Daily life of a Korean high school student

It’s 7:54 I have to go to school until 8 So I have plenty of time right now That building is my school We have chocolate milks…juice Water obviously…. It’s kinda expensive.. And some jellys, chocolates… So good Thank you~ Warning. Warning. Hot…hot food Song by: Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”)

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12 Types of Students Before Exams

12 Types of Students Before Exams

[Captions by Y Translator] Okay class, just a gentle reminder, you’ll be having your exam in classroom T1T5 at 2pm tomorrow. So you know the procedure. Don’t be late! For now, use this study period to do the revision for whatever you need. Good luck. THE WELL-PREPARED Hey Denise, what are all these? Oh! These