The RB Committee Tries to Get Paid Like WRs | Gridiron Heights S4E7

The RB Committee Tries to Get Paid Like WRs | Gridiron Heights S4E7

– OK, running back committee, help yourselves to some pastries. – [Speaking over each other:] FEED ME. FEED ME. – I’m not hungry right now. – I’M SO FED, I’M GOING TO YAC. That’s a yards-after-catch joke. – Our Q3 numbers are strong, but QBs are trending towards throwing the ball in Q4. – Ah, interesting.
– Curious.
– I hate it when they throw. – I’M MY WHOLE TEAM NOW. – Settle down. You’re acting like real receivers. – IT’S NOT THAT HARD: THROW THE BALL WELL ENOUGH TO CATCH BUT BAD ENOUGH THAT WE LOOK COOL. – Yo, what do I pay the pizza guy, like a million? – And this is why holding out works. I made less money, and now I play for the Jets. – Cool.
– Cool.
– Thanks for sharing. – WHO NEEDS CONTRACTS? JUST PLAY FOR 40 YEARS. – The chair recognizes the Niners subcommittee. – [In unison:] Deep dive. Circle back. Synergy. – Next order of business: How is Chubb growing? – Uhh… – HOW DARE THE HATERS SAY WE %@!#&!$ SUCK JUST BECAUSE WE %@!#&!$ SUCK. – Maybe I’m the star. Fine. – Rapid-fire ideas to increase value: Go. – WE NEED QBS THAT DON’T DO WHAT WE DO. – NOSE PIERCINGS, ARM TAPES, AIRHEADS. – FOUR P.M. SHOULD BE DINNER TIME, NOT GAME TIME. – All right, gentlemen, meeting adjourned. – WHY DOES HE GET MORE PIZZA THAN ME? – IT’S THE SAME AMOUNT OF PIZZA. I JUST DO MORE WITH IT! – I’m Eli, and lately I’ve had some time to learn about the internet. You can subscribe below, whatever that means. Here let me type in Eli Manni— Oh, no….

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100 Replies to “The RB Committee Tries to Get Paid Like WRs | Gridiron Heights S4E7”

  1. The mount rushmore of running backs is walter payton, barry sanders, emmit smith, but whos the dude behind the pole? Is it Bo?

  2. Frank Gore: "4 PM should be dinner time, not game time"
    Next up: Mondays will be for bingo, Thursdays are for chess, & Sunday nights will be for Bridge.

  3. The one thing RB’s seem to be forgetting is a very simple rule, you’re only as good as the guys blocking for you, so when you wanna get selfish like Zeke or Bell or Gordon remember why you’re as successful as you are because I don’t give a shit how good you think you are if your offensive line can’t block it doesn’t matter! That’s why Bell isn’t as good this year….pure running backs are a dying breed if you want to be important to your team you better learn how to catch like James White or Christian McCaffrey otherwise you can easily be replaced. Dallas will regret giving Zeke all that money, look at his numbers this season….they suck just like Bell’s have declined. Defenses are built to shut that shut down and make you one dimensional because most teams don’t have a Tom Brady or a Patrick Mahomes or a Russell Wilson to throw the ball (I’m purposely omitting Aarogant Fraudgers because that sorry sack of shit can throw but you know what he can’t do when it matters the most? WIN!!)

  4. Yards after catch isn't a thing. It's RAC, which is run after catch, and YAC is yards after contact. SMH Bleacher Report.

  5. Holy shit these are dense. I gotta watch it like 5 times to get all the jokes and see everything + pauses hahaha. Top work, a lot of thought goes into every frame

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