We Tried Oreo, Snickers & Toblerone Ice Cream | Taste Testers | EP 105

We Tried Oreo, Snickers & Toblerone Ice Cream | Taste Testers | EP 105

Where’s the (ice-cream) ? Oh, here. Why you touch my hand! That’s my hand! Hey guys! Both: Hi! Both: Hi! Okay, actually like Toblerone. Especially the ones from the airport! Apollo Wafer! Fauzi: I think if you see it, you will know.
Chris: Yeah, maybe. You put the image here. Pretend you know. Yes! When I was young right, I was a glutton, okay. And my whole family knows. So what I do is, I buy chocolate bar, before I come home from school. I go straight to the toilet, I on the shower, so that they cannot hear me unwrap the chocolate, and I eat the chocolate under the running water! Oh man! What you pointing? No, no, Chris: no, no.
Fauzi: Pointing at me for what! There was one time McDonald’s had the M&M’s McFlurry! The ice-cream version of chocolate bars. Like Kit Kat, Milo and Ferrero Rocher. Okay, I feed you, you feed me. Rainier: Okay
Chiara: That’s what you said. Can, can, can. Okay, I feed you first. But how you know where’s my mouth? That’s why I don’t know. Don’t make me finish this. Eat more. Freak! It’s a bit heavy. Is there a stick? No. No, no stick. So it’s just like a bar? Chris: Yeah.
Fauzi: The heck? Reminds of Magnum, the outer layer. Because of the nuts and everything. It’s Snickers, Chris. It’s what? Snickers. Snickers? My teeth caught a nut, I think. There’s this like slight peanut butter taste. This one, the taste is almost identical to the actual bar. Chris: The filling right?
Fauzi: Yeah! I find that the taste, the texture, both of them make it really obvious what chocolate bar this is. Snickers! Snickers. Yay! Oh, my god! I didn’t know this existed. Oh wait, I thought you gave us the bar! Rainier: Yeah!
Chiara: But this is the ice-cream? Oh my god, this is so confusing. So cool! It’s him, right?! He did this, right? It’s like, a weird shape. Like it gets pointy on top. Rainier: It’s triangle?
Chiara: Yeah, I think so. I hear the crunch! It’s a very mild chocolate. The peanut taste is very strong. Okay, this reminds of something so, familiar. There’s some sort of bite to it, I don’t know what exactly it is. It feel a bit of like, cereal-ly? Like cereal bits? Very bitter-y taste also. Rainier: I don’t think it’s crunchie.
Chiara: I don’t think it’s crunchie, either. Chiara: Crunchie is honeycomb. This one is more of a
Rainier: Nougat? Yeah, nougat! Oh, oh, my god! I know! I think I also know already. Both: Toblerone! Both: Toblerone! Oh my god! You know when you cut the individual pieces? Then it’s like that. Yeah! Everything kind of came together, and I suddenly thought, “Oh my god, triangle!”. Okay, it looks like. Looks? LOOKS? If you go through, you go the whole motion. Like bumps in the road. I don’t know why all the chocolates have the nut in the cover. Oh, I touched my nose. Where are you? I am here, right beside you. Yo, this one taste like, the distance cousin of number 1. Yeah, this is the cheaper version of Snickers. The ice-cream is definitely not chocolate-based. Yeah, definitely not vanilla, definitely not chocolate. I like the crunch for this one, really. Chiara: And the peanuts are not fresh, it’s not crunchy like the snicker’s.
Rainier: It’s stale. Rainier: It’s stale peanut.
Chiara: Yeah. I would either think it’s Three Musketeers, or this US ‘s Baby Ruth. Both: Crunch!
Chris: Oh my god.
Fauzi: Oh my god. Chiara: Three Musketeers.
Rainier: Three Baby Ruth. Chris: What is this? Huh?!
Fauzi: What the heck? No way. Doesn’t taste at all like M&M’s, guys. No way. M&M’s? No way! There are bits of the sugar coating for the M&M’s! I get it. It taste the peanut-y taste of the M&M’s. A bit. Okay, some more this is the peanut M&M’s. It’s a normal popsicle-shaped thing. Okay. Smells like caramel straight up. The smell in itself, right, is triggering some sort of like, memory for me. Which is very strange. Rainier: I know.
Chiara: The texture is very strange. Why how you know? Because just now, I touched the melted part and I licked my finger. And you know what is it now? Yeah, I know. Because I did the same thing, and I cannot tell. Okay, I think it’s like a milk chocolate taste. When they say chocolate ice-cream right, I was waiting for this. Because this is my favourite. It’s your favourite? Yeah. It was my favourite during my ‘eat-chocolate-in-the-shower’ days. It feels very velvet-y, very smooth, very thick. There’s this very strong honeycomb taste. But I am very surprise that you didn’t mention one thing. Popping rocks! It’s like popping as I am talking. I am trying to like, look into my mind, and go into the store in my head, and below the 7-11 counter, there’s like rows and rows of chocolate. I am looking for this gold colour chocolate. Oh my god! Chris, do you see what I am seeing? Crunchie. Chris: Coco
Fauzi: Kookaburra! Both: Oh my god! Fauzi: Yes, it’s that gold!
Chris: No, this is, It looks just like the chocolate bar itself. Rainier: Hour-glass figure.
Chiara: This is damn, It’s like fish cake, the shape. But I think it’s not a chocolate bar. I think it’s a ball (shaped) kind of chocolate. Smooth, texture of the shell. There’s no like, peanuts. It smells like Horlicks! Wah, like very malt. Both: Malt-tesers. I don’t feel like the ice-cream has got any taste. It’s the chocolate shell covering. It’s creamy. Like very milky chocolate. Got tiny bits, but it’s not peanut. It’s soft, and it’s a bit airy, the bits. So I think of cereal? Oh my god, is this a mini Malteser? The one I am holding in my hand. Can’t see what you’re holding in your hand. The inside taste like Maltesers. Maltesers! Chris: Maltesers.
Fauzi: Crunch. They literally use the Malteser, but smaller version. It tastes very different. Fauzi: Yeah.
Chris: Only the Malteser inside, has the Malteser taste. And this one also has the ger-de ger-de. What’s a ger-de? It’s a nut? The bumpiness of the road. Okay, this is mine. Huh? I know. I don’t know. Burger King’s desserts. Wait, no, wait, what? The sundae pie. I know! You cannot really taste the ice-cream that much, because of the outer layer. Which is so full of flavour. The, whatever coating it is right, there’s a little bit of a, not-so-sweet. And it’s not a chocolate flavour. But the crumble is very signature. Like cookie-based? And if you try the ice-cream itself, it is really very milky. You know what? It taste like a McFlurry. Chris: Hershey’s.
Fauzi: Crunch! Both: Oreo. It’s Oreo. Oh my god! That made so much sense. You know, high time Oreo produce something like this because everybody has been producing cookies and cream ice-cream I feel like what impress me the most is Maltesers. The ice-cream version right, would be the Oreo. Because it’s like the closest thing to the actual product itself. My favourite is 100%, hands down the snickers one. First and last one, the Snickers and Oreo. Fauzi: You would instantly would know it’s Snickers. Actually I, as much as I love any of these ice-cream, I would never buy them. Because, I am very messy. So if I eat it, it will just like, it will just go everywhere. What impress me the most was Maltesers, because they don’t just crush up their bits and pieces and just put it on the chocolate coating. Oh yeah. If I saw it, I will be like “oh it’s a novel thing”, but I wouldn’t like go for it. So like, an ice-cream version which has the signature taste, but to a slightly less degree, and cold version. It’s great. Thank you for watching this episode of taste testers, if you like this video you can catch more over there! And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Chiara: Bye!
Rainier: Bye-scream. Bye Ice-cream?

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  1. I m not a chocolate fan… but I honestly love Laderach Chocolates i had in Zurich… just so velvety…. they have an outlet in Jewel but charge almost double the price 😕 but still delicious

  2. OMG I need to try all of these ice-creams wow…

    Also really great job by the PD those Pokémon and Migos edits legit made me laugh sia

  3. I love chocolates and I have tried the snickers ice cream bar as well as the oreo ice cream. The snickers one is so damn nice but the oreo one doesn't taste as nice to me. Taste like soggy oreos lol. I haven't try the rest and I am so going to find them soon. Lol.

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