The Mountain of Moses: In Search of the Real Mount Sinai

The Mountain of Moses: In Search of the Real Mount Sinai

جبل موسي | البحث عن جبل سيناء مكان عبور البحر الأحمر واحة إيليم مكان تخييم شعب إسرائيل في سيناء مذبح العجل الذهبي جبل سيناء المذبح الذي بناه موسي

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12 Replies to “The Mountain of Moses: In Search of the Real Mount Sinai”

  1. Thank you for your
    excellent video we have recently subscribed. We pray this gets to you if you
    are a sincere believer this is banned material and understood and seen by few.
    Masons around the world give their souls to know these truths about the flat
    earth. Even if you are still deceived by the Globe Earth deception this and our
    other videos will be beneficial in the seeing the truth that we are in the last
    days and the deceiver wants you to be ignorant…  If you are curious about the 1- 21 -2019 Blood
    Moon is a Sign of the Little Apocalypse against Israel’s Neighbors is starting
    with Trump and his Syrian Pull Out and the Brexit timing all matched up
    (3-29-2019). This blood moon is the last of the 22 buds of Aaron's rod. The
    blood moons have been decoded on the flat earth proving that the only angle
    they can occur at is 26. 56 degrees between the sun and the moon and they must
    be directly across from each other with the North Pole between them. We believe
    these revelations and others in this video are a must see for those that don't
    understand the flat earth and those that are blinded by the idea that we are
    not in the last days. Subjects include Melchezedek a type of Christ and all the
    relations of Blood moons and their connection to Jesus the Last days… The
    connections take you to the obvious and not so obvious especially if you are
    new to the Flat earth but all is life changing and will edify your spirit during
    these last days. God wants you not to be ignorant….

  2. thank LORD for touching the heart of Arabian government n YOURSELF because it was YOU who preserved this place for testimony and for your glory n your GREAT NAME

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