Shoot Reunion Panel ClexaCon 2018

Shoot Reunion Panel ClexaCon 2018

Hey every- Hello everyone. [Applause] How is everyone doing? [Applause] I’m Dana, and you’re going to see a lot of me today and sorry about that. [Laughter] I’m so happy to be here, and you know what, without further ado they blew you away last year and they are about to do it all over again Please welcome Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker. [Applause] Who made that video? ‘Cause she’s here. It’s so good. Oh, it’s so good. Well done. It’s so wonderful. [Applause] Can I get a copy? Can I get a copy? Hi, guys. [Applause] Ladies! Welcome back to Clexacon! Thank you! What brought you back to our little queer con that could? [Laughter] Because I’m a wannabe, I wanna be queer. [Laughter] You have honorary status at this point. Thank you. I have to say this is definitely the best con. Just the vibe, it’s just so positive, Just the vibe It’s just so positive and so wonderful And I think last year we both left just loving being surrounded by all of these [Sarah: Women!] Gorgeous women! [Applause] So, it’s been two years since Person of Interest ended and [Audience: Boo!] I’ll get to that later With some distance away from it And experience now with fans last year and this year Has it changed your out look at all On any way on your experience The time away from it now. Mmm…you know the… To be a part of a show like that and then also what they Did with Shaw and Root’s characters and For me it was kind of similar in terms of what happened with the L word like when your in it you don’t really realize how impactful that those story lines are because you are so busy your filming, you don’t really get a chance to interact so much with the fans and then when it ends and you have some down time, your off doing other proyects and you do things like this. And you start hearing how you know, I mean it wasn’t just entertainment for a lot of people. I mean this what this helped people sort of be able to come out and find their characters their personality and find out who they really are and you know for me its like being and actor I want to do something that touches people I want to do something that moves people makes them feel something and you know I just feel like having not taken Amy’s and I characters down the did I don’t know if it would have had that same flavour So. I’m just You know again I just feel so grateful to be in this room. I can tell there is so much love

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62 Replies to “Shoot Reunion Panel ClexaCon 2018”

  1. What a lovely reunion of these amazing and talented actresses!!! Always keeping that chemistry and shooting talent alive!!😍😍

  2. You don't know how much I love you for recording and publishing those panels. It's a great gift for those who can't be there, thank you!

  3. Honestly I can't think of any other relationship that reaches the level of complexity Root and Shaw had, their stories individually and as a pair, as well as with the rest of the team is what made POI so special. And I'm so very grateful Amy and Sarah were the ones that brought them to life.

  4. Thank you for recording these panels for fans who couldn’t make it and for promptly uploading them. ❤️

  5. wow I didn't know they had less than 50 minutes. That's quite short. I wanted more. LOL.
    Great panel. Fun to watch. Dana was amazing as the moderator and the questions were really good this time. Good job.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I find it hard to understand a lot of what was said as the sound is a bit weird at times. Can someone produce a transcript?

  7. God damn it Amy and that stare!! She has literally looked at Sarah that same way for all these years… much love and affection! It's cute <3

  8. So Anna Silk started the Branch movement jajaja and everyone is going on with it is so cool, Sarah is still smoking hot Carmen, Amy as Fred in buffy, person of intrest gave me my a great coup'le for 5 secons and it was great the reazon i watch that show was the 2 of them

  9. Oh my Shoot! Miss these two,cutest pip's when their together on stage…Sarah Shahi look gorgeous as ever,she doesnt aged!

  10. Awesome panel! Great questions. I love that Sarah actually gives long deep full answers and doesn't shy away from acknowledging exactly what everyone is thinking 🙂

  11. i couldn't understand the storyline about the movie at like minute 9, someone could write it here pleeeease

  12. I can't wait for the sharmen panel next year, it better happen lmao I ship sharmen as much as shoot which is a lot!

  13. Sarah Shahi can’t do an interview/panel without mentioning she wanted shaw to have a bionic arm and a shaved head and that she was in l word lmaoo amazing

  14. I love how chill the both of them are with everything and how much they just roll with it. Also Amy is surprisingly dirty lol xD it always makes Sarah laugh in surprise haha. I totally want that assassin show! Yes, please!
    Also, both of them have seriously not aged at all. HOW DOES THIS VIDEO NOT HAVE MORE LIKES???

  15. No fat chicks allowed on stage ! WTF ? This morbidly obese super ugly feminist unable even to fit in that chair is a real cock blocker. We need to place some tape over the right side of the screen to fully enjoy the view of Amy and Ahu (Sarah).

  16. Are all lgbtqxyz women are so hopelessly dim-witted? Does anyone, in this zombie audience, have an ounce of grey matter to ask an intelligent question? Like about Amy's past life as a ballerina, Sarah's passions and interests before her break into TV screen or ANYTHING unrelated to their brief lesbian fling on the show…

  17. wow I didn't know a lesbian lifetime christmas movie with Root and Shaw (or just staring Amy and Sarah, whatever) was what I always have wanted and craved

  18. I forget what time is it when Sarah mentions bringing Kate to next year's clexacon?? I've been looking but can't find it. 🙁

  19. I was excited when Timeless was mentioned. It was a great show that got the short of end of the stick. If you haven't watched it, go and watch it now on Amazon.

  20. just binged watch season 5 and after watching this.. man, i miss them more!💔 can't wait for the next Shoot panel!

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