Top 10 WoW Flying Mounts

Top 10 WoW Flying Mounts

hello and welcome to my personal top 10
World of Warcraft flying mounts I will only be including mounts that I own at
this time so there might be some mounts I would have included but haven’t been
lucky enough to obtain so what else further ado let’s jump into the top 10
list I’m not a huge fan of the cloud servants however the thundering onyx
clouds earth and the drops from who lien on the timeless Isle it’s an exception
what I love about this mount is the color and lightning effects it has they
look amazing and according to our hat it’s drop grade is 1%
I like the fulfil initial layer in particularly the green sail color which
is perfect for the current Legion expansion if you would like to obtain
this mount you will have to form our common and mythic difficulty in hellfire
citadel and it has a fairly low drop chance whereas the mount was a hundred
percent drop raised from mythic Archimonde
back in warlords of draenor grow warden has become unobtainable ever since the
Legion expansion and I like this mount especially for my druid since it goes so
well with the trans monk I have that way you got this mount was simple enough and
the only thing you had to do was to kill arkem and on heroic or higher difficulty
back in the warlords of draenor however if you didn’t get the chance to get this
mount then you might be happy to hear that the model itself is still
obtainable in different breed colours clutch of jeet kune is another great
mount and grabs a jeet kune in tone of thunder on all difficulties the drop
rate is fairly low so do not expect it to drop on your first kill I like the
unique model and color of this particular mount and how realistic the
feathers look the black protic is another unobtainable mount and was
awarded for players who completed the glory of the Raider achievement back in
patch 3.1 and brought up the each game and has been unobtainable ever
since touch 3.1 and that’s one of the reasons that not many people manage to
obtain it I love this mount because not a lot of people has it and in my opinion
one of the best colored products in game numerals had is like no other mounts a
unique model has not been recolored like many other models and one of the few
mechanical mounts in game if you want to obtain this mounts you must have two old
or 25 in northrend and kill one of the old gods yogg-saron you have to kill him
while no keepers assisting you and the drop chance is fairly low however the
fight is pretty simple what I love about this mount are the funny noises it makes
and how amazing it looks astral cloud serpent drops of algalon in mah gawsh on
walls in mr. fondari on all difficulties the model self is not unique and has
been used a lot throughout the Pantheon expansion however what makes this mount
so attractive to players is its unique look and rarity and it’s even sad that
this mount possesses the answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries but it’s a
pity they can’t talk pureblood Firehawk drops of Ragnaros in the fire length
that was introduced in patch 4.2 the animations of this mount are amazing and
the color is stunning this mount was also a hundred percent drop rate back in
4.2 like many of the other rage mounts however the fight was pretty challenging
the drop rate of this mount right now is pretty low however I’ve seen it dropped
multiple times so across my fingers for you Josefa lore is an iconic mount from
the Burning Crusade and a lot of people wanted it back then and still wanted to
this day it drops of kelp as Sunstrider in the tempest key and according to all
had its drop rate is about 1.8% what makes this mount so amazing ORD
animation and how iconic it and who doesn’t want to fly on a phoenix
amenable is by far my favorite mount of all time the mount slower is amazing and
the skin looks so good if you want to find this mount you have to kill the
Lich King and ICC heroic on 25-man and according to all had its drop rate is
about point 70% back in patch three point three this mount was a hundred
percent drop rate if you managed to kill the Lich King himself I love this Mouse
so much and it’s the mount I’m using the mouse so this was my top ten
World of Warcraft flying mount I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did
make sure to hit the thumbs up and let me know down in the comments what your
favorite mount is don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos
– Lyde thank you for watching and I will see you next time

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  1. A great video… Tho it saddens me that my favorite mount ain't in your favorite​ top 10.. I personally always loved the legendary netherdrakes

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