SJ4000 Action Cam Converted to use C Mount Lenses

SJ4000 Action Cam Converted to use C Mount Lenses

good evening tonight we’re going to take
this sj4000 clone and change this lens it’s relatively simple to do first things first remove the front remove the front shield pops right off
see no big deal now there’s a ring around the lens
remove that it pops right off with a knife put that to the side now I’ve already
changed the lens on this to turn it into a full-spectrum camera you see the little red dot I put that to
match up with the dot on the collar so I can get pardon me so i can get close to focus
and then do the fine tuning so anyway I’m not even going to bother
to take the battery out because unlike most videos they show you to take the
whole face off here and so on and so forth there’s no need to do that just unscrew the lens and as you can see there’s the
lens and there’s the camera body is the original lens that I have for it here’s the lens that I hope to put on it this is the Fujian 35mm F1.7
C mount lens how do i propose to do that well by
getting this adapter on one side is C/CS mount the other side is the same threads
as the GoPro and the sj4000 and their clones so I’m simply going to screw this in the
only thing i’m not sure about is will it let me focus all the way to infinity i have a feeling the answer is no
because let’s take that back out again ok if you look the threads on this are much
much longer so this lens goes much deeper into the camera this doesn’t go as deep so the focal length or the focal distance from the sensor to the lens isn’t going to be the right dimension more than likely but i’m just doing this
to take a chance if that happens I can take off this
shield and possibly cut down the mount until I get it to the right focal length which i believe is .68 of an inch so anyway let’s stick this back in there of course I’m having a problem to get it
in properly Here we go I seem to have cross threaded it
that’s not good ok now now we take this here’s our c-mount lenses which is the again Fujian 35mm F1.7 and we simply screw that in that gives us a little more grip To turn it in some more hopefully that’ll
let us do it so as you can see wasn’t very difficult i’m going to split away
now and then i’m going to shoot with the sj4000 to see if we can get it to focus even if i can’t get it to focus to
infinity that’s not the end of the world as long as I can get it to focus at all in most of the apertures i’ll be happy all right hang on we’ll be back in a
moment and we’re back seems I had to remove this plate as well
to get the adapter to fit properly and so the camera looks like this now
this is the sj4000 with a fujian 35 millimeter F1.7 lens on it yes it’s rather large yes the innards of the camera are not
very well protected at this moment I assume that if I open this hole up a
little bit to allow the adapter to pass i can probably get away with putting
this back on but for the moment I’m just trying it
like this so in my initial test it seems to be
focusing ok to infinity even so let’s go shoot some footage so i’ll show
a little quick bit of footage in a moment hang on a bit I’ll be right back and we’re back now we’re shooting with
the sj4000 I removed the secondary plate from the camera as I showed you And now I’m able to seat the adapter deeper Into the camera And now I can get infinity focus on My C mount lens at least on this Fujian 35mm F1.7 The 35mm fujian is one of my favorites
C mount lenses it’s nice and sharp gives a nice look it doesn’t compare to a modern lens altho it is a modern lens but it’s an inexpensive Made in Asia 25 ish dollar C mount lens I have a bunch of C mount lenses this is just one of them The small sensor on this camera is giving About a 5 times a 5.2 times crop making this 35mm about 182mm focal field of view so hopefully you see more than just my nose or my lips or one eye or something i’m shooting this with the built-in
microphone on the sj4000 hopefully it doesn’t sound too Atrocious again I used this $35 clone direct from china simply because I didn’t mind destroying it I figured thirty-five dollars if i destroyed it I’m not out much the adapter was another twelve dollars
the lens i already had I used to use it quite extensively on my black magic pocket Cinema camera as well as on my Panasonic’s and I’ve actually used this on My Sony’s in Crop mode And it actually looks pretty good on those as well But anyway I’m sure this is plenty of footage to get an idea of if this looks decent and…… I’m going to cut it off here Have a great night Bye for now O:nen ki’ wahi'(Speaking Mohawk)

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43 Replies to “SJ4000 Action Cam Converted to use C Mount Lenses”

  1. can we get some better test footage please man, and any tips on which clone to purchase this sounds like a fun little thing to do

  2. Does this lens have good clarity? Maybe with a 1080p or 4k camera? Also would this work with Hawkeye Firefly 6s? Great  Video!!!! Thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks so much! This was MOST helpful. I have to get this camera, but I am confused about which one it could be.Is this the Camera? is it this camera?

  4. In your demo, how far are you from the camera? Why is it so CLEAR for you? Are you using lights? Thinking about using this for a few productions if possible….Thoughts?

  5. The Fujian 35mm has no IR Block filter on it so yes it could be used for Full Spectrum shooting in the dark.

  6. This is the future, all these people lugging around Reds, when you can adapt lenses to cheap action cams. Acam cinema is coming. Thanks mad for the great vid. Had a laughter at the cross thread! Thanks man!

  7. Hi I made a mistake trying to take the video signal out of this camera to fpv Tx. I just would like to know if it is fixable. Since you opened it perhaps you know the electronics inside a little bit. Tks

  8. If the adapter is not threaded to the correct focal length why couldn't you modify the adapter by replacing its threaded tail piece with the original lens threaded tail piece? Seems like less likely to potentially ruin the camera and could always purchase a replacement lens to return back to original cam lens. Just a thought…thanks for the good information video!

  9. cool info – I bought a couple different inexpensive lenses and use them with the Panasonic Lumix GF5 and the quality is quite amazing although the 25mm one seems to have some vineting in the corners – can be seen in my vid. which is in Polish, but in general the samples speak for themselves. I'm quite amazed by the 8mm F3.8 lens i got for only $66 from alliexpress 🙂

  10. hi! im planning to do this mod. but i need some clarifications before doing this. on 2:27 is this small threading that fits the sjcam with the "CS" on the other side the standard c mount adapter? hope to hear from you. sorry, im not into cameras and lenses but wanted the effect it made on your video. thanks.

  11. Hello can you put a link adress where to buy the adapter for the lens and the lens please, im looking for it but im not sure if it is all that i need,sorry for my english,thanks in advance.

  12. Seemed a little heavy handed to me when screwing in the converter and then when you had finished screwing the lens in it looked wonky.
    I have an original SJ4000 and it's such a good camera and to be honest I would not even bother buying one of the cheap Chinese rip offs as you will never get a decent picture or video from them.
    They are sold in the $1 dollar shops now and are not worth paying for the lens to fit on a piece of Chinese garbage.
    I didn't want to break my original SJ4000 so I went out and bought a Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera with a 35mm lens and telephoto lens too so my advise is don't waste your time and money buying Cheap Chinese lookalikes, just go out and buy a decent camera. Some of the point and shoot ones are much cheaper than paying for a cheap nasty Chinese thing and wasting money trying to put a good lens on it. There is no point sticking a perfectly good lens on a cheap Chinese camera because you will not get any better pictures or videos. The censor is just as cheap as the camera and will only give you awful grainy pixelating pictures and videos.

    Nice video but not the sort of thing I would do.

  13. Извини с английским у меня все плохо , но почему ты так близко пододвинул камеру к себя или это объектив так сильно приблизил…

  14. english version

  15. Just a f-y-i. You can just edit-out your change of scenes. It's not necessary to explain your going to go away and do something else, and then thank the viewers for being "right back". Just go away, splice the edit and come back. The rest of the demo was good. Please review audio, mine's up to maximum and I can barely hear end test using SJ400 with any ambient noise around my desk. Thank you for the information, well documented.

  16. Thanks for watching and sharing your outlook on this SJ4000 camera. It was purchased to experiment on , not as a useful piece of equipment. Once I determined it's relative ease of changing lenses the same ideas were applied to a GoPro Hero 4 Black. My "REAL" Camera's are a Sony A7 and a Panasonic G7 for its 4K video ability.

  17. Do you still have this camera and do you have a picture of the completely finished product? Were you able to put all of the covers back on? Put up a video of it please.

  18. Is there any way to get a c mount lens on one of these to get a fov equiv to a 'standard' 35-50mm(ish), like a speedbooster type lens hack? I love c mount lenses but video at >100mm equiv fov is useless for me, even for a 'toy'/experiment.
    Thanks for the vid btw! 😊

  19. Just so you know, if you remove all the anodizing from the adapter inner and outer thread with a utility knife and small file, it will screw on easy AND STRAIGHT.

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