SpongeBob San Diego Comic-Con Panel 🍍

Hello SpongeBob fans. [cheering] The gang is all here today,
so let’s just get them all out here. I’m David Canfield
with Entertainment Weekly, I’m going to start bringing
people out here, first, co- executive producer
and head writer, Mark Ceccarelli, [applause] Other co- executive producer
and head writer, Vincent Waller. [applause] SpongeBob Square Pants, Tom Kenny. [applause] Patrick Star, Bill Fagerbakke. [applause] – Come on Bill, come on baby right there!
– Right there. Right there, I’m sitting’ right here. Right there, yeah. – Woo!
– Woo, yeah! Squidward, Roger Bumpass. [applause] Roger Bumpass! Get out of my front yard. Sandy Cheeks, Carolyn Lawrence. [applause] Yee haw, y’all! – What an outfit.
– Full on spacesuit, you are bringing it, girl. Mr. Krabs, Clancy Brown. [applause] [laughing] Clancy! Wow. And last but certainly not least,
Plankton, Mr. Lawrence. [applause] Oh, yeah! We’ve never seen his face! Wow, if you unmask a luchador, he loses all honor
if you take his mask off. It’s like Lucha Libre. That has to go back to
the Smithsonian this afternoon, sorry. Welcome, everybody,
how you guys feeling? 20 years, just picked up
for another season. [cheering] The rent is paid. And nobody really showed up
for you, but that’s OK. Let’s talk about this special. It’s a live action animation hybrid. You get to 20 years, what was
that decision process like to be like, this is what we need to do
for SpongeBob’s 20th birthday? It was about time for
the characters to meet themselves. [laughing] Yeah, we needed a big stunt for this. And we felt that seeing them up
on land in their little water- mobile, being able to see all the even
weirder world of the surface world that’s even weirder
than bikini bottom. Yeah because previously
on the show, in the series, whenever they would come up above
water, it was done so ghetto, right where they would get all
the Popsicle sticks and a real sponge. Little stuffed squirrel. You guys were on a little bigger
budget this time, slightly. Well that was also part
of the trick, having to find a way to get them on land
when it didn’t switch to that. So we had to keep them wet and therefore the aquarium design,
wherever that is… Oh, the bus, the water bus on wheels. I love it. Well, to go a little deeper
into the production process for us, what was it like to film
and how did you guys play the characters both
in the animated and live action, did it change
your performances at all? Oh, the only difference is,
I mean, the job is kind of the same. You’re just trying to be
a cartoon character and make it as real as possible. Like make it make sense. But the thing that I hadn’t done–
The thing I love about voice acting is that it doesn’t matter what
your body’s doing or how you look, and suddenly you’re really
aware of your stupid body, you know what I mean? What do I do with my hands? I’m usually just in the booth, going AHHHHH!!!! This is true, this is true. Well, what I did in
my live action performance. For 20 years we’ve been in the studio
listening to each other do our parts, but when I was standing there
at the cash machine and Pat was going,
it was… uh…. it was… [twilight zone theme] – Yeah.
– It was really surreal! When I walked out on the set
and Roger was already behind the little boat
cash register thing, and he had his hands just like
the picture on his T- shirt, he had his hands
on his hips, like that. Yeah, it was kind of meta,
I almost passed out. I was the squid. I’m afraid I became a very bad actor, I couldn’t concentrate at all. Kenny, you’ve always been a bad actor,
don’t put yourself down. It’s nothing unusual. I kept thinking… there’s Roger?
What’s Roger doing here? And why is he
talking like Squidward? Why isn’t he Squidward? And then, Oh my God look at Clancy!
He’s walking like Mr. Krabs! That’s hilarious, oh, I’m supposed
to be talking here or something. – Now you said what I was gonna say.
– I got him. I forgot I was so short. [laughter] I was impressed that
Clancy, like Mr. Krabs, Clancy was able to put
the waistline of his pants up here. Doesn’t that hurt? He’s a soprano now. I kept flubbing lines because
Clancy was right in front of me and Roger right in front of me
the whole time, and I just started watching them. I’m like, wow,
it’s Clancy Brown doing Mr. Krabs. I’m staring at him, oh, oh,
it’s me now, I have to act That’s the best line flub excuse
I’ve ever heard. That really was, yeah. – He never memorized his lines.
– I’m not a movie star. You are now. Carolyn you still have
your suit on from the special? Yes, I asked wardrobe
when we shot that day, I said please, please, please,
please can I have it so I can wear it to Comic Con?
Please, please, please! They wouldn’t even give me
an apron from the 99 cent store! It’s fun. That’s an acorn right there. That was my idea, when they brought
it up I said she’s missing her acorn. Nutsa! And she usually wears a flower
in her hair just like that. Yes, she does. I had to buy that one online
on the Nickelodeon store website. Really you should try to wear something
else every now and then, Carolyn. You don’t have to wear it every day. What did it feel like to put on
those costumes for the first time and really inhabit them
in a totally new way? I’d like to go back and do it again,
I have new ideas now that we’ve seen it. I was like, oh, I should have
done that with her, and Oh! What if we– Yeah, so I don’t know.
Maybe we could it again. I realized I probably
don’t need any green shorts. [laughter] Well, I think it’s sort of
in the SpongeBob tradition of really pushing the boundaries,
trying different forms. Did you guys feel like making this,
that it was a natural extension of what you’ve been doing
for the past 20 years now? It was just another example
of what our writers create. Every episode there’s
some rich mine for us to go in and go after. there was give us a lot of– like a pretty fun pool to swim
around in every Wednesday when we record the shows, there’s always something
you can sink your teeth into and get stupid with, you know. This one had more
layers than usual. And then, you know,
the Hasselhoff celebrity cameo. I had not really seen Hasselhoff
since the first movie in 2001 and he hugged me really tight. – Yeah.
– Yeah. OK, David, OK, OK, let me out! Did you guys have a favorite
other celebrity cameo from this one? – Oh, yeah.
– Gilbert Gottfried. Our hero. Yes, happy birthday, SpongeBob! – And how did he get that hat to do that?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What other celebrities were in it? – John Goodman.
– Kel. – Kel?
– Oh Kel, yeah. Come on, Good burger,
where the Good Burger fans at? – Yeah.
– Super funny. And there were times during that shoot that I was looking at the monitor and I was like,
are they speeding him up? And I looked and said, oh, my God,
he’s actually able to move that fast! None of that was sped up, the whole
dancing thing he was doing was insane. I don’t know if you guys saw
the show, but they were just throwing vats of baked beans
onto underpaid extras. – And it was cold right?
– It was kind of a cold day, too. It was a very cold day, when you see
Tom jump in that ocean, which, by the way,
was his idea, Tom Wilson, Biff from Back to the Future,
of course. He did that on his own,
and it was cold where we were, and it was colder in the Pacific Ocean,
And when he came back up, oh my God, what a trooper. I think he’s still blue. Other than freezing water, what was
the hardest thing to figure out about getting this special together? Well, we kind of did it backwards. The way you usually do
live action and animation is you usually shoot your
live action first and then you use those as background plates
to put your animated characters in. We sort of storyboarded
the whole thing out and then because of
our production schedule, we had to animate
all the animation first, and then we had to make the live
actors kind of fit into the animation. But it worked out
surprisingly well. Our digital guy that works on SpongeBob, that he’s still alive is amazing because
he was having to keep track of all these shots, comparing storyboards
with the direction and everything. And there was nothing
to look at other than, okay, sort of in here, but it worked. Those freaking Penguins and
Mary Poppins made it look so easy. How did they do it? [laughing] Were you guys worried
that it wouldn’t work? Absolutely, always. We were worried that everything
we do might not work. – Did it work?
– Yeah, I guess it did. I think it did. – We’re nothing without abject fear.
– Oh, yeah, yes. Insecurity is what drives all of us. For the actors, what was your first
reaction when you heard the idea? Oh, brilliant, fantastic,
I can’t wait. – Yeah.
– Yeah, we’re good to go. It’s funny, voiceover wise, I mean, it was the same job as ever,
you just go in there and you do what you do
and we clown around and just try
to make each other laugh. The live action stuff
was a little more bizarre, like we were talking about it,
but when I first heard about it, I said yeah, wow, it’s got patchy
and it’s got live action and it’s got people
covered in baked beans and SpongeBob and his friends
driving around in a crazy car. What’s not to like? Did you find it was a little harder
in live action to do six arms? I got in touch with my
inner Indian goddess, Shiva. Yeah. I got all Shiva with it. What about for the rest of you? I think we should have
a live action series. [laughter] – Yeah.
– It’d be fun. It certainly was fun. And we had everybody, right?
We had Lori, who played Pearl. – That’s right.
– Going into the fish store– – Lori Allen?
– Yeah, Lori Allen. And Vince was coming out
with the aquarium there, and opening the door for Lori. – Joe Tally’s in there.
– Yeah, Joe. – Karen.
– Yeah, Karen the computer was in there. Shout out for Karen. She’s in an office, right,
when the sprinklers go off. – He’s coming!
– Yeah, yeah. Well I believe we have a little behind
the scenes video of the making… – Woah!
– I haven’t seen this yet! Awesome. It’s so dark. We’re here celebrating SpongeBob’s
big 20th birthday bash! You remembered my birthday! – I’m ready!
– Yee haw! [laughing] The Trusty Slab? Sounds familiar. Action! Slab patty, cooked just right,
slab patty, day and night! What a nifty, tasty sight,
Slabby Patty cooked just right! Slabby Patty, Slabby Patty,
Slabby Patty, Slabby Patty, Slabby Patty, Slabby Patty! I love this guy! Kind of an out- of- body, meta experience
we’re having here today, Bill. Really strange. Yes, Mr. Slabs,
won’t happen again, Mr. Slabs. Need exits, right? Alright we’re ready to go,
are you ready to go? [screaming] Alright, alright, alright! This is going so well. This is not natural! I’ll have the… You’ll be having
the number three with cheese. Oh, that’s what I was going to order! It’s incredibly fun having us
all be the live action versions. I’m the only one
with a note already? The service here is slower than
a 3- legged dog in molasses! Dressing up like Squidward in real
life is not much different than what I wear around the house. Marker! Some of us have lives! So I had to put on a lot of weight
to do Mr. Krabs properly. Where are their burgers?!? Usually we’re just on the mic,
I’m just moving my mouth. That secret sauce recipe
will be mine! You’re not going anywhere, sister,
sit down! [screaming] Real life is imitating art
imitating life. – Wow.
– You guys are idiots. [laughter] Are you ready, kids? You ever heard
of a Sponge named Bob? When I had an opportunity
to be a part of his birthday, I said, book it. They said, we’d like you to do
a cameo, and I said, can I do two? [screaming] Tartar sauce! Hey! You ran over my foot! I don’t think so. Haha, I’m coming, SpongeBob! Alright Patty I’m ready! – Fire!
– Bombs away! [screaming] From your biggest fan. I have a fan? Surprise! Haha,
it’s Patchy the Pirate! Happy birthday, SpongeBob. [laughing] I guess I didn’t think this hidden
box thing through all the way. ♪ SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants ♪ ♪ SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants ♪ [laughing] [applause] You’d think we would’ve known
the key of the theme song by now. Clancy, I have to ask, what was
going through your head when Tom was just riffing
in front of you? What was going through my head, when? – When he was riffing.
– Just now. When Tom was dancing
in front of you. Tom was riffing when? – In the video.
– Just now, did you see? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – When I was capering in front of you.
– Oh when you were capering, living out your rock and roll fantasy. That’s Tom. Tom’s always doing that. Tom’s got a rock n’ roll band, man. That was just
a front row seat for me. There was that take that we couldn’t
use because we both broke up where I was just touching
your face way too much, just really invading your space
and you put up with it. – That was lovely.
– Like, I’m really playing with fire right now because
Clancy is a bad ass, you know, but I’m going to do it anyway. I put my fingers right up
his nose, see what he does. – I don’t remember it.
– It was early. But you liked it though. You guys talk a lot about it
a lot in that video, but after 20 years, how close
do you feel to these characters? Roger, how much of a difference is
there between you and Squidward? I used to say that Squidward
was my alter ego, but the alter has been ripped away. And I am he and he is me,
and I’m growing extra legs now. [laughter] – New wardrobe.
– Yeah. Yeah about four seasons in
I just got resigned to the fact that I was just, Tom Kenny
is just SpongeBob host body. You know what I mean,
he’s like a chest buster alien that’s waiting to come out of me
at any minute, you know? I find that when I get mad
is when Sandy comes out the most. Suddenly I’m yelling at my kids, Yeah, yeah, so. Apparently only in my sleep. – Is that right?
– Yeah, my wife will wake me up and say you’re doing it again. [laughter] Stop doing the voice! [laughter] – Oh, this will be good, Doug.
– I don’t know, I’m watching you guys,
I’m enjoying myself. – This is what happened on the set.
I know. Doug, it’s your line! What was the question again? Patrick knows that I would love
to take over the world. Who wouldn’t? Yeah, I think the anger part of being able to cathartically
scream every week and get that out of my system is nice. So, you know. – Doug and I scream a lot.
– We scream a lot. – Yeah, they’re the screamers.
– Really love it, too! A lot of yell therapy
for you guys on the show. Everybody has their
own scream in this thing. – Why don’t we do it?
– Let’s do one, everyone do one. – Simultaneous character scream?
– Yeah. This has never been done. Sorry, sound man. This is like Blackbird,
we could destroy the world. Yeah, what a nerd. – Count of three?- Yeah. One, two, three! [screaming] [laughter] Wow. Grown adults, grown adults. I do have to add, my leg! [laughter] – His leg!
– Hey Fred. Fred. I love you, Fred. – Chocolate, what?
– Chocolate! What? I remember when
they invented chocolate. [laughter] That is a sick and twisted episode. What’s on the other side of that
poster you held up, the ghost poster? Oh, yeah. – Yeah, alright!
– Sweet! [laughter] – Wow, that’s good.
– That’s good. – That’s some good cosplay.
– You win Comic Con. In the midst of all this,
do you have a favorite episode? Band geeks. [applause] – Band geeks.
– I gotta say Band geeks, yeah. With the immortal song,
Sweet, Sweet Victory. Yeah. Although I’m not too proud
to admit that I am wearing DoodleBob Socks, baby. DoodleBob! Mahoy Minoy, I like that one too. I like the stop motion episodes. Yeah, them is good. I like the pilot, and in the pilot, when Steven Hillenburg
decided to use the Tiny Tim song,
Having a Wonderful Time, it embodies to me
everything perfect about SpongeBob, that sequence, yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah, very good. – Some of the most expensive music–
– Right from the get go. – Did you tell your favorite already?
– Some of the most expensive music we ever used. More expensive than Sweet Victory?
Yeah, I suppose it was. Sweet Victory cost $1.99. Found on the internet. The influence of Steve on this show
I feel like is really profound and he passed away recently. I think of it a lot just
in the casting of you guys and how perfect you each
fit into these parts. I’m wondering for the rest of you, how do you see
his imprint on the show? What legacy has he left
to you guys going forward? To me, it’s all about SpongeBob,
SpongeBob to me represents Steve in a really profound way. And that’s what the show,
the nature of that character is what the whole show is built on. And it’s kind of built
on his spirit in that way. And, you know, you could see it. I don’t know if anyone
ever gets a chance, you should try and see
the SpongeBob musical, I think they’re touring,
I think it will be around. It’s really fun,
it ‘s a great tribute to the show and to the people that love the show. And I’ll say,
it’s hard 20 years later. 20 years later it’s hard to envision. SpongeBob has conquered the world. He’s probably in almost
every language on earth, he’s in every country on earth,
he’s on every conceivable product that you could ever put him on. But I look at this art up here
that they were showing up there and now it’s down there. But it just reminds me of a time
when SpongeBob only existed in Steve Hillenburg’s desk drawer. You know, it was something
that he drew and he made. And that was
the only place SpongeBob was. And I just remember that when
he had me come over to his place and said, I’m thinking about
pitching this to Nickelodeon, what do you think?
And he took out that, and it’s just like, wow,
you know, it blew my mind. I never wanted to be
in a show so bad, you know? And I never wanted a show
to go to the pilot stage so bad. And I never wanted a pilot to get
picked up as a series so fervently, and really, it was just something
that he drew on a piece of paper from his own head turned into this thing
that conquered the world. So talk about the power of ideas
and art and silliness. I mean, wow, right?
It’s like, yeah. [applause] What a story. This is really a trivial point,
but did you know that Stephen is in every episode? I don’t know if this
is common knowledge or not, but when you see the opening
and there’s the painting of the pirate and there’s lips moving,
that was Steven. Yeah, he’s the paintee,
he’s Paintee the pirate. – At least his lips and teeth are.
– His lips and teeth are anyway. I think the painting is something
that he found at a thrift store somewhere, at a garage sale. Not always, but the very first Hans that comes out and puts
his pants on is also Steve’s hand. – Yes.
– I didn’t know that. And I remember when
we filmed the opening credits, where the camera
drops below the water, that was filmed in Genndy
Tartakovsky’s swimming pool. [laughter] – What a crossover.
– Weird, I know, that’s a crossover. Samurai Jack meets SpongeBob, wow. Hey Jackie, baby. So you mentioned the pilot, what are you guys’
memories of recording that? When you were doing it, did you
think that it could ever be what it is? Absolutely not, I didn’t get it,
I thought it was dumb. It was, that’s what’s great about it. I had no idea, I had none.
There was a helium tank because we all had
to do the anchovies. Some of us didn’t need helium though. This is the weirdest
$600 I’ve ever made. There’s no way
I’ll ever get another $600 out of this. You made $600? Sorry, Rodger. – I paid $400.
– You nailed it. You nailed it, Bill.
You nailed it. The dumb part, yeah. Yeah they did have
a tank of helium in there, just in case you guys
need get your voices higher for– And I’m like, well,
I don’t really need it. When in Rome… He would’ve preferred nitrous,
but helium will do. And that’s when I became
a helium addict. [laughter] – My name is Tom.
– Welcome, Tom. Hi, Tom. When we were doing
the pilot for the first time, we got together for the first time,
we were all scared of Clancy over there. Some things never change. Bad guys, you know,
but he’s a teddy bear. So we got over that really quick. I actually read for the pilot,
I read all of SpongeBob lines with plankton’s voice
before Plankton was involved, so it was, I’m ready, I’m ready. [evil laugh] He was this close to getting it. – Wow.
– True story. We got to find
a place for that voice. Yeah, we gotta use that somewhere. That would be a good episode. Yeah, sure. – If things had been different.
– Yeah, everyone do a different voice. I’d like to be Gary, thank you. [laughter] In the spirit of this live action
special, I was curious, Tom, about the history of Patchy
and how that has evolved over the past two decades. Yeah, I don’t know that
Patchy’s evolved at all, but that’s kind of the great thing
about this show, it’s exactly what it was 20 years ago. It’s not 2.0, it’s not rebooted, it’s not like SpongeBob
Beast Wars, you know, it’s the same old SpongeBob
show that it ever was. But, yeah, Patchy started out,
it was supposed to be a one- off thing. And, you know,
we were just all talking about, when we were kids,
if you’re of a certain age, you remember that your local
TV station had a kiddie show host, usually the weather man
or the news guy or somebody, but he would dress up as
an astronaut or a sailor or a pirate or a monster or something,
and just show whatever cartoons the station had laying around,
you know, like old Popeye cartoons or Betty Boop or sometimes
Little Rascals shorts, stuff like that. And we just start talking about
how that was kind of vanished now. Just like old school, DIY,
local cut rate budget TV station, TV with guys
that weren’t really actors going, hey, I’m going to show you
a cartoon, let’s go there now. You know, stuff like that,
and Patchy came out of that, and then he kind of stuck around,
Steve really liked Patchy. I don’t know why. Some people love Patchy,
and some people, not so much. Yeah. he kind of stuck around, so they bring him back
every so often, maybe just to torture me
because they shoot me out of cannons and hang me from stuff. I remember when you called me
once from Florida and they’d put you in a shark cage
and you were like, oh my, Carolyn. I’m in the ocean in a shark tank. And they’re like, do you mind
if we drop you in a tank of sharks? And I’m like, all right. They’re like, we can’t
believe you said yes. It’ll only hurt for a minute. I said make sure you ask
for stunt pay, Tom. I asked him if
I could have his stereo. [laughter] Yeah, Patchy’s fun, then we started
having fun doing stuff like switching which patches,
which eye his patch is on, which hand the hook is on,
like bad continuity on purpose. Sometimes they’d bring a different
director who’d go, Tom, you had the hook on the right hand
in the other shot, like yeah I know. I don’t care. And we disagree that
Patchy has evolved because when he started
he only had one leg. – That’s true.
– He’s got two now. They tied up, the first
couple of times they used Patchy, they tied my leg up
behind me like flipping Lon Chaney or something. And I had to stick it in this
wooden ring and stump around – and it was, wow.
– Painful. Yeah, so I might have been the first
person on the show to say my leg, but it was Patchy- related. Free Fred! I think probably the most
surreal moment on the show for me was when we had you suspended
above a big water tank that we had built
on a set for feral friends, and we had him completely
done up as a cave man We kept dunking him in the water. and like hanging him
and pulling up out of the water. Like, really high, right? Yeah, it’s kind of fun, man. I also have really
bad motion sickness. So anytime they tip me upside down
or fly me around or something, I basically have to find the nearest
garbage can and vomit into it. So good times. Yeah on that shoot
we’d spin him on his feet when he’d start to vomit
to get it away from the tank. [vomiting sounds] We were just at the Mall of America
and we saw on our itinerary, it said something about Tom
and I being on the rollercoaster and I said I don’t want to do that,
do you want to do that? And he said no,
I don’t want to do that. Can we just sit on the roller coaster
and act like we’re having fun? Put some blurry lines
in the background, you know. But I did wind up having
to ride it with my 8 year old. Yeah, it was really fun, actually. Well, on that note,
we are now going to shift into our fishbowl question,
lightning round, I have a tank here, there are no questions in it,
but I’ll pretend to take them. You go right to the lightening round. Some of these are trivia,
some of these are– So let’s begin with the first one, Every four seconds, someone in the world is talking
about SpongeBob on social media. I didn’t know that. Why did you think this is the case? And do you send memes of your character
to your friends and family? Because I have nothing better to do
than do that every four seconds. – Every four seconds?
– Now look that way! – You’re looking the wrong way.
– Somebody needs to get a life. Social media is broken. It’s anti-social media. What was the question? Do you send memes? – Oh, no.
– We all do. I maybe, I mean,
there are some people that are fairly un-technological
on this panel, but I’m the most un-technological. No, I’m the most.
– No dude, I am Amish, I’m Amish! I’m churning my own butter at home. Oh, you have butter. You have a churn. I’m so bad at technology,
right, you know, my computer at home,
I just put my hands on it like one of the apes in 2001
with a monolith, you know. [monkey sounds] But, you know, the meme thing
is pretty interesting. Like how that kind of
just started by itself and then self propagated
to the point where there’s new memes every day and
the creativity of the people out there that take a really extreme drawing
of one of the SpongeBob characters and repurpose it as something else. It’s like pop culture recycling,
you know what I mean, like found art, like Ed Begley Jr.
meets Andy Warhol, it’s incredible. Making Patrick into
Julia Roberts is genius. [laughing] I don’t get the meme thing at all. I can’t even pronounce it right. Like a bumper sticker, I think. – They are like bumper stickers
– Like the dirty ones. [laughter] Did you read this? Please be aware that many
members of your audience may be under 18 years of age. [laughing] They did this just for us, right? They were trying to remind us
that we have to be good. The ones with dirt on them. They’re just dirty,
they need a good wash. There goes everything
I was gonna say. I’m gonna pull the next question. We could all use a good wash
right about now. It’s been a long day. A famous fashion designer
has SpongeBob tattoos. Who knows who it is? Wow. Do I look like I know
any fashion designers? Dad-wear. – I don’t know.
– Ralph Lauren. – No?
– Is he a fashion designer? – Calvin Klein.
– Levi Strauss. Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs, oh,
I should have known that. Did he put that question
in the fishbowl? No comment. Next question. In 2010, a new species of plant
was named after SpongeBob in Holland, what plant? A mushroom? No, but in the interest of time, I’ll tell you that’s the answer
to the next question. Which is in 2011,
San Francisco State University discovered a new blank species
and named it after SpongeBob. – A mushroom?
– Wow, that’s so cool. I had read that and forgotten it. See, I knew about that. Does anyone know
the Holland plant? Yeah, can a mushroom be called a plant?
I guess it’s a fungi. Fungi, I’m a fun guy. It was a sponge. I’m gonna say a bush,
I don’t know. A sponge bush? [laughter] A Tulip, oh wow. – That makes no sense.
– We should have known. We need a new episode now,
The Tulip. – That’s my new favorite plant now.
– Tulip Pants. Next to the Crunch Berry Bush
that Captain Crunch had. I know where crunch berries grow, good
harvest this year on the crunch berries. I’ll lob five to Carolyn, as many of us may not know, SpongeBob SquarePants
has actually saved lives. Which of the following is not true? A) A Long Island girl
saved her friend from choking because she learned the Heimlich
maneuver from SpongeBob, that happened in 2012. B) An Australian man lost at sea
was found by a helicopter that spotted his SpongeBob trunks. That also happened in 2012. And C), an entire family
was saved from a sinking boat by playing up the hole with
a Sponge Bob football, back in 2007. Or D) They’re all true. – Are they all true?
– I don’t believe the third one. They’re all true? – Wow.
– Lifesavers! You’re a hero, SpongeBob. Somebody owes us a lot of money. [laughter] I think we should track down those three
people and show up at their house, you’re welcome! – You’re welcome!
– Duh! [laughing] At the time, we were particularly
proud of the Heimlich thing, because it actually
saved somebody’s life. Wow. Kinda huge. – This one–
– broke six ribs, but he expected– Which voice actor
sitting up on stage has collected over
2000 SpongeBob products and they’re displayed
at his or her home. This one’s easy! – Let them guess.
– Let them guess, yes. Which one of these people
has 2000 SpongeBob products? Yes. And my mom is second. I am submitting it to Guinness
when I get back home. – Truthfully.
– Seriously? Yeah. [applause] And my prized piece
is the toilet training kit. It does exist. Oh wow, really? Oh, you missed, little to the left. – Oops!
– You’re not doing it right! Good try, good try, really good try. Missed it by that much. Are you ready? Yee haw! Pooping can be fun and rewarding
when you do it right. Oh, poop, people order our patties! It’s not over
till the paperwork’s done. I have no SpongeBob stuff
because I give it all to Roger. [laughing] All right, number seven. In 2013, which government agency featured
SpongeBob in a custom design? Were we on a stamp? CIA? – I’m going undercover.
– TSA. All of the above. The answer is the U.S. Postal Service. Oh! Winner. …and a custom SpongeBob design. – Nice.
– Wow. – I don’t have that.
– I don’t either. Roger’s like, I must get it,
he’s like the collector in Guardians of the Galaxy,
he’s all freaked out. Hello, post office? [laughter] Bombassio del Toro. This one,
we can just go down the line, SpongeBob has featured over 80
celebrity guest stars since its launch. who is your favorite to work with, and did you have a funny story
about working with them? That’s not a trivia question. [laughter] Working with Ernest Borgnine
and Tim Conway was a dream for all of us. Yeah, Mermaid Man and
Barnacle Boy, where are they? Yeah, yeah, hey, Barnacle Boy! The first time we worked with him,
I remember Ernest Borgnine was sitting up front doing
Mermaid Man and we had never met, and I went and sat down
to do my voice, and the first thing he said was, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy,
defenders of the deep. And Ernest Borgnine whipped his
head around at me and he goes, that came out of you? [laughter] It’s my favorite story ever,
I love that. They were my favorites, too, man. They were just fun to be around,
they’d record together, they really liked each other, you know, that was really
kind of heart-warming. Before SpongeBob, they hadn’t
worked together since – probably the early 60s or something.
– McHale’s Navy. And they loved each other
on that show, and then hey, hey, it was really cool. Borgnine really was McHale,
that was his personality, this big, jovial,
smiling, just loving life, kind of wonderful, wonderful guy. I remember when we record, usually you have let
the other person say their line. They do their thing, you wait for
a second, you do your thing, whatever. But when Ernest was in recording,
he was having so much fun and he just goes, right, and then
everybody just quietly watched and nobody interrupted and
everybody let him do his thing, and it was awesome. Two hours later. And Conway, too, was just so funny, just exactly what you see
of him is exactly how he was, just those little
side of the mouth comments. Each take he’d have
some line, every time. He’d always tag it, you know.
Yeah, he was amazing, too. I really enjoyed when
Jon Hamm was Don Grouper. Because just his
presence in the booth, he was really enjoying the process. And even after his character was finished,
he just wanted to stay in and be a part of the– I just thought it was funny
that every woman at Nickelodeon was outside the door. Yeah, that was really funny. There were literally 40 women
standing outside when he came out. A man, yeah. As opposed to us. I really enjoyed
working with Jon Hamm, but my wife enjoyed it
a lot more than I did. I hate to cut this short, but we do have
a special treat coming up next. – Ice cream?
– I hope it’s tasty. – We started it–
– Are we going to save another life? – Maybe, to be determined.
– Oh, boy. We started at the Super Bowl
and now we are bringing it here… [cheering] Hi, SpongeBob!
Hi, Patrick, you’re awesome! He’s handsome!
He’s handsome! Oh, SpongeBob, it’s Mrs. Puff! Stay sour. – Who are those?
– His head is big. Hi, guys. We don’t have any crouching
people in our show? It’s time for
a sweet victory singalong… [cheering] Oh, wow, I’ve never sung this song before, do we have lyric sheets? – It’s on the screen.
– It’s on the screen? Okay. – I’ve only sung this in the shower.
– Promise? That’s something you can
never un-see, by the way, – You’ve never seen the lyrics before?
– I’ve never sung that song before. Like in public, no. – This is a big moment.
– This is a big moment. We need everybody to do it, okay? This is gonna be the Super Bowl
that could have been. – Follow along.
– All right. Try to put Adam Levine’s
nipples out of your mind. [laughter] Let’s reclaim this moment. Everybody got their lighter apps
on their phone? I think we’re ready. Oh, my God.
I’m nervous. You guys know it. Belt it out, this moment
will never come again. Not yet. Not yet. Haha, look at Plankton. ♪ The winner takes all ♪ ♪ It’s the thrill of one more kill ♪ ♪ The last one to fall ♪ ♪ Will never sacrifice their will ♪ |♪ Don’t ever look back
On the world closing in ♪ ♪ Be on the attack
With your wings on the wind ♪ ♪ Oh, the games will begin ♪ It’s coming, it’s coming,
get ready, wait for it. ♪ And it’s sweet, sweet
Sweet victory… yeah ♪ ♪ It’s ours for the taking ♪ ♪ It’s ours for the fight ♪ ♪ Sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah ♪ ♪ And the one who’s last to fall ♪ ♪ Sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah ♪ Wow. Yeah, that was beautiful! – Finally.
– That was beautiful, thank you, guys. I have closure now. – After the Super Bowl, I have closure.
– All right. Good hang time, Squidward. That was really fun. And I’m sure you know, but all
those live action people, those were actual
crew members back then and we didn’t even have to pay them. Why start now? These guys all did very well
as well, thank you, guys. Yeah, let’s hear it for these guys, way over on that side
of the room, let ’em all know. – You’re awesome.
– Without them, I am nothing. I can’t stop looking at
Mr. Krabs’ nether regions. – That’s quite a butt.
– The pink one is handsome. – Wait, where are they going
– The green one’s an artist. See ya, Squiddy, good job! I don’t really look like you, do I? The squirrel will kick your heinie. See ya on Monday, boss! – See you on Monday, Mrs. Puff!
– Bye, Sandy! – Don’t take any wooden walnuts!
– Bye, self! Oh, my favorite character
on the show, lady in the striped shirt. She’s awesome. I smell spin off! That’s my agent. Wrangler, suit wrangler. On an all new Suit Wrangler… – Keep trying, Dave.
– I’ll keep trying. – You’ll never get it in.
– We’re gonna end with a giveaway. The artist Romiro Brito
has an amazing print, a SpongeBob print you’ll be getting. We’re gonna be putting up
a poster of every character who’s ever been on SpongeBob. – Woah, look at that.
– Wow. I must have it. That was a lot of work. Roger’s palms are sweating again. I am sweating all over, I have
to have this, I’m taking the TV monitor. You have to keep updating that,
every time a new character appears you gotta find a place
to put them in there. The poster just keeps getting
bigger and bigger… There’s three posters now. Three screens later. And pick five people to guess. So anyone who’s interested,
please raise your hand and I will do my best. Okay, girl
in the SpongeBob shirt. – Right, I want one!
– Woah! Line up at the microphone,
there’s one here. Oh, my gosh, I want her
to win it so bad. In the red hair, yes, that’s three. Red hair. Aww, hi baby! That’s my baby over there,
hi baby girl! Alright, you, the nerdy one! The nerdy person. Ok, this guy, he really wants it. I love you more! How do you really feel? – Awkward.
– That’s five. Whoever’s closest and– – Come on, shopping list!
– I brought the list, come on! Whoever’s closest of those
who go below the average. All right, number one. How many characters are on the poster? You’re just seeing how many
characters are on the poster. Seven. [laughter] – Maybe about one million?
– A million! – That’s what I was gonna say.
– That’s an excellent answer, – Let me count.
– I’ll say it at the end. Lower. – Hello. Hello.
– Hello. – Hi.
– Hi. – Is the wrong answer…
– Counting? I’m gonna go… Five hundred. – Oh, hmm.
– Not a bad guess. Solid. Hi, guys, just want to say, huge fan, I actually just threw a 25th
birthday party, SpongeBob themed. Because what’s funnier than 24? 25! For an extra $60, you can have
Bill and I come out of the cake. Where were you, Bill? $30 apiece, it’s going cost– Okay, so you said
five hundred, right? Okay. 345. – Precise.
– 46. Hey, guys, happy birthday, man. Anyway, I’d like to say that
I liked watching your show and I’d like to give a shout out
to three of my best friends – who liked watching yours.
– Okay. Also, the bash party was awesome,
that the marathon you did, it was worth seeing that all day. Thank you, you have not
slept since, have you? Oh, I’ll take a number. My guess is… 857. Very precise. – I like to be very detailed, Patrick.
– Yeah, nice. Maybe too precise. The inner workings. I’m so nervous right now,
but I just want to say that… I love you guys so much, and I’ve been
watching you guys all my life. We love you back, baby. I was wondering if I can
have a picture with you? Absolutely not. [laughter] Okay, Plankton. Pretty, please?
And my guess is… So is that a yes or no? – You need to guess.
– Okay. Okay. 1000. One thousand. 1000. The answer is 760. Yes, yeah. The price is right. Alright, he’s got a baseball bat! Just give him whatever he wants. Wait, David has something to say. 500 is correct because if you go over… Oh if you go over… Like the Price is Right. Put the bat down, put the bat down, sir. This is not Price is Right. This is not blackjack. That’s a rigged game. Oh, I think we need to make two now! I’m not much of a math person,
but I guess … going to college served
for something, didn’t it? – And on that note–
– What was that? Thank you guys so much. Laugh with me, pal, hey. – Thank you.
– Thank you, guys. Thank you!

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