We Found SNOW for the Husky Puppy | Travel Vlog

We Found SNOW for the Husky Puppy | Travel Vlog

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! These girls are getting some playtime in. We’re getting ready to haul everything out to the car and
then one more little walk and we’re on the road again. We did pretty good. It’s about five to seven right
now, it’s about when we wanted to be on the road. Hey, psht. Oh, you want me to open this?
I can’t open this if you’re in the way. There’s not much of a
view right here Shelby. I mean, how’s that? Is that better? She’s like that’s better than
what I saw a second ago. When I was walking the dogs earlier,
I could see the mountains. They were definitely
blocked by clouds last night. But yeah, we’re getting ready, hit the road.
Tonight we’re gonna end up in Las Vegas. So way off to the distance can you see it
through all the nose prints on the windows? There is some mountains. There’s snow over there. Can we
go over there where the snow is? I’d like to go up where
there is snow please. I think eventually we’re driving through
part of those but I’m not 100% sure. Ya, I don’t know if we gonna
get close to the snow. Well, I can dream. So we just passed through Loveland, Colorado. We’re heading towards Denver. Hopefully we’re gonna miss
their rush-hour traffic. I don’t remember what Denver’s rush hour
traffic only been through there like once. Hopefully it’s not too bad. The
traffic right now is at least moving. I mean, there’s a lot of cars
on the road but it’s moving. The road brath. It’s crazy
because everything here looks… fairly flat, not a lot of trees, a lot of farm
lands, but when you look off to the side… Oh, there’s a hill. Look there’s mountains behind
that hill and apparently there’s a metal camel. Alright, we’re driving… technically through the mountain to get to the other side of it. Yeah, pretty much, you can tell they cut all that way, so we can drive here.
This is really pretty. Not like a super tall mountain. We’re in the Colorado Rockies, I think,
and we’re kinda like towards the foothills. So towards the smaller
part of the mountains. I just read a sign that said
tire chains must be carried, What did it say September through May? If you’re a semi-truck you have chains
for your tires. If you wanna go this way. It’s a beautiful day today. Alright, we’re just gonna enjoy this ride. Alright here we go. We were going through the mountain. Are we gonna hold our breath at some time? I guess, they couldn’t move these rocks away
so it was easier to make a hole through it. Which is probably accurate. Ready?
(Jess holding her breath) (Shelby whining) Shelby, you’re not holding your breath,
you’re supposed to hold your breath. Idaho Springs next three exits.
Let’s find a gas station. So we pulled off in Idaho Springs, Colorado, which apparently it was, where the Gold Rush started. Look at these hills, you guys. That’s crazy.
My Jeep is covered in bugs. Covered. It’s beautiful today though. Alright, so this is Idaho Springs, Colorado. As I was saying, I guess, this
was the start of the gold rush. According to the sign. Look, there’s a mine and it’s a gold mine. The Argo Gold Mine and Mill.
That’s pretty cool. Maybe we should have driven through
that town instead of just gotten gas. Anyway, it’s really pretty, we’re in a little
like valley in the mountains right here, and… as you can tell… this is gonna be a pretty drive today. I’m excited. Yeah, little mountain town. So I don’t know about you. But as soon as you said
that, did the South Park song go through your head? Oh yeah. Just because we’re in Colorado? It could be. Dogs are doing pretty good. They were having a little bit of a hard time.
When we were in Denver there was traffic, so we didn’t get this like nice smooth ride. It was a
lot of that stop and slow down, so they were very… unsettled, but now they’re doing a little bit
better. There’s a little snow on the mountain. We’re getting closer to it. I thought
you said we’re going to get closer. You guys, that snow is like
right on the side of the road. We could totally go play in the snow. Okay, so the freeway going the
way we were going to stop, we got distracted by snow in the
mountains and we turned off on… a pass that, no joke,… goes through… the mountain. Yeah, the highway is over there somewhere.
Yeah, so we’re actually driving through… Loveland Pass Road, which, I don’t know, if this is a good idea or not,
but it’s gorgeous. So that means it’s a good idea. And there’s snow. If we can find
some close to the road that’s pretty, we might have to let
Kira see her first snow. Or touch, real quick,
touch her first snow. Look you guys, Kira is experiencing her very first snow. These girls are also checking out the snow. Jaime
and I just realized we’re in shorts in the snow. It’s actually pretty cold right here. Come down here, come check, yeah! Is this exciting? It’s so exciting! Is it good stuff? Oh my
goodness, yes, there is snow! We drove you all the way across
country to see some snow. Are you digging in the snow? Memphis, are you eating snow? Guys, this is so great. Just wait till winter,
baby, just wait till winter. Did you girls drink out of the stream? That’s like glacial Mountain water.
People pay good money for that stuff. Come here, check this out.
Come here. Come check this out. Look. Look, check this
out, there’s a stream. What do you think of that? That’s probably really cold. Ya? What do you think? How fun is that, huh? How fun is that? She’s watching that water move like Oh,
I wanna play in this, I play in this water? How fun! So here’s our Jeep in the mountains.
Check it out, there’s a Gladiator. That’s the new Jeep Gladiator Truck. Alright… We’re getting back on the road. So the way we’re going… delays us like a half an hour, but tell me that that half an
hour was not worth this view! Oh, it’s so pretty! I could cry. And Kira
got to see her first snow. This is amazing, this is amazing.
It’s so pretty, so worth it. I know we’re gonna see a lot of mountains
today, but uh, I just can’t get past this view. Okay, we’re going back to this
view. So this is Loveland Pass. We’re behind the Jeep Gladiator
now. Look at this you guys! Alright a runaway truck
ramp. It’s six miles. Wow, you gotta hold on for six miles. This was so worth it, I mean, okay the
last little section I was freaking out but… This! This is what makes roadtrips amazing! There’s a little avalanche. This is You can see
the very top you can see where it fell down. This is an avalanche area. The wind must push the
snow over that edge. I can’t breath up here. Yeah, it’s a little thin up here. We’re at eleven thousand
nine hundred feet, I think it said? That’s cool. Gosh, that’s cool! Loveland Pass Road, that’s where we
are, in case you guys are wondering. So this, I believe, it said, was the Glenwood
Canyon and I believe that is the Colorado River. That is most definitely the Colorado River. So this Canyon was cut by the
Colorado River just like the Grand Canyon. Kind of neat. What do you think about it that way, right? Yeah, and then we’re just on the edge of this river. Yeah, the river is literally right there. We’re like hey, can we borrow this
space over here where it’s really flat and… there’s water running, it’s kinda
shallow, can we build a road here? And just drive through this canyon? I bet 100 years ago, this
would have been a river. Yeah, I’m… sandy sandy bottom. Yeah, they probably had to blast a lot of this. Look at that. It’s just so cool! (Jamie talking) We’re just continuing on. We definitely can’t hold our breath
through this tunnel. No, I don’t think so. This is a super long tunnel. We’ve already been in it
for quite a while before I even picked up the camera. These girls are in a tunnel…
How you’re doing back there? Say, it’s dark in here. We’re still not out of this tunnel. Is
there light at the end of this tunnel? I see light. Yeah, made it! Wait, let’s see what it looks like, as we come out, it’s gonna be blinding, we’re gonna be blinded by the light. Oh my gosh, here we go. We’re still in the canyon. Shelby’s in the river,
I got these two here. Shelby wants to swim real bad, but we’re not letting
her go anywhere out in that. We don’t wanna lose her. We don’t wanna lose her. We’re still in that
Canyon. We stopped at a roadside park. Nice place to stop, that’s for sure. We’re taking a little walk across the river. See how Shelby does. Holy… That’s actually where
two rivers come into one. Oh. Okay, yeah, I don’t know if I
need to go further… this… Wow! So you guys probably can’t
hear me over the water but… life in the fast lane. Here, I’ll let you guys read if you
wanna read it, you know what to do. You see the river, huh girls? What was that? Alright Shelbs. She has no fear of that edge. Yeah, Shelby’s looking. She sees it moving. You’re cutie. Look, we’re still back in the mountains. I’m driving now. We made
Jessica start driving for a little bit. This curvy road was, I don’t
know, shaking my gut up. It’s like a roller coaster. It’s like a
rollercoaster. Only without the hills. Yeah. It’s the banking feeling of
a rollercoaster, where you’re like… we’re going this way and we’re going
this way and we’re going this way. I mean, there’s hills.
See the river? I feel like we gonna say this all day:
This is so cool! This is so cool! This keeps going through the mountains.
I don’t know where it stops turning, but I have the feeling it switches
back before the other side there. This’ pretty cool, guys. Here’s our river. Dogs, how the dogs are doing? Hi
Memphis, Shelby’s back there and hi Kira. Probably only now they’re 30 minutes of
curves and then it might be just straight. Trailer, trailer. Guys, see the train tunnel? That’s so cool! I don’t know
why it’s a cool tunnel. It’s a really old tunnel in there
too, but we get tunnels again, too. The train tunnel’s cool, I don’t know why. Back into the tunnel,
a little really short one. Are we gonna be able to see
the train one on the other side? Yep, probably, it’s gonna
be right back in that hole. Wait, no, maybe. Banana trees? Yeah There’s people standing paddel-boarding
down the river that we can’t see! Really? Yeah, they were standing paddel
boarding. So it must be not quite rapids. I don’t know, it looked pretty
rapidy but they were standing. You can see the river a little bit. Literally came over a hill and look, it’s like kind of flat. It’s
pretty flat. But there is mountains.This is a huge valley. Look, we’re leaving colorful Colorado. And we’re not in Nevada,
wrong state, we’re in Utah. Look, everybody’s stopping
to take a picture at the sign. Utah! The sign could use some…
Oh, no, it’s got stickers all over it. We gotta go through this big square. Oh the speed limit’s 80? I love Utah! Oh Maybe that’s why the guy at the gas station
said it’d only take nine hours to get to Vegas from where we were at 11. I love Utah now. 90! No, the speed limit’s 80. 80? Ok, I thought you said 90. Pretty.
Eagles on the highway?! That’s what the sign said. Yeah, cause the little critters
probably get hit on the highway? There’s couple birds flying there but…
I don’t think that was an eagle. Alright, so the scenery has changed again. Looks like the Rocky Mountains. But not so
rocky, they look sandy, but I don’t know, cliffy. How ya’re doing? Freaking out about gas. Yeah, there’s not a whole
lot of gas out here so… It says we have 86 miles
to go the next gas station. And the next gas station
is 72, no 68 miles away. It’s gonna be close. That’s a big rock up there. You’re right, it is cool. It was cooler before the rock. We get a whole
different scenery every time we go around a curve. So that nice little gas light that came
on, no joke, 15 miles ago. 15 miles ago! And we made it. To the gas station, we made it!
We not gonna run out of gas! We did it Jamie! I know, right? Oh my god, that was a little nerve-wrecking. We had to drive 55 for the last, I
don’t know, 20 minutes just to be sure. But we made it to the gas station. You
can run out any time now. I don’t care. Check out how his guy is
hauling the side-by-side. It’s literally like on the back of his truck. That’s wicked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a
side-by-side hauled like that. Yeah, carry it up on top like
that. That seems kinda smart. Like I’ve seen four-wheelers in the back of
trucks that they drive up on the ramps, but… not like that. That was neat. When you gonna do that, you better
check your height though cause… Ya. You’re right, might not make it. Yeah,
I’m sure he knows how tall he is. You might not make it under
every bridge. We are still in Utah. And we are… I don’t know, three hours and 20 minutes
away from the hotel. Trying to edit a video… But see I have this giant beast of a laptop and I
can’t actually use the power inverter in here, so… Yeah so I’m rushing and… Trying to make sure that I can get at least the videos
edited and I can upload them when we get to the hotel. Yeah. Hi Memphis. How are you? Say guys, I’m good. I’ve
had lunch, I’m a happy girl. I don’t know if you guys can tell but there’s
like a little dust storm going on. This is the… second one we’ve driven through? The first one we drove
through we were actually in… the mountains through Utah here and… Yeah, the first time the dust hit, it blew rocks
at the car. It sounded like hail. It was crazy. Look there are mountains over there, red again. We’re still on this long road. We made it to Arizona. I didn’t even realize we were gonna be driving
through Arizona, but apparently we are. So we’re in Arizona. We’re still not in Nevada.
We got about an hour 45 minutes left. We’re just cruising along. And after driving for
what feels like forever, You come out of the desert and there’s
a giant city in the middle of desert, I don’t know if you guys
can see it but it’s over there. We’re almost there. 25 more minutes to go. So we made it to our room in Las Vegas. It
is a little bit different than the other rooms. It only has one bed, but it’s huge. This is also a
pullout bed. So it should work pretty good for all of us. (Kira barks) Hey, shh! You stop! You stop! Shelby doesn’t know what she thinks about this
and it is a hundred and two degrees outside. So… Vegas was a bad decision for a location… to stay. But uhm, we’re only here one night so
should be good. Lots of water, they’ll be good. This is what happens when you’ve
been cooped up in a car for way too long. Hey stop barking! You can’t bark in hotel! Can’t bark in a hotel. I
know you wanna play but you can’t bark in a hotel. You can play, no barking allowed. So we’re actually up early, having breakfast,
and we forgot to say goodnight last night. So we’re gonna do that real quick. We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. It was a long drive, but we made it and it’s
already the next morning. We’re doing good. So as always you guys: Thanks so much for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay Positive, Dream Big! And we will see you again soon. Goodnight Pawdience!
Even though it’s morning. If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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