UAIC Tribal Historic Preservation Committee – 2013 Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards

UAIC Tribal Historic Preservation Committee – 2013 Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards

The 2013 California Governor’s Historic
Preservation Awards were presented on November 21st at Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic
Park in Sacramento. There were a total of 11 individuals, organizations,
projects or programs that received awards. What follows is the presentation made at the
awards ceremony about one of the 2013 award winners.
United Auburn Indian Community Tribal Historic Preservation Committee
The United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria (or UAIC) is a federally
recognized tribe comprised of both Miwok and Southern Maidu (Nisenan) people whose tribal
lands are within Placer County and whose ancestral territory spans into El Dorado, Nevada, Sacramento,
Sutter, and Yuba counties. The UAIC, through its Tribal Historic Preservation
Committee, Preservation Office, and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (or THPO), has
pioneered innovative methods of applying state and federal laws and programs to protect cultural
resources. Their focus has been on increasing public
awareness of Native peoples and places and making these cultural resources available
to contemporary Native communities. The committee developed a Tribal Historic
Preservation Plan, emphasizing the importance of site protection and consultation with elders
and spiritual leaders possessing special knowledge of tribal and cultural traditions.
Other key elements of the plan include the use of conservation easements to ensure tribal
access to traditional resources such as gathering areas and sacred sites.
The Committee also takes an active role in community outreach, including an annual Tribal
Preservation and Monitor Training workshop that teaches participants about cultural traditions
and protection of Native lands and resources. In 2012, and again in 2013, the UAIC hosted
statewide Tribal Summits on preservation and intergovernmental consultation issues.
THPOs, tribal members, and agency partners came together at the summits to discuss and
share perspectives on consultation and how tribal communities can most effectively utilize
Senate Bill 18, the California Environmental Quality Act, and Section 106 review processes.
The UAIC and its Tribal Historic Preservation Committee have established exemplary preservation
efforts that will benefit present and future generations of their and other tribal communities
as well as all Californians. Congratulations to all the winners of the
2013 California Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards.
Please view the additional videos available on this site for information about the other
2013 awards. For more information about this awards program,

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