Ticket to Heaven – New Tamil Comedy Short Film 2015 || Eng Subtitles

Ticket to Heaven – New Tamil Comedy Short Film 2015 || Eng Subtitles

Hello Sir, Did you see the flat?, Is everything Ok ? Flat is fine, But earlier Realtor’s used to accompany us and would keep showing so many houses for our satisfaction But now, You are just calling us and asking us to visit houses on our own We are busy, Sir. We would sign up 4 deals and earn comission meanwhile We are “Software Engineers” just for namesake, But you guys are the one’s leading a great life Your blessings Sir Did you find anyone who could share the flat with me ? Yes Sir. His name is Stalin. You can move in tomorrow. He will join the day after Ok I will leave now. What about the apartment key ? Lock the flat and leave the key near window as it was earlier Ok Hey, Who the hell are you ? Oh!! I am sorry. You must be Stalin hmm Yeah. It’s me I was told by the broker that you will be here only tomorrow. I also don’t see any of your luggages ? Had an emergency, So I have come a little early. Luggages will arrive in Parcel service Why??? Who the hell is it ?,so early in the morning Are you Dev ? Yes, and you ? I am Stalin, your Room mate. Realtor would have informed you (Luggages will arrive in Parcel service) Then, who is that ? What happened ? Hey, Who the hell are you ? What is this Dude?, I am Stalin Then who am I ? Who is he Dude He has brought us here and he is roaming around like waiting in front of Public Toilet Hey Stop, first tell us who you are I will tell the truth. But it might be scary Don’t worry about that. You just answer us I am not a normal human like you think. I am dead already Ahaan (Is it?) Stop it Dude Are you gonna tell the truth or shall I call the Police? (mockingly)I will call the Police, will definitely call the Police Give me your mobile Look at this (News: Techie died in a weird accident) Are you really dead ? How did you die ? Why are you ? Why am I here ? right. I will tell you Seriously? warning for helmet already? You will lose hair and moreover won’t be able to wear stylish headphones like me if you wear helmets Stupid fellows. Remove that Very funny Boss You are so funny boss. You slipped in shit and broke your top ? What happened after that ? Will tell you Hello Boss, Wake up Hey, Who are you weirdo wearing rain coat in a sunny day ? I am Samadharma, brother of Yamadharma (Quoting a reference from Tamil movie) No Dude, Its Goundamani(Comedy actor) I am Original Yamadharma’s brother, original Samadharma Ok, Why did you come here ? You are dead, I am here to claim your soul Are you crazy, or still high from the booze you had yesterday ?. Remove that funny Coolers first Hey, look at this crazy guy here Hello, Our friend Vikram died yesterday in a bike accident You slipped and fell from bike yesterday. Do you remember what happened next ? You died soon after the injury to your head This is just your soul That’s why even your friend couldn’t see you I can’t believe that I am dead. What happens now ? What happens to everyone else ? They go to heaven No you dumbo. Everyone gets a ticket either to heaven or hell based on the good deeds or the sins they have done I am here to issue you the ticket Oh, Are you a conductor then? Too much attitude for a dead man Let’s see your Score card now ha ha What will you do now ? Eventhough it’s equal, the amount of sin is too high. So it’s hell for sure You call yourself Samadharma and yet you try to cheat me. I won’t tolerate this injustice Where is your brother Yamadharma?, I will appeal to him Mr.Yamadharma, where are you ?? (This is the first assignment brother has trusted me with.I Shouldn’t ruin it. Let me manage it somehow) Ok, I will give you an offer Offer?. What is it ? I will extend your life by one day. You can live like a normal human If you manage to help someone and increase your good deed, you get the Ticket to heaven or else it’s hell. Deal ? One day isn’t enough. Two days. Ok ? What is it Dude, you are bargaining like housewives do in the market This isn’t gonna work out(yells) Mr.Yamadharma Ok Ok, I will give you two days. Keep this in mind, you will be a normal human Heaven, only if your good deeds increase . It’s Hell otherwise This is what happened I got to know that your flat was unoccupied for a long time I thought there’s no harm in using it for two days But I never expected you guys to show up Don’t worry. You can stay here You said you have only two days and yet you wasted a day just eating and sleeping ? In this world, getting help is difficult. But helping someone is vey easy That’s why I asked for two days I ate slept and enjoyed my life one last time yesterday Today, It’s done if I just help some Idiot Super Boss. All the Best Oh my God, it’s her Tell me Darling, yes I am Jogging I am done with three rounds I will be home in 10 mins. What is the Breakfast ? I have to increase my Good deeds in one day Whom should I start with and what help will I do ? There’s a guy over there. Let me try talking to him The same crappy Oats for breakfast today also Excuse Me One sec darling, a salesman is here to bother me Salesman !!?? No sir Bills are still pending for what I bought already on EMI How is that man? You make us buy stuff even if we don’t have any money and later rob us totally once we get paid Just go away You tell me Darling So impatient to even hear what is it and he assumes it himself Who is it? Running like he has to shit before the world ends He is here to help me help him hello hello Why are you in such a hurry?, You dropped your wallet Here it is Thank you very much Sir Yes, I have made it Sir, did you see a guy in blue shirt go this way? Yes, he went this way. He also dropped his wallet. I helped him That’s my purse…… you Idiot My great plan has back fired Oh God, the day is almost over everything is gone At least the scores were equal earlier. Now I am doomed. What am I gonna do It’s Ok How dare you hit a girl How dare you hit my Boy friend Cheers!!! Welcome Boss, Everything went well right ? We bought beer to celebrate your victory It was getting late so we had to start without you.Come and join us No guys Why?, What happened ? We can’t even try to help, nowadays Not even a single person trusts other. They look like looking at a terrorist If you manage to help after all this, that ends up in a bad way Who genuinely helps others?. They help only if they get benefitted by that Even you are doing the same right ? Don’t you know what to say Sorry Boss, I didn’t say that to hurt you Don’t mistake me What you said is correct You should try to be helpful to others if you are born as a human But as long as I was alive I was too busy thinking just about my life and never cared about others Now, when I want to go to heaven, I am begging for a chance to help someone I am ashamed of myself It’s too late to realize. I deserve it Don’t worry Boss. Have this beer and everything will be fine I haven’t had these when I was alive Just an hour to go, I will stay the same (Mobile ringing) Boss, you have got a call (speaks on phone) What happened ? One of my friend has met with an accident. They need AB negative blood urgently I am AB negative, I will donate But how , You are drunk What shall we do now ? I will give I too have AB negative How can you, Boss ? I am just a normal human till 12AM Then hurry up let’s go Thank you very much. My friend would have been dead if it weren’t for you Boss!!! , Look here

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100 Replies to “Ticket to Heaven – New Tamil Comedy Short Film 2015 || Eng Subtitles”

  1. ena da ipdi blade pooduriga
    mudiyala da epaa 
       but one thing last scene matter the oak
    try to improve the audio sequence

  2. Indha movie la nadicha orutharukum real life la humour konjam kuda varathu pola apuram edhuku idha comedynu try panringa

    Last msg matum nalaruku

  3. முற்றிலும் வித்யாசமான குறும்படம் அண்ணா உங்கள் பதிவுகள் அருமை

  4. nice short film good concept about helmat, blood doner. but for heaven you need know the living God and must do the will of God.

  5. Nice concept.screenplay dubbing music I don't like.Nenga adutha shortfilma different places, Chennai vittu outerla thaniya okanthu paarunga.ungalukee purium

  6. Sir padam nalla irunthathu aana nantha pei nu sollum pothu OK cell phone news kamichi conform pannumpothu antha rendu Peru mugathilayum sinna reactions kooda illaye

  7. nice ….but nenga sethu poi unga frd kanukutheriyathaanenga epdy mathavakanugalukeilam theriernga

  8. Superb bt Big Plus,: film name, social msg, ur. Confidence..In director field and minus: Predicted screen play, u r
    Gud as a director bt once u move to acting field u should develop yr skills and not u reach the expecting level tats drawback…

  9. Frst…bro..nalla try..innu better panlam..aana enaku kadupaana vishayam idhutha…😕Sethathu pakathu theruvula..news Mattu English paper la..nanu engayo California seththan nu nenacha😅Apro..note the point🙄 seththa Mela kootitu poga cooling glass .. Jerkin Ella potutu tha varuvanga…

  10. No logic ivan ethuku nadikinom….. Nadipa vidu making aavathu nalla irukunum illa athum illa
    Acting poor
    Dubing poor
    Logic illa
    Ipadi solita polam ……..moolaiya kalituvachitu vena intha padatha patha pakalam

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