Top 10 Rarest Mounts in WoW

Top 10 Rarest Mounts in WoW

For the rarest mounts in the game, I got ahold of a database that tracks how many people own certain mounts. That will be the basis for the rarity for all the mounts in this video, now let’s get started. At number ten, we have the Black Proto Drake. The Black Proto Drake was a reward from the “Glory of the Raider (25 Player)” achieve, an achievement that had you complete a bunch of achievements in the 25-man versions of all the Raids in Wrath of the Lich King before Ulduar came out. Once Ulduar came out, they removed the mount from the achievement. Now Blizzard does this all the time with “Ahead of the Curve” achievements, but this was the first time it happened, so not many people actually completed the hard achievements necessary to get the drake. Having this mount means you were one of the few hardcore raiders in early Wrath who had a guild that cared about doing achievements, and it’s rare because of that. Number nine is The Reins of the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent. This mount is awarded the players who get the achievement for having 300 mounts, so only people who spend a long time and actively go out of their way to farm mounts actually have it, but every expansion that adds a ton of mounts makes it easier and easier for casual collectors to get it. I mean, you can get six mounts from your Garrison alone currently. Who knows what kind of easy methods they’ll add in the future? Number Eight – World Boss mount drops. Most of these mounts have a very low drop rate and require killing a world boss and getting lucky enough to loot them out, if it even drops. Of these world boss mounts, the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is the rarest. This mount has such a low drop rate from the Sha of Anger that most people didn’t even think it was in the game for months after Mists of Pandaria dropped. The other Mists world bosses drop mounts as well and each is extremely rare, But the heavenly Onyx cloud serpent is the rarest of the bunch. Number 7 – TCG mounts TCG mounts, like the famous Spectral Tiger, come from Blizzards old trading card game codes that would rarely come in packs. You can pretty much buy any of these mounts though, as long as you’re willing to spend real money. And, the rarest of these TCG mounts is the Swift Shorestrider. I’m not sure why it’s the rarest, but my best guess would be because it’s not as cool-looking as all the other TCG mounts. I mean, it’s just a blue Tallstrider after all Number 6 Vicious Saddle mounts. Vicious Saddles are awarded during PvP seasons to players who win at least a hundred 3V3 games or forty rated battlegrounds. So pretty easy to get for PVP players right? Well, yeah, pretty much. Anyway, after getting a Vicious Saddle, you can turn it at a vendor for mount and the rarest of these mounts is the Vicious War Kodo. why is the Kodo the rarest?
Well, because for one, the other options for the horde players with a lot cooler, and two, because more players with PVP play Alliance overboard because the human racial is overpowered, so not many horde players actually get the saddle in comparison to the Alliance Just a sidenote – I actually have the Vicious War Wolf for my Priest from an RPG achievement from Cataclysm. Turns out, it’s one of the options to buy the Vicious saddle as well. What’s funny about the wolf is that I can’t actually use it on any of my other toons. Turns out Vicious Saddle mounts aren’t account-wide. They’re personal use only, just like class mounts (even though Class Mounts are account wide Hiru, you uncultured swine) I didn’t even know this was a thing until researching mounts for this video and seeing one of the mounts I own on the rare list. Anyways, back to the list. Number 5 – the Tribute mounts from Trial Of The Grand Crusader These mounts could only be obtained from the achievement “A Tribute to Immortality”, which required you to complete Trial the Grand Crusader on heroic 25-man mode without anyone dying and while still having all 50 attempts left. Heroic attempts was a Wrath of the Lich King only system that limited the amount of times you could wipe on Heroic bosses. What this meant was the raid had to complete the raid, on its hardest difficulty, on the very first try, every time without anyone in the raid dying to random stuff There’s a reason the mounts awarded from this achievement are rarer than my will to live That’s not an easy thing to do. A single DC or hard lag spike on one of your 25 players could cause the whole raid to lose the achievement. Both Alliance and Horde got different mounts for the achievement, and the alliance one is a tiny bit rarer than the Horde one, meaning more horde players were able to do the achievement. Back in those days, most hardcore Raiders went aboard for the superior racial so that makes sense. And I’m not just saying this is a Horde bias. Horde really did have better PvE racials back then. Number four – Gladiator mounts Gladiator mounts are only given to players who earn the Gladiator achievement which requires them to have an arena rating within the top 0.5% of players in your battle group So only the best of the best arena player has got these mounts. When Gladiator mounts were first introduced in the Burning Crusade, it was one of the few ways to actually get at 310% speed mount. Back then, 310% speed wasn’t something you trained, only specific flying mounts had them. All the other epic flying mounts had 280% speed. Since each mount is only given to a very small number of players, and it’s different every season, each mount is only given out once. These restrictions make Gladiator mounts some of the rarest obtainable mounts, with the Cataclysmic Gladiators Twilight Drake being the rarest of the bunch. Not sure why though. Number 3 – old school armorless Epic mounts. Back in Vanilla WoW, before patch 1.4, the Epic mounts, that being mounts that could run at 100% extra speed instead of 60%, were just different colored skin mounts to the 60% kind Blizzard decided to add a whole bunch of armor to mounts instead, to make them look different from the normal 60% mounts, and remove the reskinned Epic mounts. Since this change was made pretty early on in Vanilla, only players who both played around the start of WoW and happened to actually have a thousand gold to buy the mount have them, and a thousand gold in Vanilla WoW was like 200k gold today. Sure, you can farm it up, but it was going to take a long time for any non rich player because of the very few ways to actually make gold in Vanilla. Oh, but you didn’t have to pay for riding training at least. If you bought the mount and we’re high enough level you could just use it, and since Epic mounts were so expensive most people only had one. You also had to carry them in your bags and mount at a three-second cast time, and auto dismounted if you entered water. Another thing that probably led to the rarity was the fact that Blizzard allowed people to exchange already bought mounts for the new armored ones at no cost when the change was made. Of all the old epic mounts, the Black Ram is the rarest, and the Frost Ram was the second rarest. I guess there just weren’t a lot of rich dwarves in Vanilla. Number two – the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal. The black tank was the only legendary mount in the game. How do you get this legendary mount? Well, Simply be the first person on your server to ring the gong that opens AQ-40 for your realm. meaning only one person per realm got this mount. (Correction – People who rang the gong a few hours after the first ring got the mount and title as well) What was unique about this mount was that it was the only mount that you could use both in AQ-40 and outside. Back then you can only use mounts you found inside AQ-40, inside AQ-40 (eloquently put, Hiru…) Now there’s no restriction on what mount you can use inside, but you still can’t use a special bug mount you find inside outside the instance. Except, of course, the black tank. For a while the black tank was actually specially coded to be able to mount inside AQ and outsidem, which, for some reason, allowed you to cast it instantly if you already mounted on a different mount. Not really all that useful, but, hey, it was unique. Alright And finally, the number one rarest mount, and that is THE FLOURESCENT GREEN MECHANOSTRIDER! This mount was given to a European player as a replacement for his original Mechanostrider that he deleted by mistake. The GM who gave him the replacement mount gave him this off-color one by mistake, and it’s the only colour and name for that mount in the game. Making it both the rarest mount, and the rarest item in the game since only one player has it. All right, and that’s it for the list. For those of you who might be wondering, Yes, the love rocket is a rare mount too if I extended the list it would make like number 15. Meaning there’s still a few other mounts in the game rarer than the mount that’s famous for being rare. [Music] [More Music] [The cacophany of a thousand sins continues to echo throughout the chamber] [hiru is gay]

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100 Replies to “Top 10 Rarest Mounts in WoW”

  1. I remember seeing a gnome riding around in a pure white non armored saber cat. Everyone went wild wondering how he even was able to ride it. Back then rep was pretty hard.
    And the fact that the mount in that color scheme isn’t avail anymore.

  2. The story about the fluorescent green mechanostrider has always bothered me… If they gave him "on accident" a mount that "doesn't exist" they could have easily just taken it away and given him the proper one.. I'm thinking he was giving some sucky suck to a blizz employee or something along those lines.. No one fucks up gives you something WAY better and is like oh… well nothing we can do now.

  3. What about the fiery warhorse? Somebody in my guild has been grinding Attumen ever since Karazhan came out and they still don't have it.

  4. Id like to see a gnome/goblin slave mount of a just several of them having to run around carrying you on a chair. Could be funny

  5. i Grinded with a guy at level 60 in my guild that got the black AQ mount. it was hundreds of hours of grinding.

  6. You peice of flying donkey poo you, the protodrake is the rarest it's almost impossible to find anybody with it, it took me months on wrath to find it, and it doesn't even exist anymore, and you also forgot the brew fest ram, can't even get it anymore, you are clueless to the fact that their are mounts far greater than a stupid f**** bird machine, and you forgot about invincible too, you missed somany different mounts on you're list, I'd say that in my time of playing wow I have learned that no mount could ever be as rare as the protodrake.

  7. 1 per realm… and what makes it even more rare is i guarantee they quit a while back lol. very bad design to limit many mounts to never be obtainable then they wonder why people dont go back and do content with no incentive … hmmm

  8. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to get wow gold try Vaxicorn Incredible Gold Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  9. You forgot the Time Lost Proto Drake. I remember, I got mine back before account wide mounts, and I had one of two on the server.

  10. Still have my Ivory Raptor mount. In the guild I raided in it was required that we had Epic Riding skill for pvp to chase down people and to get quickly to Molten Core. About 60% of people in our guild traded in their original epic mounts for the new models with armor. Those of us with Ivory raptors all kept ours as we were very fond of them, and they matched our white hair on our trolls.

  11. My rare mount story…About 8+ years ago I was standing in line at Walmart. Someone checking out in front of me was having an issue so I just waited patiently and started looking around at the trading cards near me. I had been playing WoW for years but had never bought any trading cards before. So I picked up the first two packs I saw hanging on the rack. When I got home and opened the first pack I was so excited to find the Spectral Tiger! I told my son (who also played) about the mount. He said it was likely worth a lot of money. I really wanted to keep it but it was Christmas time so I decided to sell it on eBay instead. I got $1,500 for that card! Had a great worry free no bills Christmas….although sometimes I wish I had kept it.

  12. I am happy that I had at least 1 of these lol! Dwarf Hunter from Vanilla and I loved the Black Rams look and when I had the money for it I got it!

  13. When the armorless mounts were around they wernt 1000 gold, they were 100 gold and the training was 900. You could buy the 100 gold mount before patch 1.4 and get the mount without having the riding skill, then once you had the riding skill you could have the mount past patch 1.4. Thats what I did on Nostarlius…

  14. That togc mount was insane, I don't think people realise how hard that was, the tanks had to farm special block gear which took about a month. And you needed special tactics to burn time when those adds went underground and hit the ice.


  16. my collection always sucked.. but still i got the "Crusader's White Warhorse".. always thought, that it was unbelievably ugly for how hard it was to get..

  17. I just started watching your video, but the 1st mount is already incorrect. The Glory of the Raider 25 achieve was the PLAGUED Proto, Not the Black! I can provide you a screenshot with timestamp on my Glory 25 and I have NO BLACK PROTO.

  18. what about "Ultramarine Qiraji Battle tank"
    this mount i rarely see ppl use it and everyone want it it is hard to farm it ?

  19. the black proto: you had to do achievements without ANY RAID MEMBERS DYING, that is a very important and hard condition for the ach

  20. I never knew that's the term for it but I hate ahead of the curve achievements. For the simple fact is it punishes people who don't have the lifestyle to spend eight hours every night and every weekend to do things. You know this goes to the argument that a lot of Hardcore douchebags make which is it's wrong to demand that blizzard make everything available. But I'm not asking for that I'm not asking for everything to be given to me all I'm asking is that you will allow me the chance in the time to earn these things. I don't want you to hand me amount but maybe not make it so that it expires and I never have a chance to earn it. That's my biggest complaint with Wow and it's one of the main reasons I stopped playing.

  21. Lol you lost credibility with me when you said the human racial is op. Why does the alliance suck at pvp across the realms if that’s the case?

  22. The mechano-strider isn't the rarest ITEM, there are equally rare items, one example. The legendary necklace in molten core, owned by Noktyn, which should still be in his inventory to this day as he never tried to sell his account like the mechano-loser.

  23. I own the black proto drake. funny thing is, we didnt care about the achievments and on our 4th kill of Kelthuzad we realised that nobody died during the whole raid. so we got the immortal achievment -> glory of the raider -> black proto

  24. Havent played in years and have some Wooly White Rhinos in the bank… Bought them from I think around 15k? at the time… am I a millionaire yet?

  25. I’ll never forget the day when I picked up a crown of the heavens booster pack at target and opened it up right after I bought it… the last card in the pack was the corrupted hippogryph mount

  26. The guy with the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider tried to sell his account and later got banned, i don't know if it's true tho

  27. when 1.12 classic comes out will the reins of the bengai tiger be avaiable or is it just a private server joke mount?

  28. The black qiraji wasn't 1st person, but the questline was so arduous that typically it was given only to guild leaders who were pushing that content at the time. I played Lightning's Blade and to my knowledge only 1 person from each side got one, but there could have been others. *Edit: Also that fluorescent green mechanostrider isn't technically in the game anymore. That guy tried to sell it / his account and blizzard banned him for it.

  29. when you play on Tauri wow and forgot for buy credits for the black qiray Battle tank (you need 9k credids) :EI

  30. Saddle mounts are account wide, i have the war steed from the achievement

  31. I have the swift spectral tiger on my retail WoW account which I dont play anymore and I honest to god cant remember how I got it, all I know is I didnt spend real money buying it and i know i didnt get the card myself

  32. so is there a reason that the closed captions during the outro (with the "This human is God." picture) literally say:
    [hiru is gay]?

  33. when i was a kid i had the stupid tallstrider card but i honestly didnt play wow like that and only had like a lvl 20(i was like 9) anyways… i ended up trading a friend his "gaming" keyboard for it… only an hour afterwards i get a knock on the door and his mom is mad that he traded me since the card wasnt worth it to her… he activated my code and got the damn mount…. and now its worth thousands and i want to kms

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