The Story of Highlord’s Charger – Patch 7.2 Paladin Class Mount [Lore]

The Story of Highlord’s Charger – Patch 7.2 Paladin Class Mount [Lore]

Hello everyone! After finishing up the Legion Fall Campaign,
heroes of Azeroth are rewarded with a unique class mount. For the paladins it’s Cyssa Dawnrose who
tells us to go meet up with Grayson Shadowbreaker who wishes to speak with us about an important
matter. Grayson has helped out with equiping paladins
in the past and even supported alliance paladins with obtaining their unique epic mount. These days you just pick up the Charger as
you level up, but back in the day there was a whole questline attached to it with Grayson
showing you the way. He had you spend a lot of time, materials
and gold, but in the end, you ventured forth into Scholomance and redeemed the spirit of
your mount, binding it to carry you in battle. It was somewhat of a tedious task that involved
months of obtaining materials and sending paladins all over Azeroth. Thankfully, times have changed and we now
have most of those materials at hand. That being said, he wishes to help us obtain
a new mount, something worthy of our title as Highlord. In order for us to begin, we require a stonehide
leather barding which is a defensive armor for a horse. Something strong, thick and heavy obtainable
from either a leatherworker or the auction house, but the barding needs some improvements
to become worthy of the steed who will bear it. Alard Schmied in Dalaran is the finest smith
and knows how to modify the barding, but he will require some materials namely leystone
ore and a Suramarian Sapphire which we pick up at the Evermoon Bazaar for 500 ancient
mana. This jewel’s cut allows it to trap light
within it, giving off a cool, blue glow. Our smith goes to work imbuing the bard with
leystone and the jewel, some of his finest work if he does say so himself. Next our journey takes us into Stratholme
where some much needed materials and our mount itself is waiting. “Welcome, Highlord. I’ve been making preparations for the ritual
to cleanse the barding. But so far, we’ve been unable to secure
the holy water. I sent in three of my best men to search for
it, but they’ve not returned. I fear for their safety. Perhaps someone of your skills would be better
suited to recover the water. Please, take a pair of my paladins with you. Who knows what’s still lurking in this place.” We get to pick 2 paladins to accompany us
into stratholme, either a healing, tanking or dpsing one, and we’re here for 2 reasons. 1 is to purify the barding by both material
and immaterial means. Once, when Stratholme thrived, before the
plague and the purge, it produced holy water capable of cleansing even the darkest of magics. This is the material part that we need, water
that has been used for many different quests, even the classic paladin mount quest, and
there may still be caches of it lying untouched that we can use. As we go through the city we also save the
paladins who were send in before us who had a run in with a nasty shadowy figure, a necromancer
who also tries to stop us by summoning Pestulon, osseine and Rotmouth. None of these unholy beings will stand in
our righteous way and I have to say, I really enjoyed going through Stratholme again. This place has such great atmosphere, some
of my first videos were about soloing this place for the Rivendare mount and of course
the speedruns they introduced for this place…great memories. With the water collected and the paladins
saved we return to grayson to purify the barding “Excellent job recovering the water, Highlord. And you have my deepest thanks for saving
my paladins. I’ll apply the water to the barding. The rest, Highlord, lies with you and your
weapon.” Channel your holy power through your artifact
weapon onto the barding. “It is done! The barding is ready. Now we go to Rivendare’s crypt to confront
his specter. MOUNT UP PALADINS! WE RIDE! They’ll bring up the rear while we’re
inside dealing with Rivendare.” Grayson doesn’t feel like using his mount
and just walks through the city expecting to deal with Rivendare. The original boss of Stratholme was Baron
Rivendare, who in life was friends with none other then Kel’thuzad who convinced him
to join the Cult of the Damned. Rivendare eventually became a death knight
and was placed in control of the burning remains of Stratholme. He held the city against the Scarlet Crusade
and a number of heroes before he was eventually defeated. Undead don’t stay dead for very long as
Rivendare evgentually joined Kel’thuzad in Naxxramas where he become one of the Four
horsemen, replacing Alexdros Mograine. His son took over in Stratholme, a son named
Aurius Rivendare who actually joined adventurers in taking down his father, but died in the
process. Now outside the slaughter square we find big
piles of corpses stacked up and inside the Slaughter House there seems to be one missing… “Where is his body?! It should be here!” “Someone’s taken it! This does not bode well…” Raemien the Soultake, the shadowy figure that
tried to stand in our way has resurrected an army of undead and sitting proudly on top
of Shadowmane. He will spread the plague over this land once
more and all will bow before him, but we do not stand alone in this battle. Our forces, the Light is with us in this forsaken
place as we take on the Soultaker and all the rotten corpses that try to drag us down
into undeath with them. “The beast is bound, Highlord! The Light has favored us this day! Let us reconvene at the Sanctum of Light. There you can bard the beast safely. When you’re ready to leave, speak with me
and I’ll see to our safe return.” We have our purified barding and we’ve taken
out the necromancer, leaving his undead mount Shadowmane to be embraced by the Light, very
reminiscent of the original mount quest in which you took on the death knight Darkreaver
and judged the spirit of his mount to be worthy. Cinematic: Approach the beast with our bard. Shadow is embraced by the Light and restored
to a mount worthy of our highlordieness. It even bows down and it can fly, without
wings! Beat that invincible. We’ll be keeping a more watchful eye on
Stratholme from now on and the Highlord of Azeroth claims their Golden Charger, the fanciest
of all of the horses. You can also buy the different color variations
from Crusader Lord Dalfors after unlocking all the artifact traits for your different
specs. The Vengeful charger for the Ashbringer, Valorous
Charger for the Silver Hand and the Vigilant Charger for Truthguard. And that is how paladins obtain their unique
class mount, now I’m hoping to be able to show you all of the class mounts and while
I have been keeping up with the Legion fall campaign, the follower questline is taking
a bit more time to complete. I haven’t kept up with follower missions
on alts at all, I didn’t expect it to become a requirement, but hopefully I’ll be able
to complete that soon enough and bring you all the juicy videos I can. For now we’ve reached the end of the video
so as always thank you very much for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one! aaaand until next time guys….see ya!

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89 Replies to “The Story of Highlord’s Charger – Patch 7.2 Paladin Class Mount [Lore]”

  1. Just wanted to say Thank you Nobbel for putting in so much work for us to enjoy! i love watching all the lore videos for Legion, more specifically the order hall campaign ones!

  2. was it scholomance ? i thought it was the one ruins in eastern kingdom….i haven't done the quest in years though

  3. hey Nobbel, can you, like, NOT do the hunter mount? it's the most disappointing thing I've ever done.

  4. The bit at the beginning where Grayson talked about the original Charger quest made me chuckle.

    Took a ton of work back in the day, but was so worth it

  5. Nice video Nobbel. Thanks for keeping up, with all those classes, even in the summer. I love lore. Greetings from Greece!

  6. I would love too see Strathholm restored and the eastern plague lands cured. Maybe with the help of Malfurion and his Druids? Would be sick if that happened.

  7. So you go invade some guy's place, beat his guards, steal his shit, kill him and steal his ride just because someone else wanted you to have a prettier horse. Yeah cool, I guess.

  8. I'd be more excited about this mount if it wasn't for the fact that it's yet ANOTHER horse… we get spell horses, free horse mounts, and the class mount is yet ANOTHER horse… even if it is a fancy horse, still a horse. Why don't we ever get anything ferocious or cool ;3;

  9. Personally I don't like this mount. The quest was somewhat of a throwback to the original quest but I feel this will be a quest I will soon forget. The original quest on the other hand is to me one of the most epic quests I have ever done in WoW and now, 10-11 years later, it is still carved into my memory. I'll be using my Charger still!

  10. Do the Deathknight next, it is one of the coolest questlines in Legion, and there are so many parallels to the Lich King.

  11. The quest line is nice but the mount is boring. Being fed the same type of food every day makes it taste bland. I will mount it with pride since i pay for it.

  12. Yea the quest is cool and all but it's still just a horse whereas we hunters got one of the best class mounts.

  13. There are so many things wrong with this (not your video) Blizzard smashes their own lore….. Hey let's try that stupid saddle on Sylvanas, maybe i can cure her undeath too and then ride her as reward xD.

  14. Would be really nice if the mount would actually be that size as seen in the obtaining cinematic, in game its like a pony xD

  15. I'm not sure who from Blizzard said this, but he claimed there was a lot of forshadowing about what's to come. This and also the order hall campaign of the Death Knight's, kinda hint at it 🙂

  16. I was a bit underwhelmed by the Paladin mount itself. It's cool looking, and very paladin-y… but there's one thing that bugs me about it. It looks like it's wearing a miniskirt, that's just a bit too short, and it's horsey jiblets are going to start swinging at any moment. Compared to the original charger, or the Crusader's Charger, the rear blanket/cover seems short.

  17. These questlines are so poorly made, they might as well have made us just get it without the boring and tedious fluff.

  18. Hello Nobbel can you give some explanation as to why the paladins had to purify an undead horse when there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many horses ? And if the answer is "because Shadowmane is special" , well so is Invincible , he was also a paladins horse

  19. I've done all but Warlock. Still waiting for an invasion on the time that I play the game. Quest wise, I enjoy the Death Knight and Monk the most. I also like the fact that Paladin/Warlock tried to recapture the vanilla quest chain.

  20. "took months to obtain materials" you wot mate. it just took a few weeks at the very most if you were a super slacker

  21. Thanks for this video. I always believed that Aurius was the name of the baron. I learned something new but you made me realize that my whole life was a lie. Nobbel87 best lorewalker 🙂

  22. this reminded me of why i dont play the game anymore, its too optimized…. too easy, im the darksouls undertale type of masochist

  23. lol… for like 9 months I used to teleport to capital city to use AH, because I didn't know about that auctioneer bot…

  24. I hated the fanfare music, there are so many other more Paladin-y themes to choose from. And I'm pretty sure Shamans got the same music when they get theirs. Bleh.

  25. Highlord Nobbel the Noble redeems an undead charger through an epic quest… then runs it into a post.

  26. Dude like why the fuck do you talk so fast? You do understand that you have an accent right? People are trying to understand what you are saying.

  27. Claim to be the best and most devout holy warriors on Azeroth, can't find holy water without losing three of their best.

  28. I enjoyed the Pally quest too…..  I had wicked Nostalgia feels.  Only thing missing was going into Dire maul and Scholo

  29. I am not playing WoW anymore so I have a question. Is it a big deal to obtain this mount? Is it prestigious or is there something special about the class mounts?

  30. The Original Ending:
    "He wishes to help us obtain a new mount, something worthy of our title as Highlord. Sadly for him, Invincible is so much better, so I didn't bother to do this quest-line. So as always, thank you all for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one, and until next time guys…see ya!"

  31. Dumb Question: How hard is it in Generall to Obtain those Classmounts, im not Playing wow Actually but im thinking about returning for 1-2 months to get all the classmounts before they may be unobtainable in the future expansion. Do you need to be good geared or is it more the Personal Skill requirement?

  32. I got the charger during vanilla. Cost me 500 g. I got baron rivendares mount later. But wow this takes the cake. That charger was…. Special. I rather stay with baron rivendares mount and my gold charger.

    Also class quest should be back. So everyone can suffer XD i remember skullamance. It was not fun. Had to get ppl from stormwind. Fly to western plauge lands. Go on a secret path that always had 1,2 rouges Hilding. Beat way was to swim i the Water..

    It was painfull but man was itworth it. 500 g for epic mount was way better then 800g.

  33. You forgot to tell people that in order to get the Suramarian Sapphaire you have to have quest in Suramar for a while. Major piece of information!

  34. Really? Every class except human and blood elf look good in this. Why couldn’t they put for thought into it, a heehaw is bland and generic.

  35. It looks really great, a homage to the old school era paladin mounts and their quests, not really liking the whole flying thing but then again, I do prefer having a griffon, wyvern or dragon, still it does have that whole Second War Knights of the Silver Hand first generation of paladins, battle-hardened mounted on strong fierce warhorses human warrior knights of the realms looking feel to it,

  36. Dont u just love how every one gets a flying mount and wee get a fucking Horse a s a paladin i say No ty sir this is bs!

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