What Is In Store For The December Impeachment Hearing | NBC News Now

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3 Replies to “What Is In Store For The December Impeachment Hearing | NBC News Now”

  1. Understand this…
    About five or six years ago, something happened.  A strange push to fill the United States with
    people from all over the world.  No one
    in this country asked for this push that seeming came out of tin air….. It was
    a well devised plan to trick American's into thinking is was a humanitarian
    effort, when in reality we have much poverty here at home to solve yet
    ignored…. Think deeply about this word ignored ! 

    Large sums of money
    and effort was spent on marketing and many were paid off to assist in this
    globalization effort to fool the unsuspecting non political people that chose
    not to care about politics. 

    The plan is so well
    implemented, its working !…. People by nature can't play the entire tape
    through and understand the devastation of non educated jobs that will be lost
    and the higher level CEO's will find 
    ways to lower the minimum wage to a few dollars per hour to pay
    immigrants…. The large majority of citizens will not be able to live.  The tax dollars WILL be depleted quickly, the
    money will run out quickly and turn the United states into a third world
    country but the corporations will be standing stronger than ever. 

    It's not for the
    peoples well being, not even the immigrants, it's not designed for

    Democrats and
    Republicans alike were not expected to fight this change.  In fact Political Democrats were the side
    chosen to be paid off leaving everyone else week.

    They were not
    expecting Donald Trump, he came out of nowhere and even then was not taken
    seriously as their propaganda was considered strong.  

    In 2020 the
    Globalization effort will ramp to a larger scale, and soon will loose the
    United States for ever… think deeply about this !

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