Trump Invited To House Judiciary Committee’s Impeachment Hearing | NBC Nightly News

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10 Replies to “Trump Invited To House Judiciary Committee’s Impeachment Hearing | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Queen trump has always wanted to testify, now she has been called out. Queen trump and his followers have been called out as the chickenshits they are.

  2. "What chilled and almost cowed him was the union of malice with something nearly childish.
    For temptation, for blasphemy, for a whole battery of horrors, he was in some sort prepared: but hardly for this petty, indefatigable nagging as of a nasty little boy at a preparatory school. Indeed no imagined horror could have surpassed the sense which grew within him as the slow hours passed, that this creature was, by all human standards, inside out – its heart on the surface and its shallowness at the heart. On the surface, great designs and an antagonism to Heaven which involved the fate of worlds: but deep within, when every veil had been pierced, was there, after all, nothing but a black puerility, an aimless empty spitefulness content to sate itself with the tiniest cruelties, as love does not disdain the smallest kindness?"
    -C.S. Lewis, Perelandra

  3. Trump was helping Putin again by withholding missiles to our allies. Helping himself, too, was just frosting on his cake.

  4. He throws him directly under the bus, then tries to butter it up by saying "he's a warrior"

    Lol yea ask Cohen how being a "warrior" worked out

  5. Another lie. Trump lying again. So funny though. Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Cohen, Flynn, Stone, and soon to be indicted Giuliani thought flying close to the sun was a good idea.

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