Virginia Medicaid Member Advisory Committee (MAC)

Virginia Medicaid Member Advisory Committee (MAC)

It is my privilege to call to order the
inaugural meeting of the Virginia Medicaid Member Advisory Committee. I am representing my son. I’m here for myself and my son. I’m here not only representing myself, but I’m here representing my community. I’m here to represent my daughter. I have a brother that I take care of. I have two children with intellectual disabilities that are the recipients of Medicaid. Virginia is only the second state in the nation to have an advisory committee made only of Medicaid members. In the meeting, we had 11 current members representing diverse communities all over Virginia, geographically and in terms of the
people we serve. We really want to hear your voice and use your input to direct not only what we’re doing in the program, but how- how we deliver the services, what is that experience like. I’m here with Robert Savoy. Nice of you to be here, Mr. Savoy. Thank you for coming in. My name is Elizabeth Noriega. I come from Northern Virginia, Loudoun County. My name is James Anthony Murdoch, Sr. I’m from Tappahannock, Virginia. My name is Margie Crowe, and I’m from Stafford, Virginia. If you can please explain who in your family receives Medicaid, and how it has impacted your life. It’s my daughter, her name is Janella. She was born in 2014 with a surprise diagnosis with Down syndrome. Without Medicaid, my daughter wouldn’t be able to have all her therapies, since day one. Basically, I’m here representing my son. Medicaid, personally, has impacted my life through the fact that my son would not have coverage for his disabilities, or be able to pay for the medications or the medical visits without it. My daughter Lily is 10 years old, and she has an intellectual disability, and so we use Medicaid for, not only her health care, which is significant and on-going, but also for her attendant care through the CCC Plus Waiver, which allows me to be able to go back to work. You receive services through our Medallion program, correct? Yes, sir. And why did you apply to be on the committee? Most of the people in my community are on Medicaid, but we don’t know what the services are, that’s available, and when I heard of the platform today, I took it upon myself to go and be their advocate to come and hear really what Medicaid is, what’s it about, and how I can benefit the community. I applied to be on the committee because I like to make a difference. I felt the responsibility to be here. Because we’ve been able to advocate so much for Lily and for the services she gets, but that’s not the case for most people. And so, wanting to really not only help her and help her maintain the services that she’s going to need for life-long, but also to be able to help other families that don’t know what supports are available. To know that behind this program is people, humans that are actually working for us, working for my daughter, Janella. Thank you so much. Thank you because, without you, I guess, I wouldn’t be here.

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