We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

– Oh my God. I’m just showing y’all his big old balls. (funky upbeat music) – This week Ladylike is fostering doggos. – We are partnering with
Dogs Without Borders to foster dogs for the next two weeks! – The organization will
provide and pay for all the dogs’ medical needs and food needs and any of their equipment. – And the individual, aka
Ladylike, provides homes and love while they search for an adoptable family. – I’ve literally never had
a dog in my entire life. I don’t know much about them. I recently got these plants. They are real, they’re my first plants, so I’m a little worried that the dog may think that it’s an area to pee in. – I have never had an
animal on my own besides a baby duck that I had for eight weeks. Does the water and food go in the crate? I’ve never crate trained before. – I’m a woman who has a
big maternal instinct. I have two cats, I have a fish, and we’re about to have a dog. Are you getting a new brother? I think you’re getting a new brother. Yeah. – Being in LA and there
are dogs everywhere, I’ve gotten more comfortable with them and just like, them being around, and I think it’d be really
cool to actually try it out and see if I could have a dog. – I don’t want to own a dog
until I have a house with a yard but I’ve been wanting to foster a dog since I moved into my own place. Now, I can help the little
puppers to find their homes. I wanna meet the pupper, I’m ready. (chill electro music) – My name is Crystal. I work for Dogs Without Borders. I am the Rescue and Foster Coordinator. I’ve been working for Dogs
Without Borders for two years and I’ve been involved for
about three and a half. What we do is we go to
all of the kill shelters in Los Angeles, county and
city, and we pull small dogs that are potentially adoptable dogs, and give them a wonderful forever home. – When we got to Dogs Without Borders, they were kind of like
bringing out the different dogs that they had available that they thought would be good matches
for us to be fostering. Unlike Chantel and Freddie,
I’ve actually met the dog that I’m going to be fostering. His name is Atticus. He is a German Shepherd Hound mix. The reason why I was able
to meet him before is I’m at a point where I would
actually like to adopt a dog. My boyfriend and I live
together in a house. We’ve been together for a
while and we’re kind of ready. – My advice for first time fosters would be a lot of patience. A lot of these dogs are
neglected, undersocialized, and don’t know human
interaction so they do need somebody to show them a
lot of love and affection and learn to trust. – This may be my first
time ever at a dog shelter. I don’t know if I should
expect to be assigned a dog or if I go, sort of, choose
which dog I think is the cutest. I really want a very chill dog. I want a dog that acts like a cat. And then I see a little
black puppy named Oreo. – Who is this little guy? – He seems pretty shy. He doesn’t know, really, what
to do or how to navigate. He literally gets there two
hours before we get there. – And then I saw this other little white flash of a dog just like, pew. I don’t know who’s gonna get him, but I’m gonna try to go for
this little black fur dog. – Which dog would you
say is the easiest dog for a first time foster? – For the ones that are here right now, it would probably be Oreo,
only because he was in a home. – The white little dog
that was sprinting around, turns out his name was Bucky. Bucky still has his balls. Really, Bucky? (laughter) I think Bucky is just
like, a little horny too. – I like Oreo because he’s good with cats and I do wanna get a cat eventually. It could be a chance
that I adopt this dog. – Freddie kind of lets me know, like, “Yeah, I’m thinking about Oreo, you know? “I think he’s super cute,” and whatever, and I was like, “Oh, yeah, okay!” – Looking like Oreo might be my man. – Atticus is my boy. (laughter) – Yeah, I guess that leaves me with Bucky. – I’m gonna be taking home Oreo. He’s a little younger than I
initially said that I wanted. I initially said I wanted an
adult, like an elderly dog, and he’s eight months, so, it’s fine. – I’m gonna be taking home little Bucky. I’m so excited to get him in
my little home environment. I rename him on the
spot, because I was like, I cannot have this humping dog named Buck, and so I was like, “You know what? “I think his name could be Frank.” – I feel good about all the
dogs we’ve gotten today, and it’s gonna be a ride. It’s gonna be a wild ride. (laughter) – We’ll see what happens. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Let’s get them acclimated. – Let’s go! (crosstalk) By the end of the shelter visit,
right before I packed Oreo up into my car, I decided
to change his name to Earl, because when I first saw him, I didn’t really know that he was a puppy. He looked like an older,
more seasoned dog. He has, like, a beard situation. He looks like he’s seen a lot in life. – When I took him home, he was
just like, sniffing around. He met the cats. He went in every room. I introduced him carefully to
every room in my apartment. I gave him some food, some water. His foster family had
actually renamed him Dino, and he only responded
to Dino, so I thought, let’s just keep his name consistent. Let’s just keep his name Dino. – Taking Frank, formerly Bucky, home for the first time goes pretty well. I missed my exit a few times
because I was distracted by just how cute he was being. Hi, buddy. But we eventually get home. We made it, huh, buddy? We made it here. Look at your teeth! What are those teeth? (laughs) Now I see why they called you Bucky. – So, I open the door to my apartment, and Earl just jets out of my apartment. He’s not on leash. He literally sprints down the sidewalk. I think it’s over, at this point, I think it’s like, actually done. He’s run away and I’m just a failure. But I ended up catching him. I scooped him up, he
immediately peed in my arms. I take him into the
apartment and then I just had to take a breather and recollect myself. And I’m tired, I ran very fast and very far in Birkenstock sandals. – I think I’m in love. – He’s sleeping so soundly! (Earl cries) – [Freddie] Okay, well, we
have to get ready for bed, and I’m tired, so please go to bed. Goodnight, Earl. Love ya! – First morning walk with Atticus. It’s about 6:45 in the morning. I got up early because
I’m trying to train him that I’d like to go on
little jogs with him. He did a nice, big old poo. I’m used to little dog poops. He pooped and I was like, “Holy God!” – Frankie has kennel cough
that he got from his time in the shelter, so they gave
me antibiotics to give him. Half in the morning and half at night. But the pills that she gave me weren’t ones that could be cut. It was an actual pill
so I had to open it up and disperse the inner
powder, and so it looked like I was there making, like,
drug deals in my kitchen. Frank! Maybe if I let him come to
me, and maybe that’ll work. (laughs) – I bring him to the office and he’s so well behaved at the office. He’s just sitting on his little
bed cushion next to my desk. Everyone’s just like, “Oh
my gosh, Earl’s so chill! “Oh my gosh, Earl’s like, so calm! “What a calm, sweet puppy!” My boy! And I’m like, “I know.” – We’re off to work, first day. We’ve got a day where
we are shooting on set. On day two, we went to the
office, ’cause he was supposed to be in the video where he gets a bath and meets everyone here at
Buzzfeed, and that didn’t happen. I am here on set trying
to get our life together and pupper is not about it. Maybe he’s not a set dog. It is his first day at Buzzfeed and I think he’s just a little nervous. There’s a lot going on. I canceled my shoot! I was 40 minutes behind schedule and Atticus was very spooked. His first day at Buzzfeed
does not need to be on set. He was fine for the first three hours, and then the growling started. We have a bit of a problem. Atticus, out of nowhere, is
getting really dog aggressive. He’s growling at Earl, Freddie’s dog, and he’s growling at Frankie, which was not the case yesterday. I had no idea how isolating
it can be to have a big dog until we started fostering him. It is 1:45, maybe two o’clock
and we were sent home. For multiple reasons, just
because we want Atticus to feel more stable in a
situation and I think it was just making people on the
floor a little nervous, which I completely understand,
having a big dog barking is just a lot to have in an office. – Now, I’m about to give him
a bath for the first time. – I hope that he’s not scared
of the bath, but we’ll see. If he is scared, we’ll take it slow. Frankie, it’s okay, buddy. I don’t wanna make him so scared. Why are you so scared of water, buddy? – Come on, you’re doing such a good job. (Earl cries) I will say that I did
say that I wanted my dog to be like a cat, but I’m
so thankful that he’s not like a cat in this scenario, because I would have 17,000
scratches on my face. – I’ll wrap you up. We’ll wrap you up. Oh my God, just showing
y’all his big old balls. – I’ve made a huge mistake
by taking Dino to work. I think it really freaked him out. I’m borderline worried
that he’s traumatized. – The next day, we’re
playing with Earl by the desk and Devin notices that he has ticks. Is he bleeding? He’s bleeding a little bit. – So, we found another one. It’s okay, honey. – That’s a tick. I’m at Tail Waggers right now about to go pick up Earl’s meds. I’m feeling really down
and pretty discouraged. I feel like I have bad luck with animals. I adopted a cat quite a few months back, and then I had to get rid of him because he was too sick to take care of. I’m just like, damn it, like,
am I even meant to have a pet? I know things happen, I know
it comes with the territory, but it’s still very discouraging. I pick up the medication, take Earl home, apply the medication. Hopefully I’m doing it correctly. He doesn’t love it. He’s like, rolling around
on his back trying to get whatever substance is now
seeping into his skin. So I’m like, I hope that
he’s not rubbing it off. – The next week marked
the beginning of a week where I had to take
Dino to work every day. I knew I needed help. – My name is Dawitt. I’m a dog trainer. I own my own dog training company. It’s called A-Team Dog Training, and we work with Dogs
Without Borders to make sure when the dogs are getting
to a potential forever home that they acclimate and
transition successfully. – Dawitt pointed out on Tuesday that Dino has some protective issues
when it comes to me. – [Woman] How’s today been, Devin? – Much better. I feel really confident to tell him no, and when he’s growling to
kind of step in the way. I’ve been given some really great tools. Things started turning upwards. We purchased a portable
crate to keep at my desk when he gets overwhelmed at work. Where are you? It’s okay (laughs). Isn’t it crazy how much
he’s changed in a week? – He is so calm, he
seems super comfortable. – He’s completely sprawled out. – He’s a chill dog. He’s like night and day. – [Dawitt] He’s so excited! – You’re a good mom. – Frank, what did you just do? He chewed through her sandal! – Look what I have to wear now. I look like an idiot! – At the office he was pretty
okay if he has had a chance to kind of run out his
energy, but if he hasn’t gotten his energy out then
he’s a little bit difficult. (growling) (barking) – Throughout the next couple of days, Earl’s personality and
temperament completely changes. He was very calm, lazy,
chill and lethargic when I first got him, and then once we got the ticks off of him, he perks up. He becomes super energetic. He becomes much more lively. He seems to be happier. It was just interesting
because it’s almost like those ticks were sucking
the life out of him, which is really sad. Yeah, yeah? You havin’ fun? It’s good that he perked up, but he perked up a little too much. (barking)
– No. I don’t need this. I don’t need this.
(barking) This is my set. No, this is my set.
(barking) It’s my set.
(barking) – Earl! Earl was acting up on set, so
I had to take him for a walk so he can get some energy out. Just me and baby Earl. A working single mom. – We’re at the dog park
today with the pups. Unfortunately Frankie and
Chantel aren’t here today because Frankie had to get
her checkup from the vet. – Devin’s gonna play with
Dino in the big dog park and I’m gonna take little
Earl to the small dog park so he can hump everyone that he wants. And not get killed. He’s so excited to play with other pups. It’s definitely a lot to get
used to, but he’s won my heart. I love him a lot. I don’t know if the timing is right for me to keep him forever because
it is a big commitment. It’s like 15 years. – I’m very impressed and proud of Dino. He’s having a great day today. The past couple of times I’ve
taken him to the dog park, he has gotten into little
spars with other dogs if he feels like he’s been cornered, but that hasn’t happened here at all. He’s been a great boy. – When I got home that night, it was clear that Frankie’s kennel cough was just getting worse
and worse and worse. Oh, hello. (Frankie coughs) Oh my goodness. It’s five AM and the
little guy woke up hacking so I’m gonna give him his
cough suppressant again. (Frankie coughs) I was giving him antibiotics twice a day and the cough suppressant
three times a day every eight to 12 hours, and
so I had all these reminders on my phone being like, “Give
Frankie his antibiotics. “Give Frankie his cough suppressant.” His defense to get me to not
do this is just to curl up on my lap and immediately fall asleep. He’s like, “No, I’m sleeping. “I can’t do this right now.” (crying and barking) – While I ran errands, and
he, I guess, freaked out. Earl’s separation anxiety
has been rough lately. I know he’s a puppy and puppies do that, but it definitely kind of
snapped me into reality. What are you doing? That’s right. – So, overall we had a
pretty good day today, and I think I got a little too excited. I took him to the dog park afterwards. This time when I took him to the dog park, he immediately got into
a fight with another dog and he was really aggressive
and it kind of scared me. It may not be the right time
for Pat and I to keep Dino. If things change or if things
settle down more at Buzzfeed where I can take him into
work and just sit at my desk and edit then things will be better. – Today was the first
day that Frankie’s cough really seemed to be
getting a lot better now. He’s sleeping like a little baby. Who’s a little baby, Frank? Frankie and I are very
bonded, and from day one, I keep sending my parents pictures of him, because I want them to
fall in love with him how I’m falling in love with him. Okay, so it’s time for Frankie
to go and meet my parents and to meet their dog Linda
to see if it’s a good fit. Hi Linda! Hi Linda. Their meeting goes really well. We take them on a walk. Linda, at some points, was kind of like, “Who are you, what are you doing? “Stop!” And then Frank was just
like, “Alright, I’m cool. “I’m cool if you’re cool.” – It’s about 10:15 PM. I have to take Earl out one more time to make sure he doesn’t have to pee. I don’t have a yard so I
have to actually take Earl on physical walks around
my neighborhood at night which isn’t the best scenario. There were times where I just
wished that I could be inside and felt a little unsafe at times. – Dino just lunged at Mars again. And Mars is over there on the windowsill. I know I need to stay calm,
but like, it’s hard for me, because I love Mars and I love Dino. – I decided not to adopt Earl. I think he’d be better off in
a home that, A, has a yard. B, has more members living
within the household so that he’s home by himself less often. – As it stands right now,
Dino is living with us, we are fostering him, but
there’s just a lot of questions that have yet to be answered
and it’s just so stressful so I don’t want to take him
off the market and have him commit to a situation
that’s not the best for him. – It’s now been three
days that Frank has been with my parents and with Linda
and it is going amazingly. He’s also helping Linda get crate trained. Linda was not crate trained
before, and so Frank, being so good in his crate,
is helping Linda be good too. – He’s not going back
into boarding, thankfully. We’re gonna foster him until
he finds a forever home, and I think that forever home
just needs to be a couple or a family or a person who
has the time and the patience to really invest into him. – If you’re gonna get a dog
or if you’re thinking about fostering an animal, be aware
that it’s gonna be a bean that comes into your home
with its own personality. – Thank you to Dogs Without
Borders for letting us make this video with you
and just showing people how rewarding and pleasant
it can be to foster a dog. And thanks, mom and
dad, for adopting Frank! Thank you because I would’ve been a mess! – I love baby Earl. I want him to find an awesome home and I’m happy that I get to
hang out with him until he does. (soft upbeat music)

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    treat ALL animals with respect, they deserve it

  16. I think that this video is irresponsible. Giving rescue dogs to foster by people that don't know anything about dogs, not a good idea. Rescue dogs can be traumatized, fearful, etc and people that don't know how to handle those situations, can even damage the dogs. Go all Cesar-Millan on them. And bringing dog to work the next day? The dog is not settled in her own home and she is bringing the dog in the middle of strangers, in a new environment and noises, not knowing how the dog reacts. And taking shepherd-hound-mix to a cat home? Hounds go after smaller animals that run away. It's their instinct. Not every dog can manage in crowds or with other dogs, or with other animals. I would have waited two weeks before even taking the dog to a dog park. And I would not put dog in a closed crate for the night or other time. Yes, they would have a safe space, but I'd teach them what is good behavior and what is not. This video reminded about people that think animal is a stuffed toy, that you don't have to train or take for a walk. "I don't have a yard so I have to take my dog for a walk many times during the day." Honey, if you'd have a yard, you would still have to take the dog for a walk. (Yes, I have fostered 12 rescue dogs from Romania.)

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