Sneak peek at Warne Quick Detach Scope Mount: 1″ Warne XSKEL QD Mount

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome back to the Social Regressive and we are taking a look at
the Scout AR that I have been working on in the last few videos. you probably just
saw the one I just released it a few minutes before this one where I showed
the process and what the final result is. I’m extremely
pleased with this even though I haven’t taken round one as long as this gun is
accurate I am just please as punch. balance is excellent, feel is great, all the
bits should be just perfect, and we’ll just see how the function tests go in a
little bit. but before we can get to that we do need some kind of sighting system
to see if this gun is actually accurate and one of the big ones I’m going to be
testing all kinds of different sights on this I want to be testing iron sights
hopefully two different types there’s an ultra dine and I’m working on Diamond
Head to try to get one of theirs. we’re gonna be testing different optics
as well like a reflex sight we’re gonna do a red dot both at a rear wood mounted
position and more of a forward mounted position and then we have two different
scopes we’re gonna do a rearward mounted low-power variable optic and then we’re
also going to be testing this pistol scope which is designed you know really
a scout rifle as Jeff Cooper described. it had more of a forward mounted scope
so you can get more of a wide field of view around the scope image rather than
so much you know a really wide view through it so yeah it would sit roughly
right about out here on the handguard rather than back here where it usually
is and before I had this kind of mounted up in these Weaver rings which are
really nice. I like the the Weaver is these are one in chores right here extra
high they were not quite high enough though and so I mentioned that we really
need a new mount and I have one coming in that’s I’m really really excited
about well it just came in well here it is this is a care package that was sent
by Warne and in here we have one of their multi tip range tools this has
your your standard tools you’re going to need out there allen keys Phillips
screwdriver thing cuz a regular screwdriver in there somewhere and then
it has Torx as well just in case something should come loose. but this is
the big deal right here this is the Warne X-Skel mount this is a one-piece mount and this one is brand new this is not
actually out on the market yet I think they were going to announce this at the big show but they sent one of these along to me first so I’m gonna try to scoop
everybody because this thing looks amazing as soon as I heard that they did
I was like yes yes yes yes I want one this is a one inch mount so this will
hold a one inch scope like we have right back here and I’ve shown some of the X
scale mounts before on the CMM G mark 3d tr2 which is now the the Endeavour 300
series. that’s the rifle that we actually took out and made impacts at a mile with
6.5 Creedmoor great great gun great mount on that and that one has 20 MOA
of of cant or not cant but of elevation built into it and then we’ve
also tested we tested a 34 we’ve tested a 30 and now this one incher right here
is QD this is brand new for them I am so so excited
I love QD rings pardon me a second I love QD rings I love QD mounts and there
are just not enough of them on the market right now because there are
plenty of times where you’re using especially a gun like this and you want
to be able to just quickly remove this thing get it out of there you don’t want
to have special tools to get it off your rifle and this is gonna get the job done
and look how beautiful it is look at that color.
it’s almost exactly the same as the flat dark earth that we have going here with
the Grove tech sling with the amend two magazines and the ATI furniture this is
gonna look so flippin cool up here okay but forget about the color for a second
they have a black one as well and yeah this right here oh it has little locks
that is so cool so yeah it looks like you can thumb tighten these nuts right
here oh and it ratchets oh my gosh this thing is cool I know
I’m really geeking out right now and I sound silly but this is fabulous this is
gonna be the coolest thing ever I’m gonna need one of these on every AR
style rifle I ever use again but yeah so here’s what’s gonna happen.
we’re going to it looks like in order to get this attached you just loosen up
these little cams right here and then here listen to this you hear those
clicks that’s these nuts turning all the way or turning each little tiny
increment so that’s going to serve as an extra lock in case maybe things aren’t
as tight as they ought to be if anything decides and wants to back out it’s not
going to be able to but you’re not going to need any tools to set this up except
getting the scope in here in the first place so if you want to add a little bit
of extra tension then all you have to do is just dial it in a little bit crank
down and you’re gonna have extra tension on your Picatinny rail oh man that is
sweet and check this out this does have round locks going through here these
these lugs these little stops right here but they’re actually shaved off. let me
get up close here real quick they’re shaved off on the front that is a flat
side it has a flat front and a flat back so this is not going to beat your rail.
it’s not gonna peen your rail like the utg ones did for me a while
back I loved those utg rings the QD ones but they did damage some of my hardware
and I wasn’t too pleased about that just because you know it had that kind of
rounded section and this is flattened out oh my gosh this is so cool I have no
idea what pricing is on this yet I’ll have to let you know when that comes out
and we’ll probably do a full review on all the the worn mounts and other
goodies that I’ve tested in the past but this is quite lightweight it’s not going
to be as lightweight as they’re kind of fixed model with the regular just nuts
on here just because you do have this extra
Hardware you have a little bit extra steel.
feels like mostly aluminum through here so you probably add an ounce or two but
I think it’s going to be well worth it this is going to be excellent in the
field if I have an issue I can just pop this thing off go to irons or if I want
to be able to change position on here back and forth now this is gonna get the
job done so yeah that is the Warne X-Skel one inch quick detach and I cannot
wait to see how this performs here in the future we’re gonna get out in the
field and we’re gonna test this rifle in some kind of mix distance and multiple
target situations I want a rifle that can hit pop-up
targets at any kind of ranges if I wander into a herd of hogs like I have
in the past actually. thankfully there were just little ones but if we end up
in a herd of hogs I want to be able to deal with them right away and this is
gonna get it done thanks a whole lot to Warne for sending this out I can’t wait
to put it through its paces thank you to patrons of the destructive arts that are
continuing to keep the lights on around here Thank You sportsmen guide to the
338 Lapua Magnum level and Peter at the 300 Win Mag level and just thank you to
everybody else that’s watching these videos and you know giving comments and
all kinds of stuff you guys are awesome and I’m gonna try to continue to crank
out good material and I look forward to hearing from all of you thanks for
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