Shoot while Climbing Ladders | Sea of Thieves

Shoot while Climbing Ladders | Sea of Thieves

Boarding in Sea of Thieves is one of the primary mechanic. In Sea of Thieves when it come to boarding there is three cases scenario. Launching yourself from a cannon and landing directly on the enemies deck, Climbing from their ladder or simply by jumping your ship directly into an other vessel. In certain cases boarding can appear difficult You are trying to board a ship, and two to four guys are waiting for you on their deck. You could try dodging bullets by releasing and grabbing back the ladder but sometimes even if you doing so you won’t be able to survive.. However, there is actually a pretty simple trick that can help you board ship.This trick allows you to shoot while a ladder. First thing to mention is that his technique is very situational sometimes you’ll succed thanks to this tip, but sometimes you won’t This trick can be perform with either the Flintlock, the Eye of Reach and the Blunderbuss meaning that the damage output won’t be the same depending on which weapon you gonna choose. meaning that the damage output won’t be the same depending on which weapon you gonna choose. The flintlock will give you a solid 50% health damage and will not require you to aim down sight. The Eye of Reach will give you a significant 80% health damage but will require you an additionnal timing to aim down sight. Finally, the blunderbuss will give you a very volatile amout of damage depending on the distance between you and your target and will most likely require you to aim. There are so much about boarding that we couldn’t possibly get to everything in this short video So we’re definitely gonna have to make a second one. Anyway for the moment, I’m not gonna drag on And without further ado, we gonna jump straight to the explanation. Actually, it is pretty simple Grab the ladder of a ship that you’re willing to board Release the ladder when you’re about 3 or 4 steps from the top, hold backward, take your shot and grab the ladder back. As you approach the ladder make sure you equip your weapon or have it already equipt. It’s imperative that you pay attention to your time in the air. Otherwise you won’t be able to grab the ladder back. And finally, if you have done everything correctly, it should look like this : I hope you’ve learned something interresting and I hope to see you out there, making boarding a bit more interresting..

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  1. Interesting. What's your success rate with this strategy? Any recommendations for firearm type? Do you have to adjust the stick sensitivity or dead space timing for the backwards pull on the thumbstick?

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