Top 5 GoPro mounts for your motorcycle!

Top 5 GoPro mounts for your motorcycle!

Isn’t it boring? We thought the same! As it’s a hightly requested topic in our comments, we decided to bring our experience closer to you. We really like to use this mount as our
main view because it’s very dynamic and it’s also very easy to record on the fly.
You need some sort of gimbal, some GoPro parts and the chest harness. As gimbal we
use the FeiyuTech one axis gimbal. The view looks a bit shaky sometimes that’s why
we mainly use it on smooth roads. Also the GoPro isn’t easy to center. This is also a great mount with curvy mountain roads or even on the racetrack. It looks
very smooth and stable great for fast riding. You can really display your lean
angle with it. For the mount you need the gimbal and a few GoPro parts to mount it on your bike. In general: As less GoPro parts you take, as more stable is getting your final shot. Again we use the GoPro 4 with a ND filter. If you can, try to place the GoPro sticker on the highest point of your fuel tank. It’s great in turns but
not that great in straights, as you don’t really see much of the road. It’s also a
bit annoying sometimes, but that depends to your bike A really good mount in chasing
situations or while riding in groups. It’s our main mount for action shots. We use the roll bar mount from GoPro to attach it on the passenger foot pegs, just near to the wheel. We prefer the GoPro session because the smallest one of all. For sure it works with any other type of GoPro. But the mount can be a bit
annoying sometimes because you touch it while riding with your leg if you lean
into a corner and need to move your food from the footpegs and the rider behind
you need to get really close for good action shots. This view is really cool for wheelies and kneedown. You really feel the action, right in the moment. We place the GoPro on the rear part of the swing arm with a normal GoPro sticker. Then we use some GoPro parts to create a right angle. We use our oldest GoPro Hero for this view, since the GoPro gets hit by dirt, gravel and chain lube a lot and you really don’t want to mess up your newest GoPro on that one. We think all of you should already know this popular mount. It looks very dynamic, even in the slower
parts and it’s great to exactly see what that rider is seeing. The setup really
depends on your helmet. As said, the rule is to use as less GoPro parts as possible
for better video footage and more stability. We think the mount looks the best when the GoPro is mounted on your chin. We use the GoPro 4 with ND filter on it. Since the ND filter can only be used without the waterproof housing
we also go to the frame for mounting It’s a really good view but it tends to
make the helmet a little front-heavy Some tips:
If you ever experience that the sticker and mounting buckle and to shake a bit
just place some tape over the sticker. One last thing to say. We really want to
encourage you to get creative with these kinds of techniques. As always all of our
gear is linked in the video description to support us just buy something over
this link you pay exactly the same and we get a little commission for every
single piece you buy. Thanks for watching! If you liked that video hit that like
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14 Replies to “Top 5 GoPro mounts for your motorcycle!”

  1. Hey guys, as it's a highly requested topic in the comments we decided to create this video with our experience we got over the last 2 years. Leave a like if you liked the video and leave a comment if you want to see more of this format.

  2. really good tips, especially appreciating the commentary on the Cons, and the things one has to consider, like gravel/dirt (rear wheel, actually goes for any near road/wheels position), or the camera being in the way (tank mount), etc.

  3. Hey man, nice video. The link you've provided for the gimbal isn't working in my country. Can you please share its name?

  4. 1:46 That's because you're NOT mounting it correctly on the tank. You have a horse-shoe shaped ( seems like it anyways) gas tank gopro mount
    such as found here. but yours looks like it's missing the ball part.

    Put a 3" or taller ram common spring mount piece on that ball, THEN put a gopro ball common part on top of it, …done.

    2:51. That Camera is pretty close to the chain. eh..I wouldn't trust that.

  5. I’m using a tank mount with a 4 inch extender but I’ve been struggling to get it to stop wobbling. It even fell off once so now I use a stronger adhesive than what the GoPro comes with. I’m also forced to use a fast stutter speed to minimise blur from the camera wobbling. So far I’ve tried shimming cardboard underneath the fairing it’s stuck to and putting tape inside the clip but it’s pretty much the same.

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