Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: New Mount Details // Alternative Mount Options

Today is all about the Elemnt Roam and the new mount this unit is shipping with. It was the cause of a delay by a few weeks, but if you were to purchase an Elemnt Roam This is the new mount that it ships with. The new out front… actually let me… tidy this up and un-box it. This is the new mount that it ships with. A security bolt to lock it in underneath. Let’s have a closer look at this. So it’s a similar aero mount to what comes with the Bolt, and very sturdy. So I’ll put this on the weight scale. New mount weighs in at 45 grams All up system weight now 140 grams. Okay. So that (screw) doesn’t even register [laugh] Okay with that out of the way, let’s have a look at the clipping in on that. It’s nice and secure. That locks in and it does have some little rubber bumpers (here and here) to stop any rattling. So there we are, the new official mount that is supplied in the box. One thing to note with this, there is no accommodation there for any camera mounts or GoPro mounts. So if you’re looking at mounting a GoPro, there’s no luck with that! So that’s that the Roam and the mount that it ships with. Now there have been a lot of questions about: 1) The Roam and its mount 2) The Bolt and its mount and 3) The cross compatibility between these So let’s have a quick look at that. So you can see here they’re just very similar, just a little smaller. Questions have been: Will this fit that, will this fit that, and vice versa? Let’s have a go at that. So Bolt mount with the Roam? That’s a no-go. There is no space in there for that. So that’s a no-go that way. This way? That’s also a no-go that way. You can see why. The the aerodynamic or the sleek lines (I guess I’d call it) just are not compatible. Okay, so they’re the two official mounts very similar and it’s obvious which one is which. Okay, we’ll put those aside. Now another solution is to use third-party out-front mounts, which is my preferred solution here. These K-EDGE mounts because of the adapters we can put on the bottom (the combo mounts), which allow me to mount the GoPro! Now both of these at the moment are Garmin insert pucks that’s easily solved by inserting these. Less than ten dollars online you can convert any K-EDGE adapter (with the two screws there) over to Elemnt compatible Elemnt, Elemnt Bolt, Roam etc compatible mounts. Now things do get a little tricky here because by default if you were to put that blue puck in here, that won’t screw in, because it’s a little bit too bulky at the back end. You will need to use the XL mount. But there is a trick and this is a cool little adapter here this converts any garmin adapter or Garmin puck into a Wahoo Elemnt compatible puck. So we can put that on the back and that actually raises that up high enough to be able to slide straight in and we can use the standard K-EDGE mounts which is nice and slick. I’ll put on the bike in a minute you can see the difference between the two. That’s a neat little solution. Yes, you do lose your sleekness through here, but you can put your cameras or lights on the bottom. Gives you a little bit more flexibility. With the XL you can put the blue puck into the XL Which will give you a little bit more room out the front. It adds a bit too much gap through here. I think, if you’re going to use a USB charge on the fly it might be an option through here. That’s where the USB port is on the Roam. That is an option. But the XL is typically just used for the 1030 which is a massively long unit. You can see the difference in the length both of those there. That’s typically the only mount that I use for that combo there. The alternatives are: Things like the race mount for the Elemnt Bolt. Again, no provision for a camera. Looks a little sleeker than the standard one. Do note: These are left mounts on the left side of your stem. These are all right side mount, so they sit on the right side of your stem. Clipping that in there. Nice and slick! But the Roam will not fit – without the Puck in here no option. It’s just a little bit too small. There is a Roam specific one of these. Again looking at near on $100 Australian dollars though. So a little bit pricey. These are my go-to. So as I said, those pucks under $10 (links below for those). This little puck here I think is under about $20 but that is a brilliant little problem-solver if you’re switching between different mounts and different brand head units every now and then. Alright, let’s have a look at these on the bike. Okay, the new mount for the Wahoo Roam. Slides straight in. Looks pretty slick. Does the job. Okay, but if you want some more flexibility we flip over to the K-EDGE standard with the adapter and the Rome slides in there. That’s super slick looking. The angle I usually have matches the stem angle. Looking neat there. Then over to the XL K-EDGE You can see it sits out a little further, and you can see your front tyre as you’re riding along. Now I don’t like to see the front tyre between the computer and the stem through here. Looks a little… Too far out! I think I’d call it. So off with that one and back to my preferred solution, which is the shorter mount with the adapter. The GoPro goes straight underneath there. Nice and compact. Nice and slick and lined up with the stem. Now if I do need to use two computers at once, this is probably the easiest way to do it: If you’re collecting data from two power meters is to use one of these stem mounts with the rubber adapters. As long as there’s enough clearance. I’m using the extra tall one So I’ve got enough clearance there for the “fablet” – the Edge 1030 and away we go. That’s the way I ride with two head units and the GoPro on the bike at once! So there it is. Everything you need to know about the new Elemnt Roam mount. Its compatibility with the Bolt, which isn’t a lot, but if you’re after a simple mount that one should do out the front and will also cover there some third party options from K-EDGE with the different sizes and puck options all links below in this video to all these products. Alright. Thanks for watching and enjoy the ride! Please subscribe to GPLAMA on YouTube to support this channel

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