The Pro Pole Mount For GoPro Cameras

The Pro Pole Mount For GoPro Cameras

OkayÉ That guy with the chainsaw, he just
started it up. Hey folks! Matt Monroe, the Nasty Clamps’
guy with yet another video for you. This one’s a bit different than unusual though.
This is an experiment, and it’s experiment in technology, product design,
3D printing, and all sorts of cool stuff. Here’s what’s going on.
I have one of these. And chances are you do too.
It’s a GoPro camera. Super super popular. Now, I also have happen to have one of these.
You probably know what it is, it’s a painter’s pole.
it’s collapsable, and more importantly, it’s extendableÉ
Like thisÉÉ Okay? That’s a twelve foot pro pole there. You find
these at any hardware store. Anywhere from 4-24 feet. They’re great!
Now, what if you could combine thisÉ With this, somehow.
LikeÉ I don’t know. Somehow get that on there. That would be great, but I poked around on
the web, and nothing was out there. Hmm, interesting? So I got a piece of paper
— drew that. I’ve then took that image into my computer.
Made a rough 3D sketch, and then I sent that 3D image off to a designer.
He tweaked it. He massaged it. And then sent me back a 3D file,
which I was able to send off to company called Shapeways.
Shapeways does 3D printing and plastic. In the period of three weeks, I went from
a simple sketch, to this. A physical product, hard, plastic, and totally
usable. In fact, I’ve been using it a lot this past
week. Here we go, like this, screws on to the painter’s
pole. Drop your GoPro inÉ Oh! you need that, the
long screw from the GoPro. Pop that in thereÉ And check this out!
So we got that, we can also do that, thatÉ And more importantlyÉ
That! Okay?
That is super handy. In fact if you’re shooting longboarding, skateboarding,
BMX, mountain biking, kayaking, or architectural, this would be a life saver.
So I’m selling itÉ Not on the nastyclamps’ site.
Instead, I’m selling this on the Shapeways’ site.
I’m selling it as a 3D printed product. Here’s the URL — Okay?
I’ll put a link up after this also. But this is cutting edge technology.
I’m saving time, literally months by not having plastic injection molds made,
and also saving a ton of money by not having plastic injection molds made.
I’m actually saving about twelve to fifteen thousand dollars.
Now, here is the catch. These are expensive to print out.
UhhhhÉ They’re forty-four bucks. Is that pricy? Yeah it is! So what?
If you’re trying to shoot action sports, you need something like this.
You need something extendable. And more importantly.. Well, it’s not more important…
But these painter poles? Find them anywhere. Any hardware store.
So, go to the Shapeways’ site, and check it out.
Now, when you purchase one of these, your gonna’ need the Pro Pole Mount,
that’s what I’m calling it, the Pro Pole MountÉ The long screw from a GoPro, you have one
of those if you have a GoPro. A 5 millimeter acorn nut, because they can’t
print those out. Get these at any hardware store, they’re about
fifty cents. And the GoPro camera.
That is all you need, check it out. Stay Nasty!
and tune in again…

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16 Replies to “The Pro Pole Mount For GoPro Cameras”

  1. I was able to make my own, with some other "painters" pole attachments. Unfortunately the price of your product kept me away 🙁 I'll upload video. was able to get up into the trees and the system only cost me $11.

    Great idea and great design. Goodluck with your sales!

  2. Lefty: I'll be the first to admit that my Pole Pro Mount is expensive… And the reason for this is that 3D printing is expensive. Basically, I wanted to experiment with a relatively brand new technology (3D printing) and see if that technology could be used to bring a product to market fairly quickly.

    Yes… 3D printing can be used to bring a product to market insanely quickly. It does so at a high cost (for now), though the cost of the printers AND printing is dropping quickly.

  3. hmmm, why not just use the nasty clamp? Sure you need a gopro tripod mount to mount it to the nastyclamp, but that's a good mount to have for a gropro anyway. Not to mention the nasty clamp and the gropro already seem made for eachother.

  4. Philip: The Nasty Clamp and the GoPro camera ARE made for each other, and a good number of folks who buy the Nasties do so in order to combine it with their GoPro rig.

    On the other hand, a GoPro mounted onto a painter's pole is a really great way to get action shots –– especially overhead shots and tracking images.

  5. I totally agree, but what i meant was: why not use the nasty to mount it to the pole. But yeah the pole is a great idea, and also the reason I want to get myself a gopro. not for the sporty stuff (I'm way to stiff to that) but because it's a camara you can mount on anything.

  6. Just a thought: Go to the dollar store, buy a broom head ($1) cut in half length wise leaving the bristles on one side and the pole mount on the other, then attach the flat mount that came with the camera to the brush end. Feel free to trim the sides.

  7. @dkhdfewrt: Errrrh… I'm not really getting it.

    So, you cut the broom head in half, and then…

    Could you post a picture?

  8. Whats the point of buying a 44 dollar piece of plastic when for 40-50 dollars you can get a already ready to mount pole specifically made for your GoPro?

  9. Uuuuuhhh… If I'm not mistaken, the 40-50 dollar pole you're talking about only has a reach of 40 inches. The point of buying my $44 piece of 3D printed plastic is that you can then place it onto a $15 painter's pole –– with a reach of 10-12 feet. You'll never get a decent overhead shot with a 40 inch pole. You will get a GREAT overhead shot with a 10 foot pole.

  10. Nice idea, but duct tape worked just as well for me. Might not look as good but get the job done for a lot less. Keep it simple

  11. Reefdiver: Duct tape is great, great stuff. And –– in fact –– you could easily use a wad tape to mount a GoPro, or microphone, or light, or whatever onto a painter's pole. But the fact that you could do it doesn't necessarily mean that you should do it, unless your only concerns center around cost/budget. Safety is always a concern of mine, and as useful as duct tape is, it doesn't always hold –– and has an annoying way of losing grip at the absolute wrong time.

  12. Mr. Creeper: If you know of a 12 foot long GoPro tripod that can be purchased for $8, or even $27, I would suggest that you rush out and purchase it as soon as possible. A deal like that won't last long.

  13. Peter: I actually had a small site up last year where the file could be downloaded, though it was a bit of a pain to manage. I've been thinking about putting the .stl file up on GumRoad, and making it available to anyone interested for $3.

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