The View TRIGGERED After Bernie Sanders Takes Lead

The View TRIGGERED After Bernie Sanders Takes Lead

>>There’s always this debate about electability we need a democrat that’s super electable who can beat Trump. Well, a new poll indicates that the person best suited to beat Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders. So survey USA asked 4,069 registered voters nationwide, how they would vote in an election today if Trump was pitted against

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♪ ♪>>NARRATOR: Tonight…>>This country goes into 2020 as divided as it’s ever been.>>NARRATOR: From “Frontline’s” award-winning political team– a two-night special series. Years of reporting investigating the conflicts and crossing the divide.>>People were angry.>>…cascade of outrage.>>Outrage machine…>>Are they going to start storming the gates?>>NARRATOR: “Frontline” begins its 2020 political coverage with the epic story of

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