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Today is 24th of July. …2019 and today… I’m going to visit my life’s most secretive country, most dangerous..
Whatever you wanna say..
North Korea! And today I’m going out now
It’s 9am at morning And I’m going to tour company office Tour company
I’ve booked my tour from..
North Korea can’t be visited alone.. Tour is the only option
So the company I’ve booked tour from.. Going to their office My train is at 5 in the evening
for Pyongyang Pyongyang.. I think you know what is Pyongyang Pyongyang is North Korean capital
But for now it’s pre-tour briefing Briefing at 10 o’clock That what you have to do there,
what not to do What respect you have to do So now I’m taking my baggage there only Then from there to Beijing’s railway station
Where trans Siberian ended.. My another journey will start from there again.. For where? …for North Korea!
Well you all already guessed it most of you But yet I’m telling you officially.. If you are watching this video then finally I’m back from North Korea.. Because I can’t upload video while being in North Korea.. So this video will be surely uploaded when I’m back.. I’ll be back on 30th July.. 6 days 5 nights complete package.. And keep watching guys..
What happens.. What doesn’t happens.. And I’m coming back or not..
If you are watching the video means I’m back.. Otherwise not..
Tour briefing is over.. And what we got to know I’m tour that we need a tie.. Means we have to go to place where tie is compulsory.. It’s very important..
It was written on mail too but I ignored.. So I’m finding tie here in this whole shopping district.. And you don’t have to wear orange or yellow shoes, all these that I wear..
Red color.. So I bought the black one.. See.. This ADIDAS..
From here worth ₹5600 black shoes Now I’m going uni… that’s right in front here..
There we’ll find tie And one day you have to take pant too Pant doesn’t means jeans but pant..
Trouser.. hat I’ve brought from home..
Black color, my college pants.. But now I have to find tie..
Tie was not available in H&M..
Let’s see here, where we can find.. So now I’m sitting at Korea tour office Now means time is.. 1:08 o’clock Train is at 5 o’clock
We’ll depart from here at 3 o’clock.. Plan is something like this.. So this is their office, all about North Korea.. Means they go so many places in grief and all.. But now let’s talk about North Korea.. So filming is their office is like making film at someone’s house.. So now I’ll meet you straight at train station.. I bought the shoes but tie was not there.. Let’s see what do we have to do.. Now train is at 5 o’clock.. Let’s meet straight at train station..
Yes ticket.. They gave me the ticket.. Everything is out but.. Ticket.. This is train ticket till Dangdong.. Price written on this is 252 Yuan.. So this was included in the package.. And Dangdong is a border town.. From there you have to take another train.. Another train’s ticket will be provided later, now nothing is provided.. North Korea visa will be given..
I’ll show you that..
And show you everything.. Now guys it will be rocking..
Ive reached Beijing’s station.. One month ago also i boarded here only..
While coming back from Columbia tour.. So from now train is at 5 o’clock from here.. It’s 4 o’clock.. I didn’t come from metro.. I came from car.. I don’t have a double NC visa.. So here we came.. This train station.. And I came with Korea tour folks.. Means they said let’s book taxi..
So we were only three individuals so they brought us together.. So let’s go and I’ll show you, what’s process.. What is it.. From here.. And guys now the tour has begun for North Korea.. Means.. now I can feel the fun..
Means it’s a different feeling now.. Let’s go now.. Before train we are sitting here in the waiting area..
train is at 5 o’clock..
Train will settle at platform at 5 o’clock
But train will depart at 5:27.. So this is what waiting platform looks like.. So this is our train.. And this green compartment I don’t know how it is..
I’ve not gone inside it.. This red compartment is ours.. And it’s completely air conditioned inside.. I’ll show you soon completely from inside.. 5:27 it will depart on.. And it will take us till border.. I don’t know the procedure after that.. Means they are also not sure that which train they’ll go on..
So it’s 5:11, 16 minutes left… This video is about North Korea to China border.. After crossing North Korea border, it’ll be in next video. So now we are waiting for departure of train.. This is toilet, means sink and all.. Let’s move ahead.. See right in front is written 11 and 12.. So this is the middle seat.. How will you get to know?
So you’ll get to know through your passport sorry ticket… See car no. 6, birth 11 and this is written middle birth.. So in this it doesn’t means 11.. So its something like this.. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6.. This is what view outside looks like.. So lying like this in the train like India’s train 6-6, middle birth is Provided.. And what’s your name?
Liyem! Liyem! I can take you in the video right? Ya! Ya!
Liyem is from Hongkong And we are gonna travel together Are you going for 5 days or 7 days?
5 days.. Me too.
So, coming back by flight?
Train. Aww!
Are you coming by flight?
Ya! I wanted to do that but no space was left.
On the flight?
Ya! Okay!
So just waiting for the departure.. Time? 5:19 o’clock 8 minutes more..
Then we’ll go.. For now we are safe, as we are in China only.. So the journey has begun.. At 5:25 o’clock Train has started I’ll show you as something interesting comes..
What else can I show in a train journey.. He is our tour leader.. Can I?
No ya! I got work to do.. Okay!
Ya! So he is distributing our visas now.. So guys visas are provided.. So don’t comment now that, hide your information and all.. Guys see it’s not a problem to me. One can’t do anything with passport number.. Okay! Have it.. No problem! Let’s go I’ll tell.. Visa’s print is capital.. I’ve also uploaded the photo of visa on Instagram.. See guys and follow on Instagram.. Okay! So this is what visa looks like..
Means it doesn’t folds in the middle it’s large.. It’s written democratic Republic of Korea in the back.. DPRK.. Not North Korea, it is said DPRK.. Okay! So it’s something like this inside.. This yellow paper is not usually there, it is pasted by tour organization for ease.. Inside this.. My date of birth is written passport number and other stuffs.. No Not stuffs.. I’ll Enter on 25th and depart on 31st is written on it.. Okay!
So this is visa. Ticket is matching a lot with it if I’ll show you both together… Now here comes the feel.. See! Thank you! They take real ticket and change it with the duplicate one.. So, this is the procedure.. Hello! So Korea tour organization gave this mini ticket and a book.. So I’ll open this mini ticket and show what it is. Pen! Travel advice! Tour handbook!
You can make notes in it.. Okay! So this is ticket and this is a good pouch to keep passport and all stuffs.. So this is first stop, tian jin! Here we have stopped for 6 minutes And now the time is 7:13 o’clock.. So we have stopped after 2hrs.. This is train and this is my compartment.. Means this is the first stop so I seem a bit excited.. So this is bullet train in front of us..
One day we’ll travel in it too, we travelled in so many bullet trains.. So, China’s too..
And he is our group leader.. He is Rick! He is a kind of interesting guy I was talking to.. And we both are alone in this coach I mean.. So now train has stopped for just 6 minutes..
Let’s go inside.. It’s 7 o’clock..
It’ll be night in an hour.. So we’ll meet tomorrow morning..
Or I’ll give an update before sleeping at night.. So guys I’ll give update now.. If my face looks displaced or ugly then ignore guys.. We are going North Korea not just any America and all that we’ll go all ready.. So now the aunty came so on this upper seat.. Some king song plays.. Guy first get it aside.. So aunty asked if I’ll take the upper seat? So, now it’s night outside nothing will be visible and will reach at 7 in the morning. So I said yes aunty I’ll take it.. It’s okay! Rick got his seat here, our tour leader. He had his seat another side so aunty said for some of her family member for this seat and he agreed. So I too agreed. No problem! Now we only have to sleep So we’ll reach in the morning at 7 Sorry 7:30, Dangdong! And in between a major city will come, Shaniyang! Around 3 am. And in this train all the baggage is kept that side.. See! I kept it there guys.. And you know that bag is now more precious than my life now.. My Mac book is in it visa of North Korea, passport and everything.. So let’s see at night where do we have to keep it..
I’ll keep it close to my heart while sleeping I think. See you at morning! My neck is aching, keeping it upside like this. Let’s meet at morning.. Good night! It’s 7 at morning.. And now it’ll take 20-25 minutes left to reach Dangdong.. Now the farms are here.. We are at country side.. And bring your water bottle along you as till that vendor doesn’t comes means you’ll not have any source to get water.. So, I’ll board at Dangdong and buy water to drink.. Now my throat is dry… And I’ll tell you story of a child after boarding.. What happened last night..
It was very funny guys! Okay! So I’ll tell you now.. I was sleeping at upper birth so, suddenly someone kept something over my leg and I thought it’s morning and someone is waking me up.. Okay! So, when I saw it was a phone over my leg with it’s flash light on.. And I’m watching the phone and asked whose phone is this? Take it! I didn’t know whose phone was that so what else was I supposed to do.. I saw, I tried to open and it was locked.. Then all of a sudden kid came to my seat.. He was a grown up child and was eating fruit. So, he said some lines in Chinese
He was explaining me something.
I said take your phone, go away and let me sleep. I mean you wake up and find a phone over your legs with flashlight on. How will you feel? It was a small story. And I was sleeping on that seat, uppermost. First it was this one then that as aunty requested. So now I’ll tell you after boarding at Dangdong, what’s next..

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