Trey Gowdy on Trump’s expected impeachment trial in the Senate

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100 Replies to “Trey Gowdy on Trump’s expected impeachment trial in the Senate”

  1. I am hoping and praying that the President will just be quiet! Shock us Mr. President! Please! Just don't say anything until this whole fiasco is over. That's why he is surrounded by advisers. Ummm… they advise for Pete's sake. Shhhhh. Silence is golden. A man who is able to control his own spirit (conduct, attitude, words, impulses) is greater than a man who takes a city. Be quiet, Sir! Keep them wondering. Baffle them. Be smart. Just work behind the scenes in silence. Continue to stay two steps ahead. You will win!

  2. the president of the united states asked a foreign country to investigate a US citizen for a favor if this were to happen in any job you would be fired

  3. Trey is trying to tell Hannity as an ex Congress member that they are all corrupt and buddies. Trey was no difference and still protecting Congress.

    Monday and I think Thursday night if I remember is WWE? Congress is no different. Soap opera

  4. Anyone who bad mouths our President, should be considered an enemy of state. Please stand up for our country and support our President. Our nation depends on loyal citizens who believe in the spirit of America. This matter is much bigger than one man alone, pray often in favor of Mr. Donald Trump.

  5. I'd like to see Gowdy, get involved in the Prosecution of the corrupt people in our government and the federal agencies .

  6. The Dems are always on the attack…Hillary and Baby Bush should be on trail…for Crimes against humanity…Uncle Joe should be on trial for fondling little girls and corruption…funneling money from foreign countries to his son…Both Clintons should be on trail for ripping off Haiti of $1 billion dollars and the Uranium One crooked deal…Politicians from both parties are crooked as a snake…and we know it…

  7. If DT IS INNOCENT WHY DOESN'T HE TESTIFY and why he is blocking others from testifying. Don't you see something cooking here. Also why most of the people around Trump got convicted or removed from office. Hello fox news viewers open up your minds.

  8. Gowdy's a big talker but look how long he investigated the butcher of Benghazi and nothing ever become of that. It was worse than Iran contra

  9. Sean has had the same show for over 3 years , same guests… same talking points … Sean are you a 1 horse pony ? when the President is exonerated , will you continue the same boring material…?

  10. Some of the biggest companies in the oil industry paid no federal income taxes last year:

    Chevron: $0
    Occidental Petroleum: $0
    EOG Resources: $0
    Halliburton: $0

    Some even received millions in rebates despite making huge profits.

    This is the height of corporate welfare.

  11. Just release their actual transcript of the Zulinski call, not the “doctored-up” summary
    …….and we will all see what a criminal trump is.

  12. 500 law professors across the country stated that Trump should be impeached. Fox News is propaganda, lies and diversions from the truth. Lost all respect for Gowdy

  13. Gowdy reminds me of a pit bull with no teeth, tough talk but zero action. What's he done in the last 3 years besides talk tough ?

  14. God bless Sean for his relentless pursuit of justice, but his schtick is tired. Just let your guest speak without the lengthy set up.

  15. trey should be appointed special counsel with indictment power, to investigate ukraine, rumainia, bidens and all other americans involved in those two countries.

  16. Doesn't common law allow the accused to confront their accuser? Hmmmm
    Hard to get someone to take the stand when they are fictional.
    Biden and son are criminals. As are the Clintons, Bushs, Mad Max Waters, So Schiff, AOC, Obama and Big Mike, Pelosi, Talib, and pretty much the entire Demon Rat party.

  17. How can a President be considered impeached with only one side of Congress (The House) who are not even impeaching him on the original accusing (Quid Pro Quo) without the Senate in agreement?

    And how can a President be impeached without a trial?

  18. Love your show… nice to watch someone who has the "cajones" to defend and stand up for OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!. And Trey Gowdy is the bomb! He is so awesome, along with Nunes and Gaetz (?)
    Keep up the good work! Xoxo

  19. Rep Trey Dowdy is an experienced Prosecutor and I respect his legal approach on impeachment promoted by the Dems . I recommend Rep Trey Gowdy as a Fox News Contributor.

  20. most lawyers are bull-speak liars…..just use commpn words and justice………most lawyers are not needed, make them build the wall under armed guards…No work. No Food ! cap the big mouths first ! Maga !

  21. Its Monday 11/16/19 did anyone see the FOX fake polls? 51% want President Trump impeached. Why do the lying media insist We the People are dumb? For God sake 80% of Americans do NOT want our great President impeached!!!! What is it going to take to get truth? Just one time!!! We will show them all how dead wrong they are come voting time! We need to correct the corrupt voter fraud!

  22. Gowdy left congress o go back to his private practice tells you he’s feed up with the circus ring. They had Hillary etc found out there is double standards.

  23. I dont see it happening, it started in the house and that is where it will die. the democrats need all democrats , and independents to vote in favor of impeachment. The lost 1 democrat who is planning on changing parties, senator Drew I believe. and only 6 republicans have said they would vote in favor of. so the democrats need to turn 11 more republican senators , not one less, in order for this to happen. I don't see that happening based on how the republicans have been talking.

  24. If you look up the word corruption you'll see a picture of Trey Gowdy… I wonder what kind of legal fees Trey charges these days lol

  25. all democrats in the house have committed treason to every citizen in this country and should be executed by hanging on the white house lawn i volunteer to pull the lever on the first one hundred and i want a refund for all the tax payer`s money they have WASTED

  26. This is to cover up the voting fraud coming in 2020 with the electronic voting machines, when Trump won Hillary was given 20% and still lost, Trump won with 70% of the vote.

  27. Don’t trust anything Mr Gowdy says, he’s way too inconsistent on the things that matter! Is he part of the deep state he purports to rail against??

  28. When Comey investigated Hillary's destruction of subpoenaed evidence ( 30,000 subpoenaed emails, hard drives, phones), did Comey conclude it was just a "mistake"? was he overconfident then?

  29. I absolutely love Trey Goudy!!! he is the only truly logical and intelligent man in Washington!!! Please run for President, and please get on Trumps legal team!!!

  30. Thiis IS THE MAN. TRUMP Should make THE US AG. THIS GUY IS A STRAIGHT ARROW & NONE. NONE Would get away with braking the law on his watch 😀🇺🇸

  31. Send the Demonic Dems a message, when you lie you’d better have a good memory. To which I say, strike three. You have taken the same path as Hillary and Obama. So get ready to travel a little, pack light cause you won’t be needing your clothes for awhile. Just remember, the walls are actually closing up your space. Hope you get what you deserve.

  32. I agree, these Democrats had their chance, and more than enough TV. time. So dismiss it in the senate! And don't let the democratic party continue their circus hearing any longer! PUT IT TO BED!

  33. So do the republicans like him or not is his weird speeches to media and unconventional leadership behavior worth throwing out someone doing good for the economy,. I guess the real question is doing good for the economy in the short term worth all the diplomatic mending that could be needed after or if he is impeached? That's the real question maybe the economy doing good is enough to keep him in! His choices and decisions on big topics might be good but how he tells it might be undermining his leadership in the media.

  34. He tried to avoid sending criminal documents to the house committee
    And in not doing an honest job the Government undesirables we’re back in office; I believe this to be true based on
    My online reads; can’t be on the ballot with pending charges guilty or not

  35. Wait so they'll impeach him, he won't get removed, then he will run for president and win in 2020? Lmao that would be awesome.

  36. What all this reminds me of kid a garden class,,, what a bunch of soap opera shaman agains,,,lol,,what a world we live in,,,,go trump

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