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59 Replies to “VegasCon 2019 Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles GOLD FULL Panel Supernatural”

  1. Jensen please leave your hair just like it is in this video. It's perfect. Not too short & not too long.

  2. oh, god… Jared makes me cry again … he's so not over it yet… And Jensen has to be the strong one… But I also laughed a lot! Could not love them more…. Thank you so much for this footage! <3

  3. thank you so much for uploading this I was impatiently waiting for it. You are awesome!
    I was near tears even before I started watching

  4. To the bratty child who's barely out of his diapers always responsible for the thumbs down up above, enough already please! I promised myself to steer clear of this because I believe it's going to be a detriment to some people they get caught up in this silly little Skirmish War! Can we just have an armistice end table this whole thing until after the season is over! It almost appears as though you're seizing on an opportunity to exploit other people's emotions and if you consider yourself part of this family, you shouldn't be engaging in such tactics! Unless that was your agenda all along , if so, why don't you smoke out of your meat suit and leave some powder! I have enjoyed everyone to work that allows me to see what I would have otherwise missed! So, thank you to everyone including you! And it's like my father used to say if you don't have anything good to say s t f u! Sorry to all, I really didn't want to let any of that bullied into my experience oh, but I guess it's part of the whole experience now! What a shame and shameful, I mean what did you think what happened as a result of the firing of your first Salvo!?

  5. THANK you SPNcongirl for sharing this Jensen and Jared have amazing for us FAN'S.jared make me cry for émotion.this guys for ''SUPERNATURAL''have change the word for milliers people.i'm happy for watching this video what m'y guys 😘😍💓💓💓💓

  6. Thank for sharing . I needed to see that . Good to hear it's their decision to end on high and they are okay with that . But you can feel how it's hard for them to leave and how they have heavy heart . Especially Jared . Thank to Jensen at 31:53 . They are not done,they are all another year . He is right . I just realized how much he is .

  7. I’m still processing the show coming to an end and I realised watching this panel that these upcoming cons are really gonna help me with that. Through tears and laughter , and so much warmth, we’ll all help each other to process. As much as it is tear-jerking, I am still very excited and looking forward to the next year. As Jensen said, We’re gonna ride that impala off that cliff.
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful cons with us.

  8. I just can't with how freaking adorable they are!! Tearing up listening to Jensen have to be the one to talk about 'the end' because Jared just can't hold it together. It's just so damn cute!! <3

  9. Thank you so much for upload.❤ It was very emotional panel but I love that we can go through with laughs and tears just like we go in an actual episodes of Supernatural. I love the big hearts these boys.❤

  10. You are the absolute best for posting these, thank you. These dudes are the realest. Couldn't love and appreciate this Supernatural fam more!!! ❤❤❤

  11. Thank you for sharing. That was very emotional of you two. You can see how much it means to you and have fun with it! Thanks for everything.

  12. Ok wow this is dramatic and i have no shame in admitting that im crying right along and also i love how jensen is making light of the situation

  13. LOve when that Lady says how good Jared was in that scene for those that dont know Jared had a really difficult time getting thru the filming of that scene & Jensen said when Dean hugs Sam it was more Jensen hugging Jared ! It just shows the beauty of their relationship on screen & off ! Freaking Amazing it touches my Soul !

  14. For you SPNConGirl – I have greatly missed your videos!! I was so happy to see your posting for this con. It's great to enjoy such great quality for those of us who are unavailable to make it to these events! Thank you very much!!!

  15. So I'm watching Comic-Con from Vegas and whoever did the a video very good if you can contact me I'm doing am i s c i a g and a half on Facebook if you can find me the ins and outs how do you get a silver package for Syracuse I went last year and I was a little disappointed

  16. So if you can give me an idea how I can do it what time I should do the silver package I'd appreciate it because I really want to do it right this year if they're amazing people and being psychic myself I'd like to get to know the more

  17. I would have been happy had Supernatural ended after 5 seasons, as that ending to the story was hard to beat. It would have gone down as one of the best shows of all time. Some of the early seasons after season 5 felt like too much of a rehash. And, while they continued to repeat themselves occasionally, the show found a long second wind and remained enjoyable these last 9 seasons. At no point did I ever say, "Wow, this episode totally sucked!" At that is quite an accomplishment for a show with over 300 episodes. While the writing wasn't always stellar, the chemistry between several of the cast members (obviously Jared and Jensen, but also Misha, Mark Sheppard, Ruth Connell, and Jim Beaver) carried the show regardless and has always been a joy to watch. I'm looking forward to one hell of a swan song for the 15th and final season! If they rise to the challenge, it may still go down as one of the best shows in history.

  18. Goodness I wish these boys the best in their life's and careers when they end the show. They are such lovely people. 😭 💕

  19. jared is so emotional omg……i am sad now…..he is such a baby…mwwaaaahhhh….jensen is strong even wen he got emotional…..lov u both….

  20. Question at 5:04 about playing a dual role that shares a scene or playing opposite yourself as it's been asked at other times bothers me cause Jensen always says Jared has done more & usually has him answer too. But he's done just as many if not more! The first it was done on SPN was by Jensen plus he did it for almost a whole episode. It just bugs me they seem to have forgotten all the times Jensen has played opposite himself.

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