by his younger brother Kaesang Pangarep. But this furniture company is not only owned by the Joko Widodo family. but it is also partially owned by PT Toba Sejahtera controlled by the family of Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan Toba Sejahtera Group is the holding company
of PT Toba Bara that owns coal mines and coal power plants … …and just acquired shares of Paiton coal power plant previously owned by Sandiaga Uno in East Java. But what is the interest of a holding company like Toba Sejahtra Sejahtra with a Solo-based furniture company? In the corporate documents
the scope of work of PT Rakabu Sejahtra is actually not limited to furnitures, but also includes:
Construction land acquisition, real estate, property , concrete works , machinery installation, telecommunications network, multimedia to billboards and advertising. even development of inter-island migration areas. Furniture is just one of the scope related to forestry . PT Rakabu Sejahtra also does business in timber processing , transportation and household amenities industry and household amenities industry such as soap shampoo toothpaste or napkins with so many business areas. the total capital of the company that was established back in 2009 is 31 billion Rupiah In addition to his role as Coordinating
Minister of Maritime Affairs Lieutenant-General (ret.) Luhut Binsar Panjaitan is a part of Jokowi’s campaign team called Bravo 5 team. Bravo 5 team is chaired by General (ret.) Fachrul Razi former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces during the Abdurahman Wahid presidency. Fachrul Razi also sits as a non executive director at the PT Toba Sejahtera holding company as well as in state-owned mining enterprise PT Antam. Another retired military general in Jokowi camp’s Bravo 5 team is Suaidi Marasabessy formerly a senior official at the headquarters of the armed forces. He is registered as the CEO of PT Kutai Energy that mines coal in Kutai Kartanegara East Kalimantan PT Kutai Energi is a subsidiary of PT Toba Sejahtera in which its shares are owned
by the family of Luhut Pandjaitan . Notwithstanding their political affiliation , here are some of the (retired) police
and armed forces general who has a track record in coal mining companies. Meanwhile from the civilians side
there is Oesman Sapta Oedang, a businessman who sits in the Advisory Board of Joko Widodo’s national campaign team. He has links with coal mining companies under the banner of
PT Total Orbit Prestasi in North Barito East Kalimantan and Tanah Bumbu
in South Kalimantan Another person is Andi Syamsudin Arsyad
or also known as Haji Isam.from South Kalimantan This businessman whose name once appeared as deputy treasurer of Jokowi-Maruf national campaign team
is an owner of a coal mine under the banner of Group Johnlin. This company has concessions and are mining in three districts in South Kalimantan. Next is Hary Tanoesoedibjo a member of the Advisory Board of Jokowi’s national campaign team and also Chairman of Perindo Party . In addition to owning three national television stations HHary Tanoe is in the coal business through a holding company named
MNC Energy and Natural Resources Under its structure there are 9 companies in which some of them are mining
in East Kalimantan and South Sumatera . The next coal businessman in Joko Widodo’s camp is Jusuf Kalla who is also the Vice President and Steering Committee
of the national campaign team. This native South Sulawesi businessman conducts his coal and electricity businesses under the banner of the Kalla Group with at least two subsidiaries Kalla Arebama and PT Kalla Electrical System which cooperates with the state electricity company (PLN) . Through another company Kalla also develops hydro power plant in Central Sulawesi What about the camp of Prabowo and Sandiaga Uno? Prabowo Subianto is registered as the owner of Nusantara Energy Resources with 17 subsidiary companies Whereas Sandiaga Uno is a shareholder
of Saratoga Group he was once a director of a coal mine at PT Multi Harapan Utama in Kutai Kartanegara There were casualties due to the mining pit of this company. Sandiaga Uno’s track record also
emerged at PT Adaro Energi, currently the largest coal mining company in Indonesia that also owns shares in the Batang coal power plant in Central Java Prabowo-Sandi’s national campaign body as a communications and media director role which is carried out by his own younger brother Hashim Djojohadikusumo . Hashim is a shareholder of PT Batu Hitam Perkasa that owns a coal power plant in Paiton East Java before it was sold to PT Saratoga Investama
owned by Sandiaga Uno and by Sandiaga Uno eventually sold to PT Toba Bara Energi owned by Luhut Pandjaitan . Another person in Prabowo camp is Ferry Mursyidan Baldan who is the director for volunteers in the national campaign body . Ferry’s family through his wife mhas three coal mining concessions in Berau district East Kalimantan . which is PT Syahid Berau Bestari,
PT Rantau Panjang Utama Bhakti and PT. Syahid Indah Utama The 35,000 megawatt all over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, must be pursued at all cost. If most of the 35,000 megawatt
referred to by President Jokowi will come from coal then this is good news to at least 10 biggest coal companies in Indonesia . Because 60% of the coal business in Indonesia is controlled by 10 companies. Other than mining the coal upstream on the downstream side,
they also own coal-fired power plants . The number of power plants and their capacity vary and mostly are still in planning phase, expansion construction or investment commitment . Most of them are publicly listed
at the Indonesian Stock Exchange. And even certified as shariah-compliant companies such as Adaro Energy, Bayan Resources, Harum Energy Indika Energy, Indo Tambang Raya Megah Bukit Asam, and Toba Bara Sejahtera. Shariah companies are companies who are regarded as in line with the shariah principles in the stock market . The institute that certifies these mining companies to be shariah companies is the National Shariah Board established by the Indonesian Cleric Council (MUI) . Who leads this Indonesian Cleric Council’s National Shariah Board? Vice Presidential candidate Maruf Amin who is also the chairman of MUI . Maruf is also registered as member of Shariah Supervisory Bodies in a handful of banks such as Bank Syariah Mandiri , BNI Syariah Bank Mega Syariah and Bank Muamalat . He also sits in the Shariah Supervisory Bodies of three insurance companies Mega Insurance, Bringin Life,
dan BNI Life Insurance. Bank Muamalat, in which Maruf sits at its Shariah Supervisory Board recently got a capital injection from a consortium that includes Lynx Asia Three names involved in that Singapore-based investment company are also not far from the coal business network . Rizal Risjad who was the founder of PT Berau Coal Energy that mines in East Kalimantan. Djalam Attamimi is a non executive board member at PT Toba Bara Sejahtera. And Dicky Yordan who is a director at Toba Bara . Welcome back to Bali. From the Benoa Bay, the legendary boat of an international environmental organisation is en route to Celukan Bawang power plant in Buleleng district . Is this what conflict look like
if we choose the wrong energy source? Yes. . We can choose something that is cleaner,
that is certainly more sustainable , and better for the earth, and for us all.. The boat along with Gung Kayon then sets sail for Karimun Jawa, where Mat Juri and his fishermen friends are struggling with the coal barges . Few days later they arrive at Java Sea and found the bustling coal barges . From afar Mat Juri and his friends are seeing the arrival of the boat. Kahar 5, Kahar 5, this is Rainbow Warrior, You are currently in the conservation area Karimun Jawa National Park that is off limits. Coal barges have damaged the corals in Karirmun Jawa, and we demand that you leave the conservation area.. We will proceed with a non-violent protest to display how dangerous the coal barges traffic is for the corals in this conservation area.. We will paint your hull with environmentally-friendly paint and we will not cause any damage to your ship, we will not harm your crew. and we expect you to leave this conservation area. and we expect you to leave this conservation area. . We, along with media and journalists, will document this activity.. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. August 2018, Ketut Mangka and Celukan Bawang community’s legal action against the power plant was denied by the court. This is my old friend.
Let me shake his hands although he has lost. Since 2013, 50 environmental impact assessments of power plants were declared sufficient and good to go. Surayah’s resistance by not releasing her land continues. Mat Juri reported that following the fishermen’s protest
alongside Rainbow Warrior, there has been less coal barges
in Karimun Jawa National Park. The East Kalimantan provincial government
passed a moratorium for coal mining permits, but illegal mining has been allegedly increasing. Ketut finally became a law graduate and now accompanies mine victims. September 2018, earthquake and tsunami
hit Palu and Donggala, in Central Sulawesi Panau power plant was swept by the tsunami. According the community,
it is currently planned to be rebuilt After few months of medical treatment in Jakarta… She was buried in Mpanau,
a mere few hundred meters from the power plants In 2050, Indonesian coal demand
is expected to increase fivefold Translated By :
Alexander Commana & Hellena Souisa I installed this turbine myself
and helped with the IBK foundation too. Because we have water and forest resources, so we protect the forest
and enjoy its natural products including electricity. This solar panel is someone else’s ex, and this becomes our local television source. Stored in this battery … If there is electricity, our culture will be damaged. So if there is no electricity… …we are happy because our culture is not broke.

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100 Replies to “SEXY KILLERS (Full Movie)”

  1. Ini bener bener bagus sih, membuka mata kita juga yang mungkin tidak tau sampai begitu parahnya keadaan di Kalimantan sana, tapi bagaimanapun masyarakat sendiri yang menggunakan listrik itu terutama di wilayah perkotaan yang bisa dibilang tidak mungkin kalau tidak ada listrik, dan menurut saya video ini lebih baik pure hanya membahas parahnya keadaan disana tanpa di selingi hal hal politik lainnya, karena kalau kita lihat hampir semua ada orang orang penting yang ikut turut andil pada kasus tersebut, semoga sistem kita terutama hukum harus tegas biar kasusnya perlahan dibenahi!

  2. Pemerintah dan kapital bersatu menindas rakyat… Ideologi marxisme yang membela petani rakyat kecil dilarang.. Inilah yang terjadi.. Kapital makin merajalela .. Makin banyak produksi makin untung… Pemerintah dapat jatah suap ijin usaha dan perpanjangan kontrak untuk biaya politik kampanye dan memperkaya diri..Tanpa peduli dampak kerusakan lingkungan… AMDAL di rekayasa.. Pembuat AMDAL turut dapat untung atas pengkhianat atas ilmu lingkungan yang dipelajari… Dampaknya dirasakan masyarakat sekitar.. Kerusakan tanah dan perairan pencemaran udara akibat logam berat dan zat kimia beracun akibat pertambangan.. Permukiman rakyat hancur… Memakan korban jiwa.. Dan bnyak penyakit yang ditimbulkan akibat gas buangan pabrik.. Hilangnya air bersih.. Berkurangnya hasil panen baik di pertanian maupun perairan… Hilangnya ekosistem hewan dan tumbuhan.. Berkurangnya keanekaragaman hayati.. Rakyat yang tdk menyerahkan lahan dan permukiman dikriminalisasi dan di pidanakan.. Sekarang dengan revisi UU pertanahan malah memperkuat kapitalisme memperkaya pemerintah baik eksekutif legislatif yudikatif .. Di suap kapital untuk mempermudahkan ijin usaha dan perpanjangan kontrak usaha.. Dan terhindar dari pidana Kerusakan lingkungan yang merusak lingkungan.. Dibuat pasal pesanan yang mempidanakan rakyat yang tdk menyerahkan lahan… Revisi UU KPK memperlemah KPK dalam menangkap korupsi.. Penyadapan koruptor harus ada ijin dari badan pengawas.. Badan pengawas dpt menghentikan kasus yang sedang di selidiki KPK.. Badan pengawas mewakili kepentingan eksikutif legislatif. Polisi yang menjadi anggota KPK tdk dinonaktifkan dari kepolisian akibatnya masih menjadi bawahan Polri Presiden atau eksekutif … Dengan demikian ada gerbang pintu masuk eksekutif dan legislatif untuk mengintimidasi penyelidikan KPK dalam memberantas korupsi. . Akibat korupsi dan suap makin meraja lela… Rakyat kecil akan kena dampak kerusakan lingkungan mengakibatkan kerugian harta dan jiwa… DPR sbg oposisi pun ikut bersatu dengan eksekutif demi mendapat kepingan emas dari kapital untuk Pembiayan politik kampanye partai.. Dan memperkaya diri.. Inilah terjadi oligarki kekuasaan di kemas dalam Demokrasi.. Padahal esensi Demokrasi hilang.. Hilangnya kedaulatan rakyat… Yang ada adalah kedaulatan ijon politik .. kedaulatan persengkongkolan pemerintah eksekutif legislatif dan disatukan oleh kapital… Inilah oligarki kekuasaan… Elit Pejabat negara makin kaya… Kapital.makin kaya.. Petani nelayan buruh rakyat kecil makin menderita…

  3. Percuma dong slogan
    Dari Rakyat
    Oleh Rakyat
    Untuk Rakyat
    Kalo semuanya diambil secara paksa dan merugikan rakyat serta alam 😢😢😢😢

  4. Politik dan Bisnis yg menguntungkan.
    Mereka gak perduli ada Rakyat yg mati atau sengsara, asalkan uang terus mengalir ke kantong dgn lancar.

  5. Miris. Tanah sebegitu byknya hanya punya sebagian orang. Bisnis jua beli tanah air berkedok Pemerataan kesejahteraan. Fix. Ngeri lu Jok.

  6. gub kaltim matane picek,opo ape urep dewe kue cok tek rambutoi rakyatem,rene su tak kepokine ndasem,tuo poel ratoto jingan!

  7. Kenapa PLTU di taroh ke Jawa tengah ke timur? Alasannya sederhana biar penguasa pemilik saham tak terpapar racun debu batubara….

  8. Jijik liat penguasa skrg. Apalagi yg tukang umbar janji, yg gak tau diri, yg picik lari dri tanggung jawabnya sbg penguasa. Bangga dgn proyek2-nya yg pada realitanya hanya menciptakan lubang tumbal.

  9. gunung doyan hutan doyan sawah doyan kali doyan batu bara doyan laut doyan enyawa pun doyan, harga diri tanah air ini kau gadaikan dengan darah rakyat kau halal kan dengan darah saudarah seiman mu, kau sempitkan tanah kami dengan nama ()pemeritah() di bumi pertiwi ini

  10. Keserahkaan kekuasaan & dunia…
    Semoga sadar akan kehidupan yg sementara …dan kehidupan anak cucu / generasi selanjutnya…

  11. Ya Allah, nonton ini jadi timbul marah sekali dengan semuanya. Ikut prihatin dan menangis oleh semua2nya yang kena dampak. Semoga Allah memberikan jalan yang terbaik untuk semuanya. Allah ga pernah tidur, pasti ada balasannya. Kalau kita TDK bs menang melalui kekuatan kita karena kekuasaan mereka. Tentara Allah lebih dahsyat dan tak tertandingi. Bantu doa dan selipkan doa untuk INDONESIA agar bisa menjadi lebih baik lagi dan INDONESIA untuk semua bukan hanya untuk mereka2 saja sang penguasa. Amin allahuma amin.

  12. Video yang bagus. Semoga keluarga yang ditinggalkan korban mendapatkan kekuatan dan ketabahan.
    Akan tetapi saya mohon teman2 tidak melihat dari satu sudut pandang. Tolong ikut memberikan solusi. Jangan hanya memberikan masalah. Sudah terlalu banyak yang memberikan masalah tapi tidak memberikan solusi.
    Batubara adalah energi yang paling murah, akan tetapi kotor. Tapi kalau menggunakan energi lain akan jauh lebih mahal. Anggaran negara kita belum siap. Ga semudah itu teman2 mencari solusi.

  13. Karena dokumenter ini , gw jadi melekkk.
    di balik terangnya lampu dimalam hari , ada banyaknya nyawa yg terancam karena
    keegoisan KALIAN yang katanya mau mensejahterakan RAKYATNYA 🍂.
    Trimakasih banyak, karenamu jadi banyak orang yang lebih tau akan sebuah ketidak baikan negara ini.

  14. Ini adalah pesan dari masyarakat yg menjadi korban buat kita semua agar mau untuk hemat energi. Semua yg kita rasakan skrg harganya mahal dampaknya untuk lingkungan.

  15. "Memang nasib dia meninggalnya di kolam tambangkan?" "Sudah biasa terjadi" DENGERIN SUARA RAKYATNYA PAK, JANGAN PURA PURA TULI.

  16. Ada yang muak dengan dalih konstitusi? kritik dan pendapat dll yang lebih bersifat menyadarkan, memberi saran agar dapat berbenah lantas dikekang bahkan ditangkap atas dasar konstitusi, Bagaimana mungkin kita bisa dibilang negara demokrasi kalau kemutlakan berpikir dan gerak kita diwakilkan oleh 1 orang, padahal dari segi sosial dan ekonomi berbeda, jelas tingkat emosional dan kesadaranya jg berbeda. yang Bukan Nabi apalagi Tuhan. Lantas menghakimi seperti tuhan.

    #Bangun jangan tidur terus

  17. warganya bikin aksi jaga lingkungan, tapi yg punya jabatan malah ngerusak dan buat pembangunan yang gak ramah lingkungan. gak sehati nih warga sama pemerintah.

  18. baru satu jam nonton rasanya "nyesek banget" kawan, apa gunanya semua itu, "yang katanya demi kemajuan teknologi", jika banyak yang harus dikorbankan, rasanya seperti makan daging saudara sendiri, Astaghfirullah ..

  19. Melawan dengan cepat or revolusi emang besar tantangannya. "Perlahan tapi pasti… yaitu bersatu kurangi pemilikan saham mereka dr perusahaan mereka, atau mau gak mau orang lokal situ berjuang melalui kader politik", dan yang paling ampuh hanya berserah dan berdoa kepada Allah, toh mereka2 ini nanti dpt imbalannya kok

  20. pemerintah dipilih masyarakat, yang akan nantinya mendengarkan keluh kesah masyarakat, baru pemerintah mendengarkan dan mengevaluasi bukannya tidak peduli dengan lingkungan sekitar masyarakat. apa daya kita sebagai masyarakat miskin yang di injak dan tidak dipedulikan. semoga tuhan memberkati alam indonesia dan warganya. #negaralucu

  21. Nyesak dada nontonnya.
    Menangislah para pemimpin kita terdahulu di alamnya sana.
    Memang benar kata bung Karno.
    Kita kita jauh lebih berat, karen melawan bangsa kita sendiri yg rakus dan tamak, mereka tega menghancurkan negara ini secara perlahan lahan. Rakyat kecil hanya jadi korban.

  22. Keren tuh pimpinan, skakmat para pemberi ijin nya🤣
    Logikax sih tanpa PLTU kita ga bisa menikmati listrik bro..

  23. Rata rata yg punya bisnis bukan pebisnis murni mirip sama beberapa negara kaya Amerika n cina, perwira yg bentar LG mo pensiun terjun k bisnis… Klo ga kesentuh hukum ya wajar . Mereka yg pegang .. jangankan rakyat kcil..contoh sja wartawan yg berani ngungkap bakal hilang di Telen bumi. Kaya Dandy…gw berdoa lu baik baik aja kawan.

  24. harus nya pemerintah sadar… Kenapa malah ditangkap? Ada apa dengan negeri ini?? Hukum mintul mana kesejahteraan bagi seluruh rakyat indonesia itu ?? Mana??????

  25. Mari kita semua share link video ini ke kolom komentarnya video di channelnya @Presiden Joko Widodo agar pak jokowi melihat keluh kesah korban tersebut & segera mengambil langkah untuk menyelesaikan masalah tersebut

  26. Setiap kali saya liat Scene gugatan di meja hijau
    Disitu saya teringat orang-orang seperti Marshall Eriksen dari HIMYM

    Sedih, tapi tidak bisa berbuat banyak melihat ini semua

  27. In half a year, I'm coming to Indonesia to do a research on coal mining industry, I'm excited 🙂

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    Dan benar, undangan Pak Jokowi kepada Pak Prabowo pada tanggal 11 Oktober 2019 , salah satunya membahas tentang koalisi. Saya sangat senang mereka kembali damai. Tetapi tiba2 saya teringat sesuatu. Sexy Killers ~

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