Adam Schiff Discusses What House Intel Committee Learned From Roger Stone | Morning Joe | MSNBC
House Intel Committee Members Call on #Schiff to Answer Questions Under Oath

House Intel Committee Members Call on #Schiff to Answer Questions Under Oath

On Tuesday Republican representative Elise Stefanik demanded that far left Rep Adam Schiff testify under oath about his relations to the anti-trump whistleblower who is responsible for the beginning of the impeachment inquiry The whistleblower should answer questions under oath But more importantly Adam Schiff needs to answer questions under oath Stefanik said during an

2 legal experts on the latest developments in Trump’s impeachment trial

JUDY WOODRUFF: And for more analysis of day eight of the Senate impeachment trial, I’m joined by Victoria Nourse. She was special counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee in the early 1990s. And she served as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief counsel. And Jamil Jaffer, he served as chief counsel and senior adviser to the

IMPEACHMENT TRIAL LIVE: White House legal team mounts Trump defense in Senate – 1/27/2020
Adam Schiff’s Moment in ‘Jeopardy!’ Spotlight Turns into Embarrassment

Adam Schiff’s Moment in ‘Jeopardy!’ Spotlight Turns into Embarrassment

He might be famous inside the Beltway these days, but when it came to a test of true stardom, Adam Schiff had to be embarrassed. The California Democrat and conniving chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has been a headline name in recent months during the rigged impeachment of President Donald Trump in the Capitol.

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Adam Schiff’s Historic Legal Blunder Sinks Dems Impeachment Case Says Scholar Jonathan Turley

Legal scholar and key GOP impeachment witness Jonathan Turley just exposed Adam Schiff as a third rate hack who has no business being in Congress let alone running something as important as an impeachment inquiry. He took Schiff and Pelosi and the rest to task in a devastating article in the Hill. Turley wrote: “Securing