Footage of the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption

Footage of the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption

NARRATOR: Almost 10,000 feet tall, Mount St. Helens is one of several active volcanoes in Washington’s Cascades mountain range. By 1980, it hasn’t erupted for over a century. But beneath its serene exterior, Mount St. Helens is beginning to stir. On March 27th, red hot magma from deep within the volcano rises high enough to

Barbie – The Lucky Ticket | Ep.116

Barbie – The Lucky Ticket Now I’m going to need you to work overtime next week Ken But… No buts… Jerry’s on vacation and Amy’s not well But I promised my family… Thanks Ken I knew I could count on you! I hate this job… Huh? When Daddy getting home? Yeah, he say he play

Taylor Gets a Job | Mortified | S1E23

(upbeat music) ♫ Someone tell me what is going on ♫ ‘Cause I don’t understand ♫ There must be somewhere I belong ♫ Some days I wanna run and hide ♫ Tell me are you on my side? ♫ Why can’t I just be myself, why? ♫ Get me out of here, take me where

When This Cat Stalked A Massive Moose In Alaska, It Sparked An Unexpected Showdown

when this cat stopped a massive moose in Alaska it sparked an unexpected showdown Tammy Sims a new ginger wasn’t the best hunter but there was one exception baby moose over the years the cat’s been obsessed with watching the creatures from the porch and then one day ginger hunkered down into a stalking position

Invicta Men’s 18851 Aviator Watch

Hello friends. Today in my review the Invicta 18851 Aviator A traditional, yellow box. inside are manuals, papers, etc. Let put all of them to the side. Friends, I don’t accidentally began a review with frames that were shot on the street because indoor studio it was impossible сorrectly convey the colors of this product

Zegarek lotniczy Aviator Mig Collection MIG-29 SMT Chrono | LUBIĘ ZEGARKI TV

Good morning! Hey! Hello! Welcome to the next episode of the program, whose name you probably already know. So I like TV Watches. Hello to you, together with the ZEGAREK.NET brand Rafał Musiałek on this side. Hey! Today we will get to know the recipe for an excellent air watch that can fulfill a dangerous

Targi Baselworld 2019 – wywiad z głównym projektantem zegarków marki Aviator | LUBIĘ ZEGARKI TV
Invicta 17203 AVIATOR Watch

Invicta 17203 AVIATOR Watch

Hello Today in review unusual Invicta watch That box has such a familiar standard Why is it odd watch, you are about to see. let’s I’ll get one box another That’s the usual box. It is quite great and here is the watch inside Today in review a Invicta watch model called 17203 Aviator Let’s