The Mountain of God: Secrets of the Real Mount Sinai – Shabbat Night Live – 5/18/18

The Mountain of God: Secrets of the Real Mount Sinai – Shabbat Night Live – 5/18/18

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International today. – If you have seen photos or video revealing the summit of Mount Sinai still blackened to this
day by the fire of Yehovah or maybe a photo of
the split rock at Horeb that satisfy the thirst of the Israelites or maybe the amazing
markings on a slab of rock that was once the altar
to the golden calf. Well, then you have seen the
work of Jim and Penny Caldwell, and they risked their
lives to do that work. Tonight, you will witness
an exclusive interview Michael Rood conducted at the
home of Jim and Penny Caldwell about their covert
missions to Mount Sinai. Because it’s the end of the sixth day, the Sun is set and this
is Shabbat Night Live. (upbeat bluesy rock music) (audience applauding) Well, Shabbat shalom, Torah fans. Welcome to Shabbat Night
Live with Michael Rood. If you have ever seen close-up photographs of the real Mount Sinai, you have these folks to thank right here. Jim and Penny Caldwell. Spent many years living and working in the Saudi Arabian oil industry but their real passion was
to find and document evidence that the true location of
Mount Sinai is not in Egypt, so-called Sinai Peninsula,
but in Saudi Arabia. And tonight you will hear
what they have to say about their personal
experiences at Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is also where Yehovah established his calendar for us and we have done our very
best to restore that calendar so let us have a look. This is the astronomically
and agriculturally corrected biblical Hebrew calendar. We are just one week
away now from Shavuot. Tonight, as of sunset, we
are on the first Shabbat of the month if Sivan. We are also on the 42nd day of the 50-day counting of the Omer, thus, we are one week away from Shavuot. And the calendar, the Omer, Jim and Penny, tonight is all about what
happened at Mount Sinai so let’s talk about it. Please welcome my co-host, the director of ministry development for A Rood Awakening!
International, Anny Reed. – Shabbat shalom. – Shabbat shalom, Anny. Jim and Penny are a fascinating couple. – Yes, they are. They’re a tremendous couple. They risk their lives coming or bringing the evidence back to us
on the real Mount Sinai. – Yeah, and Michael went to their house to talk to them and get their story from their personal experience. And I remember the crew. When the crew came back, they’re all just shaking
their heads going, “Wow, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know this, I didn’t know that.” So you’re about to find
out all of these things. And Jim and Penny gained photos that no one has ever replicated because they were able to get into places before the Saudi Arabian
government caught on and went hey, nobody
else is allowed in here. And so they have some
footage that no one else has. And if you’ve seen, like I said,
online any of these photos, it belongs to them because
you have them to thank for it. And the strange thing is this evidence is all sitting in the desert. I mean the local Bedouin folks and whoever else lives around there goes, “Oh yeah, that’s the mountain of Moses. “Big deal.” – I know. It’s the same thing with
like the Hebrew manuscripts that have been discovered. They’ve always been there
in the Hebrew University in Israel but they never
thought because for them, it wasn’t as life-changing or important. So same thing with Mount Sinai. – Well, yeah, and the reason
why it’s so interesting is because if you see
Michael Rood’s presentation, the Red Sea Crossing, people say, well, they
could have crossed here, they could across there but if you correlate where
they cross the Red Sea and then you see where Mount
Sinai is on the other side, it’s all very close together and people on foot coming in droves could have easily made their
way to these two places and you begin to think
okay, this is the real deal. This is where it all happened. – And after seeing the
pictures and the evidence, you will have no doubt
this is where it happens. – Indeed, yep. So make sure you watch tonight’s
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since reading the Bible. Was Stephen really martyred for his faith? Was it something else? And again, you’ll find out more. It’s definitely something
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Michael has to say in that in another teaching. – That’s right.
– But this book is wonderful. – It has it almost year by year,
sometimes decade by decade. Just informational historical facts on the entire country of Israel. It’s beautiful pictures. It’s just all historical
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I’d like to share today. We brought it on here because
it’s really interesting, I want you to hear it. It’s from the woman named Laurie. And Laurie says, it came to my conclusion. I came to my conclusion
of the route of our faith a different way in 2012
but felt very alone in my deductions from
Scripture in history. I was raised a secular Jew
and came to Yeshua as Messiah through studying the Bible. But I knew in my heart there
was something very wrong in the Christian Bible studies. The doctrines, the church
taught contradicted my six hour a day, five day a week studies of what is written. Well, how did that happen? They couldn’t answer
my question, she said. For example, who is Azazel? You know, the goats in the Old Testament and why was the goat sent into the desert. Then I happened on to Michael
Rood’s half-hour shows, his classic shows and began
looking for his work on YouTube. How wonderful to hear a teacher
confirm what I was seeing. This is someone who grew up Jewish, okay? How wonderful to have a teacher who knows more than I do, she says. You all have not only brought
blessings to me personally but have brought a cradle Christian, i.e. my husband, into truth. You are all an answer to prayer and the ministry we wish to support. So thank you, Laurie. – Yes.
– Wonderful. – And thank you, Ambassador Club members and all those that’s same with us, you made Laurie find truth. – Indeed. – When she was confused. Thank you so much. And as Scott said, we do have a page that’s specific for testimonies. We’d love to hear from you. It brightens our day,
you’re more than welcome to call us in as well. We are available 24 hours
a day at 888-766-3610. for prayer requests or any other questions that you may have. – And we have some prayer
request here, don’t we? – Yes, we do. There’s one from Luke I really wanna read and says I’m a disabled combat veteran and I’ve been fighting
with the VA for 10 years and physically, I’m in the
worst way I’ve ever been. It seems the more I try
to get in better shape, my health gets worse. And I really just wanna pray for Luke because we don’t thank
our military often enough and not just military, but
public service members. So we are just grateful for your service. Michael was in the military himself. And we will definitely pray for you. – Indeed, yeah, let’s pray for Luke. And also we have something from Catherine. She is struggling with something here. She says my son Lenny has fallen. Fallen out of his faith,
I’m assuming here, and came home after drinking last night. Please pray for him
that he would once again find his sobriety and be
willing to go to rehab. Pray for me also. I thought I was done
with this merry-go-round. She says, Yehovah, bless each one of you and your love and concern in the meantime. So that is from Catherine. So Catherine and Luke, two
very different troubles here. And you know, Anny, I told
my wife the other day, when I was coming in traffic
to work to the ministry here, everyone merges together with the traffic and no one thinks to thank each other for letting each other in. But there was one guy who was very much a very proud vet and he had stickers all over the back of his window and he had a vet license plate. And he specifically rolled down his window and waved and thanked
everyone who let him in. And I thought you know what? That’s the attitude we need to have. This entitlement that
we find in this world too much and too often, we could learn something
from our military vets. Doing what we were told by our superiors and just doing it with a glad heart and the world just turns
out better that way and our superior, of course, is Yehovah. – Amen. Amen, so again, thank
you for your service. We are thankful here at A Rood Awakening. And right now, we’re
actually going through a special couple of weeks
where we are as a staff, praying and fasting as
well for the ministry, for our partners, for everyone. So we just want you to know
that we stand with you. We pray with you. We cry with you when
you’re having a bad day and you need some uplift. But we’re here to serve you
and we’re ministry first. So we want you to know that
you are our priority here in everything that we do. – So thank you for that. So why don’t we pray for these folks? Anny, mind if I take these on? – No, not at all. – Okay, why don’t you pray with us? Yehovah, first of all, we
wanna thank you for Laurie and her testimony that
she grew up in your word but not knowing Yeshua, and
that you showed her Yeshua and then you directed
her toward this ministry and we’re just so
thankful that we were able or that Michael, specifically,
was able to minister to her and have her fulfill the missing piece that she was needing in her life. So we just wanna praise
you and thank you for that. And we also wanna ask
that you would answer Catherine’s requests that
her son would would again turn to you, turn from his wicked ways, repent and follow you. And that’s all she wants, Father,
for her son to come to you so we pray that would indeed happen and we also wanna pray for Luke. We’ve talked about our military servicemen and women here, Father. We first wanna pray that you
would protect all of them in the field wherever they are. And we just pray that they
would go after your heart and do the right thing. And for Luke and others who have come back from such situations and are
not in the shape that they were when they when they left, I pray that you would heal their pain. I pray that they would get what they need from the medical folks and just that you would
begin to restore bodies and restore spirits so
that they could have a positive story to tell about
you when they are made whole. And we thank you in
advance in Yeshua’s name. – Amen. – Okay, well, coming up
in just a few minutes, you will be on the edge of your seat as you hear the amazing
behind-the-scenes story, the secrets of the real Mount Sinai from Jim and Penny Caldwell themselves in The Mountain of God, part one. We’re gonna have part two next week so make sure you watch both episodes. And as we mentioned earlier, there’s less than two weeks left to get The Wisdom of Stephen teaching. It’s a thank you gift
from Michael Rood to you so hang on for just a second. We’re gonna tell you how
you can get your copy of that right now so keep watching. – [Announcer] Stephen is often regarded as the first Christian martyr. But was he really stoned for
his belief in the Messiah? Or was he stoned because
he became a threat to a religious system that
enslaved the people of his time? The same system that still does today. Michel Rood reveals
little-known background to Stephen’s final words. A history lesson of Israel’s sins and his rebuke of the
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Stephen exposes the real reason why Stephen was stoned,
and why so many Christians who seek out the roots
of their faith today are being ensnared the very
same falsehood of the Pharisees that Stephen warned about 2,000 years ago. – So was Stephen speaking against Moses? No, he was speaking
against their nonsense, their oral Torah. That’s what he’s talking about and that is what they
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worth more than you know. – You are sowing into Yehovah’s kingdom helping reach countless
souls around the world that would otherwise be lost. – And that holds eternal rewards. So thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – [All] Thank you for supporting A Rood Awakening! International. – We continue our questions and answers with Hebrew scholar Nehemia Gordon. Nehemia, thanks for being back with us. We’ve got some more hot questions that have just come off here. Can Nehemia name some Jewish scholars that believe that Elohim’s name is Yehovah as written in the Masoretic Text? – Just so happens, Michael. I have a study on my
website, 10 rabbis who speak out on
the name and it’s a misnomer, it’s actually 16. We actually go into that
as well in this series, The Gentiles Shall Know My Name. It’s a five-hour series
that you have available. But just off the top of my head, Tikkunei Zohar from the 13th century and Menachem Sione from the 14th century. Those are just two of the
16 rabbis who explicitly say that the name is Yehovah. – And one of them was your
11th great-grandfather. – That’s right and my
13th great-grandfather. So two of them. – Okay, two. – Two of my ancestors
said, the name is Yehovah and we got to keep it a secret from our descendants, Nehemia. – Here’s another one. Since there’s no hey or
vah in the Greek language, how is the Tetragrammaton
written in the Greek manuscripts? – That’s a really interesting question. So the name is written
in early Greek literature meaning the literature
of the church fathers and related literature from that period. Up until around the Year
500 AD in 33 different ways, there’s his expert in
Greece who just got his PhD, a brilliant scholar, Dr. Vasiliades. I’m relying on his research
which is incredible stuff. – You’re doing some stuff with him. – He’s an incredible scholar
and I’ve contacted him and said, okay, I’m all
interested up until 500 AD and he was able to
identify 33 different ways. He says it’s actually more than that. But at least 33 different
ways in which name is written and why is that? Because there no hey in the Greek language and there is no vah in in certain dialects that the beta becomes the vah but because these Hebrew
letters and vowels don’t correspond exactly to Greek, it becomes very unclear how to write this. And it’s not even clear
that the Greeks even knew what the name was. Even these church fathers. What’s interesting is there’s
only one Jewish source that has the name written in Greek and that’s for 4Q120 from
the Dead Sea Scrolls. And that has the name written
as Yaoh which is interesting because people said, oh, Yahweh. No, Yaoh. The one thing that’s clear is the oh. Now, what’s interesting
is that first letter and the first vowel in Hebrew, the schwa which I pronounce as yeh in Yehovah, that’s actually what’s
called the semi vowel. And when they transcribed that into Greek, it was a free-for-all. They wrote it in all
kinds of different ways. So you can’t really trust to
the Greeks transcribe that but the omega which is a
long O in Yaoh in 4Q120 is as clear as day. There’s an O in the name. That’s the one thing we can be
certain about from the Greek. – There, we’re off that
track a little bit. Do adult children need
to obey their parents? And at what point can one
make decisions for themselves outside of this commandment? – Okay, so well, interesting. The commandment isn’t
to obey your parents, it’s to honor your parents. But leaving that aside, the
definition of adult in the Torah is not 13 as we’re told in
Jewish tradition, bar mitzvah. The definition of adult, the definition of what
it calls in the Torah knowing good from evil is the age of 20. In fact, we’re told that those who did not know good from
evil, they would survive and all those who did know good from evil would die in the desert. And then we found out, everybody who was 20 years
and older died in the desert and only those 19 and younger who didn’t know good from evil, they were allowed to survive
from the time of the spies. So the age of adulthood is 20
and from the age of 20 and up, you should honor your parents but you’re not bound to obey them. You have to honor the
creator of the universe and live your life as an adult. – Okay, here’s that one
concerning the calendar. – Yeah. – Why is the biblical Hebrew calendar different than the Jewish
calendar and of course, I published the biblical
Hebrew calendar every year. You’re a part of it because of
the Aviv search team and all. So every year. So what’s your perspective
and how they differ? – Yeah, so when they in this
question, Jewish calendar, what they mean is the
modern commonly found Hillel II calendar. Hillel II or Hillel II was
the head of the Sanhedrin who according to Jewish
tradition in the year 359 AD, that Sanhedrin was disbanded. And so what he did is he
established a perpetual calculated calendar because
what happened up until then, is witnesses would come and
say we saw the new moon. And they would bring information about the cycles of the
year, the Aviv Barley. Well, when the Roman rulers
disbanded the Sanhedrin, they said, well how will
we have the Sanhedrin proclaiming the calendar every year? The new moon and the Aviv? Well, we have to use a calculation, otherwise, we’ll be lost in
the exile without a calendar. And so the Hillel II
calendar was established. Using the cutting-edge
technology of the 4th century AD, if you look at his calculations, they actually go back
to Ptolemy’s Almagest. I can’t pronounce that word. But Ptolemy was his Greek astronomer who worked out the average lunation, the average cycle of the moon and that’s what Jews are using to this day but I remember being
told when I was a child that when the Messiah comes and establishes his kingdom on Earth, that will go back to following the original biblical calendar. That’s not even a dispute
in the Jewish world. – Well, now, more than 38 years ago when I started to do the
chronology of the gospels, that this became a real issue. And what we were doing is
to put things in order, we were just counting the months as 29 days, 30, 29, 30 and
admitting that we didn’t know. We were just guessing at this. But to go back after they
put the mirrors on the moon and we could calculate the lunations then we could isolate and
we could find out exactly the day Passover happen, when you show went up the
first time in early in John. And we could then find the
Passover which he was crucified. We could find the day of the resurrection. All these things can be
known now because of that. And so as I put out the
counter to the first time and this was known by the
Israeli New Moon Society, it was after that that
people started coming up with lunar Sabbath and coming up with all sorts of different calendars and they weren’t trying
to solve our problem. Except how can I make waves
or do something controversial with something I know nothing about? But the whole idea was to put
in order the gospel record. Without the ancient biblical
calendar, it can’t be done. – Well, I wanna be fair to
those people as much as I can. Which is that you know, look, they realized the
calendar commonly followed by the Jewish world is not
the original biblical calendar and if it’s not the
original biblical calendar which the rabbis freely admit. – [Michel] Oh, yeah. – Right? Then it opens up the door
for us to start speculating and if you really don’t
master ancient Hebrew and Aramaic sources
that describe in detail what the original calendar was
before Hillel II changed it, well then anything’s possible. And you end up with
all kinds of calendars. I don’t think they’re
trying to make waves. I think they’re doing the best they can with their limited resources as far as the language,
the Hebrew language. And then some of them also
come from a perspective where quite frankly, they
don’t trust the Jews. It’s there’s a certain
latent antisemitism there. – Yeah, yeah, if the Jews
do it, it can’t be right. – If the Jews do it, it can’t be right. Well, I mean there’s things
that the Jews do right the things the Jews do wrong. And Jews, it’s said by Jews themselves that we’re the one nation on Earth that exposes all of our flaws and faults. King David, we find out
that he committed adultery. He had a man killed. We’re a nation that you could
find out anything about us ’cause we’ll tell you. We’re very open. We’re open about the problems
that we have in our history and if you actually can
read the Jewish sources, in Judaism, there’s no
question you can’t ask as long as you ask it respectfully. And it’s kind of different
from the Christian tradition where don’t ask a question. You’ll get kicked out of the church. Ask the question. Maybe we don’t know the answer, maybe it’ll be something
we need to pray about and do more search on. But the questions are important. Often, the questions are more
important than the answers ’cause they help us
understand the limitations of what we know and what we understand. – We actually have the
record of new moon witnesses who are actually lying. – Well, yeah. Well, yeah, that’s the story of, we mentioned that, we alluded to it in the previous segments. It’s the story of Rabban Gamaliel. And Rabban Gamaliel says I
don’t care if they were lying. I decided to accept their
testimony so by definition, what I say is true even if they are lying. That’s the that’s the story in the tractate of Rosh
Hashanah in the Mishna. Fascinating account. And the rabbis determined
even if we’ve been deceived, our authority is more important
than the objective truth. And that’s where, I as a Kairite, part ways with the rabbinical approach. Well, the goal for me was
to put the gospels together, to understand Yeshua’s life in context and to know what’s going on
the day before, the day after. Putting it all in context,
that was my driving passion and that’s why I put out the
biblical Hebrew calendar. (light moving music) – [Announcer] Stephen is often regarded as the first Christian martyr. But was he really stoned for
his belief in the Messiah? In The Wisdom of Stephen, Michael Rood exposes the real
reason why Stephen was killed and why so many Christians
who seek out the roots of their faith today are being ensnared by the very same
falsehood of the Pharisees that Stephen warned about 2,000 years ago. – So was Stephen speaking against Moses? No, he was speaking
against their nonsense, their oral Torah. That’s what he’s talking about. – [Announcer] Receive
The Wisdom of Stephen for a love gift donation of just $50. Or with a gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive The Wisdom of Stephen plus a hardcover anniversary book detailing Israel’s 70 years of miracles. Make your donation now. $50, $100 or more to
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souls around the world that would otherwise be lost. – And that holds eternal rewards. So thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – [All] Thank you for supporting A Rood Awakening! International. – The composite of the gospel records tell us that before the Passover lamb was sacrificed the following morning, that Yeshua had his last
supper with his disciples in which he took bread,
arton, leavened bread and he took wine and he said, “This represents my body
which will be broken for you. “This cup represents my shed blood “which will pay for the iniquity.” It is this very thing
that the Melech Tzadik shared with Avraham. As Yeshua said, Avraham
saw my day and rejoiced and when the Melech Tzadich
brought forth bread and wine, he shared with them about
the coming of the Messiah, about his broken body,
about his shed blood and Avraham gave a 10th of
everything that he owned and laid it at the feet
of the Melech Tzadik. He saw Yeshua’s day and he rejoiced. And so now, every time we
do this, every Sabbath, every meal in which there’s bread and wine in which we take this and
we bless the most high. (speaking in foreign language) Blessed are you Yehovah,
Elohim, king of the universe who brings forth bread from the Earth. Yeshua said this is my body
which is broken for you. As often as you do it, do
it in remembrance of me. And then Yeshua took the cup and he said, blessed are you, Yehovah, our
Elohim, king of the universe who brings forth the fruit of the vine. the creator of the fruit of the vine. And every time we do this,
we do remember his death and what he did for us until he comes. One day, at the Marriage
Supper of the Lamb, Yeshua will lift his cup and say, I have not had a drop
of this as I promised at the last supper. I’ve been waiting for you now. (speaking in foreign language) To life everlasting. Well, shalom Torah fans. This is Michael Rood. I am in Gulfport, Mississippi. We are going launch off on
one of the greatest adventures that you have ever been on in your life. It really all starts out
with Acts 1 and in verse one, this is when Luke who is the author of not only the Acts of the Apostles but also the Gospel of Luke. He said the former treaties
have I written unto you, O Theophilus, O beloved of God, of all that Yeshua began to do and teach until the day he was taken up. That is the Gospel if Luke. It takes us of all he
began to do and teach until the day he was taken up. After that, he gave
commandments to the apostles who may had chosen by
way of the Holy Spirit. The book of the acts is the
apostles and the disciples, the policy of Yeshua who
have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the Messiah in them and he is now giving them commandments. He is now directing their lives
to do things that he said, they would do things greater than he did because he would be in them. And so the Acts of the Apostles, I also call learning to walk
by the spirit the hard way. And when we take a look at
this, what you are going to see is I just got through
in the last couple days reading Acts, chapter 4,365,020. And because the book of Acts didn’t end, it’s still being written today. The Holy Spirit is still directing, he’s still putting things
together and it is his story that is being told. Then the end times in the last days, Jeremiah prophesied that
there would be a revival that would shake the Earth. A revival in which the
Gentiles would come unto Israel from the ends of the Earth
cry out in repentance for the abominations that they inherited and the Almighty would
make known his power, his might and that even the
Gentiles would know his name. The revelations that are happening now, ladies and gentlemen. The rocks are crying out from the Earth. The archeology that which
was buried in the Earth thousands of years ago
is now coming to light as an attestation that the Bible, this these Hebrew scriptures
and Greek scriptures are an accurate record of
the land, language and people of Israel and it is a historical document that has been poo-pooed,
that has been discarded that professionals have
had a bent on destroying and then elevating their own opinions. Well, we are finding that the Almighty is not without a testimony. And one of the most profound things is something I ran into 20 years ago and amateur archaeologists
gave me some video that was brought out of Saudi Arabia. It was given to me under the understanding that he would not tell
me who the people were, their lives were in danger
and in the subsequent years, other people were given that video. As far as we know, it’s the only video that has been done, the only
high-resolution photographs that have been able to to be brought out of the ancient land of Midian
and they are here with us this very morning. Now I have to say that when
it comes to the Book of Acts, we take a look at a
couple of incidents here that I think will set the
stage for us to understand how the Almighty has
worked in this very thing. Philip was involved in
the Samaritan revival. Great things were happening
up there in Samaria among the Samaritans themselves and then Philip is told
go down to the Gaza. And so he went down to Gaza
and if you’ve ever been there, he was probably given some
directions where to go and he probably stood there for hours and then began to wonder
if he’s out of his mind. He just left this great revival and now, he stand in
the middle of the desert with no one around him,
nothing could be seen and then out of the mirage of the desert comes a chariot with a man
on it, with a scroll open and bouncing down the trail. You just don’t do that with
a $50,000 scroll of Isaiah unless you’ve got a lot of
money that you can burn. Well, he joins himself up to the chariot, walks along and he just
happens at this moment, the Ethiopian eunuch just happens to be reading in Isaiah about the Messiah and says, who is the man talking about? With an open door, that
split second in time, the timing of the Almighty,
that very incidence what opened up Ethiopia. And who would know that
Matthew would go down there in the king of Ethiopia
would strap his body down and then have his head cut off. But yet, Ethiopia would
become a Christian nation because of that very incident. We have no idea what the
Almighty is going ask us to do. It was Paul, he was doing
everything he could. Saul, with with his entourage
trying to get the message out and he was stopped in
every hand and finally, he realized this is the
Almighty is stopping me. It is the Holy Spirit
saying, no, don’t go. And then in the middle of
the night, he saw the vision of a man from Macedonia
say come over and help us. Now, thankfully, he didn’t
get the whole vision because the whole vision is
he would go to Macedonia, he would be beaten within
an inch of his life. He and Silas will be put in
jail and when they got there, then Saul, he looked the jailer in the eye and said that’s the man. That’s the man I saw in the vision and so they began singing praises to God bloody and wounded because now, they are exactly where the
Almighty wants them to be. Ladies and gentlemen, if you
think walking by the Spirit is gonna be a picnic, you
are in the wrong business. Yeshua say you wanna follow me? Grab an execution stake and get in line. The world is gonna hate you. The professionals are gonna hate you. The professional religionists who have manufactured the religions, to incarcerate you, to
intimidate you, to manipulate you in all of their academics which is to try to deny
the reality of the Spirit and the power of the Almighty God. All this world is gonna come against you and if you think it’s gonna be easy, you are in the wrong group. If you want life to be simple,
well, I like to be sweet, wanna have peace on Earth. Yeshua said, I came to
bring a sword, not peace. If you want peace on Earth, go to church. Join to the rest of the world. But if you wanna go on
the most amazing adventure of your life, you are at the right place because ladies and gentlemen,
I have with me today, right here in Gulfport,
I brought you to the home of Jim and Penny Caldwell. the American oil field
engineers who for years, were able to get the evidence
of the real Mount Sinai out to the Western world. Jim, Penny. It’s so good to be with you here. – Oh, Michael, it’s fantastic.
– So good to be with you. – To be here with you. – [Michael] Well, Jim– – What an introduction. – In order to tell this story because you are in the
20 millionth chapter here and so I have been privileged to be a part and to see the last 20 years. You’ve been on this much
longer, the trail than I have and when I heard your story and then see the hand of the
Almighty as they has moved and as I say, this will
be, Patterns of Evidence, would not happen without you. It could not happen. The whole introduction of David Rohl who is the one that put
together Egyptology, who was the one that
really broke it for Tim for him to understand
that there is another way of looking at this, that the professionals had deliberately twisted the scriptures, deliberately twisted
history, made big mistakes that they don’t wanna admit because their entire academic career is built on these foundational mistakes. It was you who put his
book in the hands of Tim. And without David Rohl’s input this, it wouldn’t have happened. So on so many layers and so many levels, you are the ones instrumental in making this first version happen and we’ve got another
version coming, don’t we? – We do.
– Yes, we do. – [Michael] You got more to– – The follow up to this
will be phenomenal. – That’s right. So these are the people,
ladies and gentlemen, that have provided all of the evidence. Anything that’s been seen out there. Anything that any was had
all came from Jim and Penny from their years in Saudi Arabia. Jim, Penny tell us, why
were you in Saudi Arabia to begin with? Where does the story begin? – In 1988, I accepted a job
with the oil company in Arabia. We’ll just say that. I had to gather my family out– – Okay, so you’re saying
there are some things that we’re not gonna say. – [Jim] You got it. – Okay, okay, all right. – [Jim] Specifically, but anyway. – Okay, all right, all right. – Yeah, if anybody doubted
that, we have a lot of evidence. – That’s right. – [Michael] Okay, okay. – But it was in the eastern province. We flew over January of 1988
and I was oil field DCS, digital control assistance engineer, basically is what I did. I worked in the largest
oil refinery in the world, Ras Tanura oil refinery. We did about 22 million
barrels a day we could process and you can walk down the main header. It was 90 inches. Tells you how large the pipe was. A man could literally walk
down through the system. As part of my job, we would
work a rotating shift. I was out there on evenings
and this was December of 1991 and I’m doing routine, went around, I went to all of the control rooms, asked the Saudis if we had any
issues and would do my thing, take care of problems
and I went into my office and for some reason, I was just, it about three years in and the
Gulf War had just completed, Saddam Hussein invaded, we had
the issue the whole Gulf War, the Scud missiles flying over our home. She had been evacuated. Our lives were in turmoil at that moment. But I went into the to our office and I didn’t turn the light on. It was dark, it was probably
seven or eight at night and I sat down at my desk and it was dark, few LEDs glowing in the room. And Michael, I sat back and
I just kind of looked up at the whiteboard that was
sitting in front of me. I could barely see it but it was like an old movie projector turned on. I could hear that like you can
hear the click of the wheels and this thing started rolling
I actually saw an image of the Ark of the Covenant
coming through the desert being carried by four men covered and then a man out in front of him coming through a desert
scene, passed in front of me and the man in front turn
and when he looked at me, I heard a voice and that voice said, I’m taking the Ark of the Covenant back to where it was built. You are going to go there
and you are gonna find it. And I look back and behind
him was another cart, other folks back following
and then poof, disappeared. Now, I’m a logical thinker. – You’re an engineer. – Yeah, I’m in the
business seeing the unseen. People look at computers
and think it’s magic. Buddy, it’s digital, it’s math, it works. Logically, there’s a
reason why things happen. and that’s kind of the way my mind works. So for me to have a
vision or if it’s a vision or see something like this. – Well, which we’re describing, we see all through the scripture. – [Jim] It does and she
assured me I’m okay. – Unwanted many times.
– Sometimes, yes. – Unwanted, I never anything like this.
– What happened to you? What moved in you at that moment? What was your outtake from that? – My outtake was stumbling
out of the building, walking for two or three
miles trying to understand what I had just seen. She came and picked me up
and evening at 11 o’clock and she said I was white as a ghost. – He was. – My hair had been blown straight back. – He really was. – And I get in and I’m lit up
about the Ark of the Covenant. We’re going there? I don’t know where it is. I don’t know anything about
it but we’re gonna do it and she’s just, you know,
she’s backing up going, what’s happening? – It was.
– Who’s this guy? – It’s was like what
on Earth has happened? But you know what he did? Immediately, Michael, he took out Exodus, began to read it thoroughly,
bit by bit by bit. He made all the rest of us. Our son was about nine years old, our daughter about seven at the time. We even, would you believe it or not? I know the Cecil B. DeMille
Ten Commandments movie is not exactly precise to
the scriptures for sure but to have our kids watch it
over and over and over again because his immediate, immediately, he decided we’re going to
Mount Sinai because Mount Sinai is where the Ark of the Covenant was built and it’s got to be there so
we’re gonna Saint Catherine’s in the Sinai Peninsula. And as soon as we were able to do it, he was packing us up
and we were ready to go. – Okay, now, I know a
little bit more to the story in that you began to detail what you should be able to find there because of what you’re
reading the biblical record. – [Penny] That’s right. – As an engineer, that was
kind of where your brain went. – Exactly, I actually had to tear out, first off the Cecil B.
DeMille’s Ten Commandments and so, it was smuggled in. You cannot have those kind
of films in Saudi Arabia. That’s one thing. Also had a Bible which is not allowed. I tore out the book of
Exodus, taped it up, made it and bound it so
it would hold together and would smuggle it into
the refinery in the evening so that I could have a place to study. And I went through the
book of Exodus in detail. If you were gonna go to Mount Sinai and you were gonna be visiting
and looking at this place, what should you see there? It talks about the
mountain, it talks about– – This is something you wrote down. – I started writing it down. Later on, I describe it as an identikit. In other words, it is the
things you should see. Pillars, Cave of Elijah, you should see the way the mountain is structured, the brook flowing out on the Sinai side in the wilderness of Sinai. Just one thing after. – Right because we’re given
a real progression of events what happened from our Exodus
through the seven weeks that bring us to the mountain when the commandments are made. It’s very clear, it’s right in order. Now, this is now something
that you have in your hands and so now, you make your plans
to get to Saint Catherine’s. Of course, it’s the only
place that you know of. – Just a bit of logistics. I mean to get there from
where we were in Ras Tanura is the 26-hour drive
just to get to Jordan. And then in order for us, as
being citizens of the country, not citizens, but having a legal iqama to live in the country or work visa. We would have to travel across country. That would be I say 24 to 26-hour trip and then we would take the
Air Bridge out of Jordan which is a ferry that
would bring us into– – Right, because you
can’t go through Israel. – [Penny] That’s right. – [Jim] You can’t get there. – To get to Egypt. You can’t do that crossing. You have to go directly from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and then get on the ferry and where’s the ferry end you? – The ferry brings you
for Makaba to Nueva. – [Michael] To Nueva, Egypt. – Yeah, to Nueva, Egypt. – That’s exactly right.
– Okay. – But think about this. I’m asking her and my two
children to drive across Arabia, break every rule of traveling
that you can imagine. In other words, you never
traveled by yourself. That was the first rule. – Not breaking the law but just rules. – [Jim] Not breaking the law but. I’m just talking about– – [Penny] Just to be smart,
you don’t travel by yourself. – Me in a foreign country, number one. being in a desert, breakdown. Of course I had a 30-gallon gas tank, I had all of our equipment. I had spare batteries, I had
a spare tire, two spare tires. I mean I did everything I could to make it as safe as I could do it. But between the time that this happened and the time we left, we only had three weeks. – Yeah. – I mean we had to prepare
quickly and then get on our way. – Now, there’s something I
think I ought to add in here is because you got two spare
tires, you’ve got all this. You really spent a lot
of time in the desert. I mean once don’t you got in Saudi Arabia, you didn’t hang around the compound. It’s like it when work done,
you had a few days off. – I was at the desert.
– You were out camping. in the middle of nowhere. You’re on all these ancient sites. You really had complete free reign and a free run of the
entire land of Saudi Arabia, did you not? – Right, within the first five
months that we were there, we found another couple that
they had a four-wheel drive, we had a four-wheel
drive and we literally, I mean we hadn’t been
there but five months. In the first series of
days that he had off, we took off to Jordan with two trucks. Just two trucks full of
cars and drove all the way up into Jordan and up to the Syrian border and nobody really does that. You just are not supposed to do that. – You guys are adventurous. I mean it’s in your blood. Both scuba divers, I mean from your teams. So we’re not talking
about desk jockeys here. I mean you guys are adventurers. – Yeah.
– Sure, sure. – And so now, it’s like the
adventures have been chosen. You make the trip, you
get to Nueva, Egypt. Now, something very significant happens that ties it all together. Tell us about that. – It absolutely does. We know soon we’re rolled off that ferry and into the whole customs arena, when we found out quite quickly that we didn’t have the right paperwork. There was this ethereal thing that we didn’t know about
that we needed to have called a triptych and
that was to allow you to drive your vehicle into Egypt. And really, what it was all about was they didn’t want you
driving a vehicle into Egypt, selling it while you were there and then them not collecting their taxes. – It’s all about taxes. – So you had the– – It’s illegal. – With the table money that they wanted. – Well, they wanted that one too. – They wanted that too. – Yeah, yeah. – What ended up happening
over a two-day process is that we had to do intense negotiations between him and a dear
little guy named Sammy that we met at the hotel we
were gonna be staying at. And Sammy was instrumental in helping him be the translator between
us so that we would finally, after paying quite a
bit of Egyptian pounds, get all the stamps we needed and then we finally had
the proper paperwork. And as a result of that, we
got to be pretty good friends with dear Sammy who was at
the hotel we were staying at. – That’s right and your
children are the same age. – Same age as his children. – As to his children, yes. So they got along really well. – They gave you a nice
suite to at, didn’t they? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. And it was a really cool thing
to see two little Egyptian. A little Egyptian boy and girl playing with a little
American boy and girl, could not speak a word between themselves but they had a blast playing out there. So after all of this hubbub– – [Michael] A blast, I hope
that’s a figure or speech. – Well, yeah, yeah. A blast as in a good time. – Okay, good, good.
– Good time. – But as a result of
that, we were finally able because the burning desire was to get to the real Mount
Sinai which was of course, the traditional Mount
Sinai at tip of the Sinai. That’s all we knew. – Okay now, something else happened there with you
coming into that port. You’d planned on going out of Alexandria at the end of this thing. – Right.
– That’s exactly right. – But you were then– – In the process of getting the, we would call it a triptych, they gave me a set of plates
from a vehicle that’s put on. And the instruction was
that I had to leave, I had to exit the country
at Nueva on that ferry. So we had to, almost 40
days to go through Egypt. And we we’re spending that time. – And you couldn’t go out early. – Couldn’t leave early, right? We couldn’t leave early and we were gonna go a different
route to leave the country. This this put us in a position where we had to go back through Nueva. – Okay, now, from there, you go down to? – We go to the traditional Mount Sinai. – What hits you when you arrived? Because now, it’s been, how much? weeks of intense study and– – About four weeks. – About four weeks.
– Been on fire. – The expectation to get there. You saw a vision that
brought you to Mount Sinai where Ark of the Covenant was made. That was the picture. What happened when you got there? Were you excited,
overjoyed to finally get– – Excited to turn the corner and see and then quickly within
probably several hours, it fell apart. – Yeah. – There was horrific disappointment. – Very disappointed. Very disappointed. – We saw that there was a monastery there and I knew these things. I had some expectation
in what I would see. – You were you raised as
a Catholic boy, right? – Yeah, I’m a Roman Catholic. And I went through catechism and all of the same thing that you do. – And so you thought this was a place– – Not any question. No any question my mind. But what did get question
was all of the information that I had put down from the
Bible as in that identikit and identifying what we should see, none of those elements were there. I didn’t see anything,
I didn’t see a provision for a stream coming out of the mountain and of course, there would be no evidence. I mean there’s a monastery
built in front of it if there was ever an altar
that Moses may have done. So that was gone, obliterated. We were hounded by the camel
riders in the baksheesh. People looking for excuse
to do different things. The other thing was the
mountain is not impressive. It’s not very high. You could see Moses standing on top. How could you lose somebody? – [Penny] Exactly. – Didn’t make sense. I’m starting to either, I’m really, at that moment, there’s two things I’m questioning. Is the Bible true? Is it even accurate or is
this an accurate description? Is there something wrong
with that side of it? Or was there something wrong with me? I mean but anyway, she
sensed the disappointment and she knew that this was over. And we were gonna spend
all this great time here looking around, researching,
going into monastery, breathing but I dismissed it. I said, no, I was wrong. This isn’t the place. – So how many days did you spend there? – We did everything you could do in Egypt as far as temple and tombs and restaurants and everything else for the next 38 days. – No, no, I mean at Helena, Sinai. How many days did you stay? – [Penny] Oh, one day. – [Jim] Oh, it was just one day. – One day and you’re gone. – You don’t need more
than two or three hours. But in one day. Look, you can climb to
the top in a couple hours. It’s not something that will be– – Well, it’s a little
bit longer than that. – Maybe a little longer. But you take a camel
ride up if you want to. I mean it just doesn’t have the feel if you wanna go along with feelings of what you would expect Mount Sinai is. – Okay, and at this point,
this is all you can do. As an engineer you did your identikit. Nothing fit. The feeling of it is like a tourist trap and we know what that’s like. I mean Jerusalem is full
of religious tourist traps. As I say, the church of the Holy Peter where Jesus had his first falafel. This are the kind of things that you see in those places like that. – [Jim] Very similar here. – So now, you got 38 days and
now, you’re coming back around because now, I’ll tell you,
I got just through watching the four-hour presentation
that is now available. I just got through watching
that before we got together here and it is absolutely fantastic. You give details in there that
people are going to watch it. They’re gonna feel like they’ve
been on the trip with you. – And that’s what we want. – I took those 38 days
and crunch it in to three in three minutes and a
little roll in that I show and yeah, it’s hilarious. It was a good trip.
– So we’re making that available for everyone
out there in cyberspace. This is what we want to do. We want you to get a hold of this because you need to take
this journey yourself. You’re gonna get a very
abbreviated version but you’re gonna get
information this weekend that is not available anyplace else and you’re getting it
directly from the only people who have ever been there to be able to actually
bring out the artifacts and the evidence from Mount Sinai. So now, we’re gonna take a 38
day journey in three minutes, we’re gonna do another video. But now, we’re gonna get
down to Sharm El Sheikh and it is there at Sharm El Sheikh that you run into a bookstore and that’s where things start changing. And what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna take a break here for just a few moments
as we do every broadcast to speak to our sponsors,
our people out there with a very important
message and then after, we’re gonna come back and
we are actually going to see the books that changed everything. We’ll be back in just a minute. (light mellow music) Well, shalom, Torah fans. If you are just joining us,
you are very unfortunate because you missed the first half-hour of this very exciting adventure
of Jim and Penny Caldwell, the American oil field engineers
who were able to secure out of the Arabian Peninsula,
the Midian oil field, the land of Midian, the
most compelling evidence of Mount Sinai that has ever been produced in this generation. In fact, the only evidence
that has been brought out of the land of Midian has been
by these oil field engineers who spent years and years
investigating this area. We are taking the journey with them the first time they go to Helena Sinai with walk away in great disappointment and then spend the next 38
days traveling through Egypt to find themselves on the
way home at Sharm El Sheik. A lovely resort town. Penny, tell us a little bit about what happened at Sharm El Sheikh because now things are gonna
get really interesting. – Well, I tell you what, Michael. We were about approximately
three weeks or so furthering down our way
all the way through Egypt. We drove from Cairo all
the way down to Abu Simbel all the way back up and now, we’re in the last
few days of our journey. We got down to the very
tip of the Sinai Peninsula. This place called Sharm El
Sheik, fantastically gorgeous. – [Michael] It’s like
end the Gulf of Aqaba. – Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. And we had several days
that we needed to stay there because we had to stay out of Saudi Arabia a certain amount of days. We could not cross that border back in until the prescribed time. – That’s right because
the certain amount of time has to be spent out of country
each year for an American. – Exactly, exactly. So it’s a resort place. We had a beautiful
place there on the beach that we were gonna be staying. The kids were happy, they
were playing in the sand, doing all these things. So each day, we were gonna spend probably three or four days there and each day around
lunchtime, we would go up. There was a small little store, mostly, to have snacks and
that kind of thing in there. You could buy this or that in there. You can buy food, buy some
chips, that kind of thing. They had a very small little bookshelf toward the back of this little store. We were going in there to
just get chips and stuff for the kids to be on the
beach with, gonna come back out while Jim was getting whatever he wanted the rest of the stuff that
you wanted in there to eat. I went back and saw this
small little bookshelf. Now, everywhere you go in Egypt, you have every manner of book and DVD and well, at the time, it
wasn’t DVD, it was VHS. But they wanna sell you all these products about everything to do with Egypt. Anything from any of the
pharaohs or Hatshepsut or how they built the obelisks. Anything and everything to do with that. So we get there and at the
bottom of this bookshelf with all these other Egyptian things, I saw a book that caught my eye. And that book is The Gold Mines of Midian. In fact– – This is the book. This is the actual book.
– This is the actual book. – [Michael] Okay. – And when I saw this, of
course, I’m seeing it like this on the bookshelf and I
thought, goodness that is odd. What in Earth could that be? Because that certainly doesn’t
look like a book about Egypt. I pulled this book up and just began to flip through it a little bit like this and didn’t realize until I got to here that there was an actual map
in the back of this book. And when I got to this
map, I am telling you, I nearly passed out right
there in that bookstore. I don’t know if you can get
a close-up on this or not. – [Michael] Well, we shall do just that. – But right over here, in this area, there were some words that
dropped me to my floor in that bookshelf, in that bookstore. It says right over here,
the shore land of Midian. And the shore land of Midian
was of high interest to us all of a sudden because
of the fact that we knew from all of the studying that we had done, all the way up to our trip to
the traditional Mount Sinai. We knew that Midian was where Moses was tending the flocks of
his father-in-law, Jethro. And what happened when he
was tending those flocks? He had to turn aside to
see a bush was on fire and yet, not consumed. And we know that it was
the voice of the Almighty that spoke to him out of that bush, eventually telling him, you
are the one who I’ve chosen to go and deliver my people out of the hands of the Egyptians and you will bring them back here to me and they serve me on this mountain. So where is the mountain but in Midian? If we are doing the proper
investigation in the Bible. We have to be–
– This is like number one in their identikit. – Yes.
– Would be, it would be. – Absolutely. – Yeah, it would be. – The mountain must be in Midian. What Jim and I did not
know at the time at all because we were sure the traditional site after all was the right one. – No reason to question. – But here, in a map from the 1800s. 1878 was when the book originally. This is a reprint, of course. But when that book was originally done, that map said that the
shore land of Midian was in Northwest Saudi Arabia and he and I just about went wild because the original vision that he had had a few weeks before was suddenly back prominent and right in the foreground and we said– – ‘Cause you pretty well cashed it out that for one day– – We had let it go. – At Helena Sinai. – At Helena. – Exactly. – It was so disappointing
that we dismissed the idea completely. One thing about this book
is there were two letters in this book that caught my attention. I sat there in two days went through it. It’s one of the most detailed marked up highlighted books that I own. And one of the things in the back here is two letters from Charles Beke. Dr. Charles Beke in the late 1800s went to the traditional site. His experience was just like mine. Great disappointment. He knew something was wrong. He believed his Bible was true. I mean this is true so how could there be this difference between what
the Bible says about this place and what I’m seeing. And his life, he devoted to
going to the land of Midian which people knew was in Northwest Arabia. – Northwest Arabia. – Okay, no question. – Yeah, I mean there was no question. It had been understood. Burton had detailed all of
the map, shows it in the back and so Charles Beke ends up writing a book called Sinai in Arabia. and there’s a quote in there that we keep on our
computers upstairs that says, in time, will prove me right. – Mount Sinai is in Arabia. He never found it though in his lifetime. – No, he didn’t. – Yeah, this was our first clue and so it changed our complete thinking about the possibility
of what this might be. – All of us–
– It really lit the fire at that. – The next day.
– We were so excited. But we couldn’t go back
into Saudi Arabia yet. We couldn’t do it.
– Yeah, we were gonna stay until the last day. – Right, because it was
beautiful there after all. But the very next day,
right around lunchtime, we go back in there to get
the Cokes and the chips for the kids and everything. I go back to this little
bookshelf and I am telling you, my eyes near bugged out of my head because a book that was
not there the day before– – A very small book that was
like hiding behind something. – You can’t miss this thing. – This book had been placed on that shelf. The Mountain of God by Emmanuel Anati. This was nothing that we
had ever heard of before and it had great revelation
in it just as this one did showing the land of Midian
in Northwest Arabia. Because the men and I pulled
this book off the shelf, of course, the shopkeepers are going there’s that crazy screaming woman again because I scream the
back through the shop. Jim, Jim, come look at this book! It wasn’t there yesterday. And Jim starts looking at
this book and lo and behold, this is a very prominent archeologist. Well, well-respected who through this book is looking at a place called Har Karkom which you’re very familiar with. – Yeah, I sat out on one of those peaks with Emmanuel Anati down there. – Absolutely. I tell you the truth. What was the most amazing
thing about this to us was that inside, he listed a
number of different locations for the possible Mount
Sinai which let us know that someone of hugely professional status knew that there was a big question as to where that real mountain was. We didn’t know that before but in two days became very convinced that we needed to go look for this mountain in Midian
which is Northwest Arabia. – So here, we’ve got a testimony
of Burton that comes up in English in a book in this
little shop about Midian. We’ve got Beke. – Letters of Beke. – Letter of Beke who wrote the
book the Sinai is in Arabia and then you have Emmanuel Anati and one of the things he,
had sort of a identikit, did he not? – Yes, he did.
– Actually, I borrowed that term from him. What I had done essentially,
originally, was build this, this list of things which
he calls it the identikit but he does the same thing. He says what should we find– – [Michael] There we go. – If we find the real Mount Sinai. – [Michael] And see– – So that dovetails into what
I had done, overlays exactly. But he list those 13
sites that she mentions and Jabal al-Lawz or Jabal al-Lawz as it’s properly pronounced
is one of the mountains that’s identified. And so we’re looking at and it is right in the land of Midian where we can go and we can look. So we start immediately– – A matter of fact, are you
not going back that way? – We’re gonna pass–
– Absolutely. – Right in that vicinity. You bet. So I whip out the NOAA maps that I have of this whole kingdom and
we start plotting a course based on his information what we found in the Goldmine of Midian.
– In his map. – In his map showing exactly where. When you dovetail it over NOAA map. It’s a geological survey,
has all of the elevations, you see Jabal al-Lawz targeted on the map. I mean it’s a huge mountain as well as another mountain adjacent to it called Jabal Maqla. So there’s two 8,000, 8,500-foot peaks right across the Gulf of Aqaba that we’re across from right now. Right across so you could see him if you walked out and
looked across the beach. We had no idea until this
book came into our hands. – And so now– – And so now, we’re on a quest. – Are you gonna go there? Have you decided you’re
going there at this point? – We’re going in it. No, no, no, she knows. The only thing that was a restriction, we had to stay one more
day in that horrible hotel. (laughing) One more day so we had
to bear but we, that day, I tore these books apart. I mean I went through
everything I could find. We detailed it, we plotted
our course and we’re ready. We’re ready for bare. – Now, I add to say something on this because ladies and gentlemen, you’re talking about an
engineer, an oil field engineer. What makes an engineers an engineer is not just because they went to school, it’s just because the way
their brain is wired, okay? Most people can’t do this. Most people don’t think on this level. They don’t think this way but
it seems that the Almighty chooses people right
from before they’re born, wires in a particular way
because he has a plan for them and this is why we’re
all wired differently. The way that we see
things and process things, the Almighty has a calling
for each one of our lives and what he has done in Jim’s life to bring this all together, now, they are gonna Mount Sinai. The revelation came from heaven, now, they’re gonna the one
place that you can get to. Of the 13 places, this is the one place. – Only place. – And the only you can get to. – Exactly.
– You bet. – And you have authority to get there. You’ve got letters. You can do what you need to do, right? – Absolutely.
– That’s exactly right. – But you got you have
to stop back at Nueva. – Just, yeah. – Which is not the garden
spot of Egypt or any place. – No, no. – But you know, that was all
pre-planned anyway, Michael, because when we came first and I was sharing with you earlier how they immediately impounded
our truck in customs. We didn’t have the right paperwork. we had to go through two days in getting the right paperwork. One of their decrees as it were was that instead of leaving
Egypt by a different route that we had planned, we had
planned to go a different route and not go back to Nueva and back across the Gulf of Aqaba on the ferry. We had planned to leave via
Alexandria and go north, the northern route. I didn’t wanna get back
on that ferry again to be perfectly honest. – Yes, I’ve seen that ferry. – [Jim] It’s a wore out
ferry is what it is. – Right, right.
– Yeah, yeah. – So now you– – We were forced to go back to Nueva because one of the things in order for them to
give us that paperwork, we had to sign a paper saying
we would exit the same port we entered.
– We came in. – Because they wanted to make sure that we were taking our
truck back out properly. So this was the hand of the
Almighty forcing these things. Right at the time– – You had no idea. You had no idea. – [Penny] We had no idea. – It was an inconvenience for you, okay. Now, you drive up to Nueva. What happens when you hit Nueva? – As soon as we pulled up, we were greeted by the gentleman that had
given us so much help before. His name was Sammy. He came out and it was
like a hero’s welcome. The red carpet, that he gave
us the finest suite they had. I mean he took us around,
treated us like we were royalty and super excited. He was smoking a cigarette
and then two cigarettes and very nervous. – One any chance. Typical Egyptian. – [Penny] Truly. – Lighting one right after
the other and I’m saying, what is going on with this guy? We were okay, I mean we had a good time. – [Michael] Seemed to be a bit agitated. – But he was agitated. – Nervous, nervous. – And very nervous. And like a man had a secret that he wanted to bring me inside. So that was it. He started to talk to me and
I need to talk to you alone. I need to get you on the side. And so he did, finally. I walked away from her
and he kind of came over and pinned to me against my truck. And he said, you’ve got to
get me into Saudi Arabia. There was a man here that
showed me some things and I just need, can you help me get in? He could get a visa for a
Hajj, mini Hajj, they call it. And that he would ride in
our vehicle to go into Arabia and I’m saying, this doesn’t
work that way, Sammy. I mean that’s absolutely impossible. He said, no, no, no, no,
no, I’ve got to do this. Super excited, put a lot of pressure on me so we talked back and forth. Well, finally, he tells
me that he mentions a word that caught my attention
and that was the ark. He said there’s been a man
here that says that the ark, something about the ark is over there and he’s pointing across the
ocean, across the Gulf of Aqaba and that was a clue. I said okay, he perked my interest. As it turned out, he had a
hand-drawn map or not a map, but a drawing on a napkin. – Looks like a picture. – Like a picture and
he showed the mountain and then he showed a cave and then he showed some boundary markers. This is a kind of– – This is all like a– – [Penny] Like on a napkin. – An illustration and
then he shows me some cows and he says there’s an altar there. There’s these things and markers. Didn’t speak real good English. This is what I gathered from him. And these things started to connect to me in this identikit of
things that you would find. Jabal al-Lawz, the mountain of the Amman. This location in the land of Midian. Now, we’re seeing a cave which
would be one of the things that the manual talking
about being on the mountain. Elijah’s Cave at Horeb. And so suddenly, this reenergized, even if you could imagine more than ever that we were on the right track. – And headed to the right mountain. – God says here’s the map for you. You’re going, you’re
gonna take this with you and then you’re gonna recognize
what’s there immediately. Okay, now something has transpired in this as far as this agitation and all because it turns out that he was offered quite a bit of money to be
able to get this evidence and get it back to this person. Didn’t realize it at the time. – Yeah, we had no idea.
– I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that that had happened. – He certainly did not share that with us. – We didn’t know that at that time. – We found it out later. – Yeah, we found that later. – So that kind of makes it make sense. – [Penny] Yes, why? – Because I don’t know how
much money was offered to him and so with that kind of money, for him to go out there and
do that, you can see that– – It would make him my instant millionaire in their culture. – In their culture, right, right. – So it was a tremendous amount of money when I found out what it was. So that was the explanation for why he was acting the way he was. But then the only way we
were allowed to leave was, he said that he had a brother in Tabuk. And that if we would go
there and take the pictures, that we could connect
with this brother of his and maybe get those pictures back to him. – And Tabuk is a bit north of Aluv. – We had to pass right through it to get on our way back to Ras Tanura. I mean can be on the route
and so I agreed to that. And he actually would
not give me that napkin. I looked at it and then I said let’s go. When went in the room and
then I drew it from memory as best I could. – He memorized it. – Okay, so I memorized it and so that was another bit of the puzzle. But there was one thing that was on it that was kind of there was an error coming in from the kind of the north. So what that means? And he said this is a
direction you got to go in. Well, the way I am, if
something says one thing, I’m gonna do the other so
when we went into the area and thank God, we did it this way is that we actually entered
the Lawz range from the south. – Well, you had planned that
before we got back to Nueva. – And I stuck with my original plan because there was some invisible, in the NOAA, they show
dirt roads as dotted lines and I didn’t see those dirt
roads, this dotted lines. The other direction from the
north was in the Wadi Avia. That’s a Wadi, number
one an ancient riverbed. And I was concerned about a number things. Unfamiliar territory. – Right, right. – [Jim] We’re breaking the rules. – It changes all that time. A dry riverbed. – We’re now going off road. This is another something
that you don’t wanna do alone. We’re going off road. – [Michael] With your two young children. – Two young children, right? Woman and we have a
truck loaded with gear. And as it turned out, we
ended up having a flat tire at the end of that trip. – Yeah, we did. – But it put us coming into the valley in a perfect way to when we turned and we were looking towards Mount Sinai that we could see the
majesty of the whole place. And we pull right up to
this Golden Calf Altar. – Yeah, we pulled up to the cows. – We were on the right track. – In actuality though, we could not see any of the things that
were on that picture. – No, there, yeah. – Because they’re far behind the fence. We could not see from the valley. – Okay, well we don’t even
know there’s offense there yet. – [Jim] In this place– – Let me back up for just a
minute because this map that you or not the map but the
drawing of what was there at that mountain because
you don’t need a map to get to that mountain. That mountain is an established place. – Right, and we were using a
manual, Anati’s map already, we knew where it was. – And now, you’re using your very detailed topographical maps that
you have as an engineer and so you can find your way out there. There’s no problem. But at Nueva, what transpired when he was offered this
money to go and do this, it turns out that the man had just left just six hours before you got there. – [Penny] Seriously, earlier that day. – This is why he was so excited. I mean this had just happened. and so he’s on fire. – And now his friends are here. He’s gonna put you up to the best suite and then he’s gonna hit
you with take me with you. – [Penny] Take me with you. – I can’t even get in. I can’t get in myself.
– Take me with your trip. – Exactly, exactly. – [Michael] Unbelievable. – [Penny] Exactly. – Now, because this is
where we all come together on this particular thing because that man was the one that crossed
the Jordanian desert years before with his two sons, were able to get down there
but he told two people. This is one, he told two people. James Irwin and another archaeologist that when he was going
in, where he was going out and it turns out that the
archeologist, not James Irwin but the other man called the Saudi embassy and reported that three Israeli
spies were in their country, where to find them, when to find them and so they were captured, put in Arabian prison for 76 days. All of the evidence that they had was all stripped from them. We heard about them in America
because it’s on the news, CNN, NBC, I mean it’s a big deal. Three Americans were
basically gonna be executed. This what is all gonna come down to. And then what transpired
is that a Saudi prince and two archaeologists
from a university came out. When he showed them these petroglyphs of the, called them bull
gods, Apis and Hathor, they said that’s Egyptian. That’s never been part of Arabian culture. They ejected him from the country. He never got this evidence and now, he needs to get that
evidence to tell the story. And so he pays this man,
leaves, six hours later, you connect and you’re
already on the way there. – Exactly.
– That’s right. Something about this place. Yeah, the information has to get out. Yeah, you can see it happening. – Okay, get out but when you get there, now, it’s years later after the
whole imprisonment incident. While it’s released and
so he’s back in America, makes news back in America. But now you go there and there’s
a fence around this area, this altar of the golden calf which was on this little hand-drawn thing. There’s also a offense at
the base of the mountain. Tell what happened when you got there. – See, and let me say
this, that those fences were typical archeological fencing that was put up by the government. We had been– – [Michael] You’ve seen it
a hundred times already. – I’ve seen it all over the country and normally, we would
pull up to these things, the gates would be open, we’d go in. They built a little, would
be called guard building or a guard shack there. And when I was coming in from the east, the thing that caught
my eye was the fence. I mean I knew that was significant. So we pulled right over to it. Very first thing, I’m a dad. The reason why I always carried
a video camera and cameras ’cause I wanted to document my children. I always loved taking video of my kids and so I was one of those
dads with the video camera on his shoulder all the time. So we had the equipment, the gear with us. Got out of the truck and I’m
looking through the fence and I could see the
petroglyphs of the cows. And be honest with you,
look, one of the main things I was looking for with any
evidence, biblical evidence that might have been at that location. Here’s a big one. I mean this is huge. It’s a pile of rocks,
it’s the perfect place for this whole event to have taken place. You get a mental or visual of
the golden calf celebration in the Bible of what they were doing. – Now, these petroglyphs– – [Jim] You can see this happening. – Which we’re seeing right now. These petroglyphs, these
cows, you’ve got pictures that these things are like four feet long. – [Jim] Oh yeah, they’re not huge. – [Penny] Several of them are huge. – Right here, from this, it looks small. But these things are huge. – It’s not Bedouin’s scratching of cattle. This is very deliberate and yeah, they are four feet to three
to four feet in length and so I circled the, you can see the, in fact,
the videos on the DVD set. I mean it’s ready to roll in. – That right. We’re showing them a little bit now.
– You’ll see the live video. – But on the set, you’ve
got the whole thing on that. – We got really good pictures of it now. – That’s right. We got pictures of you and
Tim and others right beside it so you can get an idea of how big it is and that is on your DVD. We don’t have that for this presentation but on your DVD, that’s
where it is very excited. Well, ladies and gentlemen,
the story’s just begun because now, they are going
to then be welcomed in so to speak by the Bedouins
who are going to be in charge of the security for this and then it’s all gonna come
unglued in just a few minutes. When they first start to give you get the evidence of the real Mount Sinai, I’ll tell you, they find out that this is one archeological
site that nobody steps on. But you’re gonna have to be back with us for our next episode. This is Michael Rood and
thanking Jim and Penny here in their home in
Gulfport, Mississippi to finally lay out the
truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Put the facts before the world because the Almighty has ordained that the rocks are crying out. The testimony that the
Hebrew scriptures are true is coming out and now, the professionals, even entire schools of the archeology are having to eat their
words if they’re honest. If they’re not, they’re
gonna try to keep on hiding the fairy tale that they
invented a hundred years ago because someone misread
a hieroglyph in Karnak, Egyptian hieroglyph and then
equated it with the bible. Once they messed it up, an
entire schools of Egyptology and archeology were built on that, you can bet they’re gonna
defend their ignorance to the death. So thanks for being with us. Join us again next time. Don’t miss a single moment of this. (audience applauding) (light mellow music)

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  2. Since the original airing of this interview, a man named Joel Richardson also made the trip to the real Mt. Sinai in Arabia. He said that the new Prince of Saudi Arabia is making plans to build a huge city in and around the Arabian Mt. Sinai site and is considering opening it all up to tourists. The days of keeping it secret are no more. The site is pristine, as it was when Jim & Penny visited, but that would all change if the site is opened to the public. See his interview here.

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    Galatians 4:25 "Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children."
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