Why Harvard Scientists Think This Object Is An Alien Spacecraft

Why Harvard Scientists Think This Object Is An Alien Spacecraft

Narrator: We have a mysterious
new kid on the block. Astronomers call it Oumuamua. Which in Hawaiian, roughly translates to “first time visitor from far away.” Oumuamua is the first interstellar object ever detected in our solar system. Astronomers discovered it in 2017 with the Pan-STARRS1 telescope. And like all grand discoveries, it has raised more
questions than it answers. Where did it come from? What’s it made of? And yes, even the ultimate
query, is it aliens? That’s what two Harvard
astrophysicists posed in a recent paper, suggesting that Oumuamua
could be some type of alien spacecraft. And when we spoke with one of them, the idea didn’t sound as
far-fetched as you might think. Loeb: I prefer to adopt the
maxim of Sherlock Holmes that if you rule out the impossible, whatever remains, as improbable as it is, must be the truth. Narrator: Now a good rule of thumb is that aliens are always
the least likely answer. But here’s the thing, the
more reasonable explanation right now isn’t panning out. Most astronomers think that Oumuamua is probably a stray comet
from another stellar system. The only problem is that it
doesn’t look like any comet we’ve ever seen, because it appears to
lack that iconic tail. Loeb: There was an
anomaly seen in the data. And it cannot be explained by the most conventional explanation, which in this case is
a cometary outgassing. And so we propose an
alternative interpretation which is the only one I can think of. Narrator: But it seems
extreme to assume aliens just because Oumuamua doesn’t
look like a comet, right? Not when the Harvard scientists accounted for another peculiarity. As Oumuamua traveled
through our solar system, it didn’t follow the normal
path of a typical comet under the sun’s gravity. Rather, it slightly shifted off course, which couldn’t be
explained by gravity alone. Something else, some unknown
force was also at play, manipulating the object’s behavior. Loeb: I cannot think of
any other possibility other than the outgassing
that we find in comets, which seems to be ruled out because we don’t see a cometary tail, or the pressure from the sunlight. There is no other proposal
on the table right now. Narrator: Pressure from sunlight. It works similarly to how wind pushes against a sail on a boat. So too can sunlight push
against a spacecraft to propel it through space. Incidentally, we call these
spacecraft solar sails. There’s just one catch. Pressure from sunlight is extremely light. Lighter than the weight
of a fly on your hand. Which means in order
for it to be effective, solar sails also have to be
extremely light and thin. In 2010, for example, Japan’s space agency launched its Ikaros solar sail, which only weighed 1.1 pounds. But it eventually managed to
travel over 65 million miles from Earth on just sunlight alone. And it’s this type of force
that the Harvard scientists think could be propelling Oumuamua too. Of course, that’s if
it’s an alien made sail in the first place. Loeb: Well first of
all, I am not confident that this is the correct interpretation because we don’t have enough data. And so this is one possibility. I would highly recommend
people to read the paper. If they have a better idea,
they should publish it. Narrator: And as always,
not everyone agrees with Loeb’s hypothesis. Weryk: I think that their explanation, I think it’s in contrast
with what the data says. You know, we did consider that possibility in our own paper, which
was published earlier, and we dismissed it as not
being physically valid. You know again, there’s no
reason to think Oumuamua is anything but a natural object. Narrator:That’s Rob Weryk, who first discovered Oumuamua in 2017. Weryk: So we think Oumuamua still has ice and the sublimating ice
gives it a small tiny kick that gravity alone wouldn’t account for, but that the dust it has is much larger than what comets typically have. And so we just don’t see
that from the ground. Narrator: And yes, in all
probability, he’s right. Oumuamua is a natural object, like a comet or asteroid. But neither Weryk nor
Loeb can know for sure without more data. And sadly, Oumuamua is on its
way out of the solar system beyond the reach of our telescopes. So the best bet for solving this mystery? Weryk: So for Oumuamua
itself, it’s basically gone, it’s too faint to see from the ground. There’s no way we could
send a spacecraft mission, so we really have to find a second object. That would help answer a lot of questions that we don’t know. You know, I’m very interested
in finding a second one. It’d be nice if I found them all. Narrator: And Loeb already has some ideas on where to look next. Loeb: There should be quite a lot of them right now in the solar system. And some of them could be
trapped by Jupiter and the sun that act as a fishing net. And so some of these interstellar objects are bound to this solar system
after the first passage. Narrator: That’s right. Some of these interstellar objects might be right here in our solar system, trapped, and waiting to be found. It looks like astronomers may have more fascinating discoveries to come.

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100 Replies to “Why Harvard Scientists Think This Object Is An Alien Spacecraft”

  1. Fred Cartwright, This object Must be Alien, Did it come from earth no then it must be Alien you don't need little green men on it for it to be Alien.

  2. Its not uncommen to make space craft out of matter laying around the galaxy. Its just the same on earth. People make their method of transportation by extracting them from the earth and assembaling them by whatever means.
    To me it looks like an abandoned hull of a freight liner because whatever was in the process of making it lost it out it space before it can be rematerilized and processed. I suppose its a nifty way of a making ships but best left for space ships that are purposed for transporting goods then a ship designed for a scientific expedition.

  3. Here's the problem…we have a highly educated person of meagre intelligence seeing spacemen in shit…a wasted education, if ever there was. I understand why no one in the science community in out-rightly laughing at this idiot and it's because most of the highly educated people in the western world are privileged people. Privilege is absolutely no guarantee of intelligence but it is the common bridge to higher education. Adolf Hitler surrounded himself with this kind of idiot and look to that history to see how dangerous these morons can be. I see a rock…he see's a space craft with Aliens. When we speak of Aliens we're not speaking of bacteria from outer space, even though we should be. This idiot is speaking of intelligence smart enough to build a spaceship, travel throughout the Galaxy in this magnificent spaceship designed to look like a rock. They shouldn't have called this rock Oumuamua because the translation included the word 'visitor' causing visitor to imply in this clowns mind a 'conscious visitation'. And look at the logic behind the thinking…'When you eliminate the impossible, your left with the probable'…I can't help it, I have to ask…How did it being a rock, manage to get eliminated from your logic, Mr Loeb ? Oh…of course, because it changed the trajectory of it's flight which might have had nothing whatsoever to do with electro magnetic radiation….A message to the young people reading my ravings at educational iniquity…When you have lost your perspective of common sense, you have reached your intellectual capacity. You must stop studying, the loss of common sense is the sign that your at the edge. When your educated beyond your intellectual capacity, you dream that you can find away to make your dreams become true. Your education can be your Island of intellectual worthiness but when you allow your intelligence to walk off your Islands continental shelf…you become intellectually incontinent…Daniel Petka said it 8 months ago. IT IS A ROCK.

  4. they are correct ..it is a craft ..it’s either the Mayans or the Sumarians ..I can’t remember witch group uses these cigar shaped crafts ..but it is indeed an alien craft

  5. that's a good answer to why we don't know about aliens,we can't even get along with each other how would we see are selves getting along with them? we are not smart or even advanced enough to make new friends because we are shit heads with nothing but money and sex on the brain nothing else!

  6. first we received some radio signal from outer space, and we respond to it. this time we discovered some kind of a disguised natural looking object which behaves unnaturally and is coming towards our solar system. could it be a probe from distant civilizations which confirms our existence? if so, then better be prepared. somethings coming and it might not be so friendly.

  7. nope. it's a zentradi cruiser checking us out while keeping a safe distance to avoid contamination with protoculture. 😜


  9. I personally think it’s an alien craft that used our sun as a gravitational slingshot point like we use the planets in our solar system to slingshot our spacecraft

  10. It isn't an alien space ship. It's a chip of rock that came off of a much larger chunk of rock that was hit by another chunk of rock at some point in the distant past. Watch someone making stone tools by chipping. Then imagine instead of a chunk of rock you can hold in your hand, a chunk of rock the size of a moon or planet hitting another one at just the right angle and it is very possible – and plausible – to get a rock with that shape. You people need to stop assuming "alien" everytime you see something you don't quite understand. Assuming there is intelligent life out there, our chance of encountering it – ever – is slim to none.

  11. Never show you real space footage. Always fake CGI.Not worth watching like all the other shit they put out.Never trust NASA.OR SPACE AGENCY. There hiding something from humanity.

  12. That's a lie. Havard never said that…. The professionals in their right mind say it's just a rock. Ya sure and the Earth's flat. You idiots.

  13. Even these experts cant differentiate a Alien and an Angel.,they both exist.Very Sad these guys never developed further,got stuck only with Aliens lollolololol how limited.

  14. Aliens have a huge City at the South Pole and North where all aliens are staying,our governments know about it just read Admiral Birds interview

  15. Before Atlantis fell, millions left to Alfa Centauri,the last ones were 12000 years ago leaving behind a few that took care of Egypt

  16. All rocks in Space is debris from a destroyed Planet. get that into your heads.only when a scientist accepts that will he develop further.

  17. The Object that is in the graphic is made to look like a rock.
    I will tell you this though….. The "Cigar shaped object" that flew into our solar system from above the plane was the long dead and debris encrusted remains of a vessel that, in a last and defiant act of bravery and despair, pointed it's navigation system toward our beautiful blue planet a very long time ago, in an effort to flee an enemy that had overtaken their Solar system, Galaxy and eventually, their entire existence.
    They were essentially a "Cult" in that they risked their lives on a mission that relied on the faith that their "God" would intervene in their suicidal self exile by means of providing them with a portal, or "a clear pathway", to their new Eden. A miracle which most likely did not occur and ultimately resulted in the vessel having no living being on board upon it's sad, lonely, silent and brief passing through our Home Space.
    They were not unseen though.

  18. Aldhype

    What makes you believe, that There are any truthfull Word in those stories told by bronze-age goat watchers??? You have been brainwashed by the preachers, preying on gullible people.

  19. So aliens dont have camuflage according to earths scienstist -this actually the first you would do as a visitor to a eventual hostile host – why are always the socalled "experts" so unexpert on life -I guess this is why they cant get women -experts on unlife and they are trying to figure out if its life…. idiots and they dont even know that.

  20. At best, I surmise that it's a manifestation of some distant alien civilization's raw sewage relocation/compartmentalization program, where they jettison their poop at hyper-sonic speeds into space. Thus whilst in space over a vast many millennia, the "alien space poop" has gathered upon itself, & amassed into this GIANT mutherfucking Oumuamua thingy that scientists around planet Earff hypothesize to be an ultra sophisticated & high tech interstellar space craft manufactured by a highly advanced civilization.

    In closing, this just might be 1 GI'NORMOUS gaw'damn alien space turd, on a potential collision course with Earth. The human race might become extinct by way of BIG alien space turd traveling at a 300k mph impact. Chew on that!

    Muchos we'arefucktos… -some smartass weirdo from the 5th Dimension

  21. It’s literally all pseudoscience. If you look up the definition of actual science versus pseudoscience it is all pseudoscience

  22. The interstellaire object are a space ship American military from antartica have go with there space ship to that ship it where empty on drift .

  23. Either
    A) it was a probe to test the existence of alien life (us) or
    B) a guided missile (which missed it's target – earth)to wipe out future competition (us).
    C) search for another habitable planet (earth) by alien.
    Just letting my thoughts run free 😉

  24. we have tech thats stops other knowing our plains were abouts Oumuamua could have tech to block any scan, and why after such a short time is another interstellar visitor on its way, an advanced alien culture could dominate us in two days , we should always take these interstellar visitors as a potential threat and have a response if necessary. Just my silly thinking thats all.

  25. I think that it's structure is the most fascinating. It has "layers". They look like rocky sediment layers which would indicate it came from a planet or moon. It would be interesting one day when our future scientists explore it up close, match it's composition and trajectory with similar objects to confirm where it originated. It won't be that far away.

  26. I think you are all complete idiots.

    There are no bloody Aliens, can you not see that yet?. If they can detect this: "Scientists spot gas on ‘alien’ comet from another galaxy in world first", then why are they unable to detect any supposed advanced alien civilizations in our own back yard or Galaxy, that they claim are 10's of thousands of advanced civilizations.

    If they can detect gases on a comet in another Galaxy, then surely they must be able to detect other civilizations?. Do you want to know why they have not detected any Aliens?. Simple, there are none, not in this realm of existance and until you all realise this, the sooner you can just get on with this life. It is a shit life, we all know that, but it is not in vain or waste, as I know it goes on after this. Not telling you how I know and I do not have to prove anything to anyone here.

    But I can categorically assure you, humans are THE only supposed intelligent species in this realm of existance. That means once we are gone and we will be soon, there is nothing left, until the next dumb arses come along and so on and so on. Happened many times before, the people before us here on Earth, perished in the cataclysm. That species were more advanced than humans, yet they still ended up destroyed. This has happened many times before, ok. I think humans miss the point here. I think you humans need to follow lies and falseness to give you hope. The problem with most of you is you follow and believe the wrong thing, hence why you will never ever find out, even when you die. Once most of you die that is it, you are right, but some are a bit more lucky and do continue on in energy form. Again, I do not have to prove anything to you, but most of you, yes you are doomed. I am unable to give a % on how many of you are doomed, but it is high, real high, like high 90%'s.

    Stop following lies and chasing false hope. This is the life you live now, most of you are doomed when you die anyway, so you need to enjoy this life, because for most of you, this is the only life you will ever have. Again, I do not need to prove my claims, you either believe it or not.

  27. They forgot to mention on exit of solar system it again went against common wisdom and actually started accelerating when that is impossible….

  28. Not the first..they are here and have always been..ask some can tell you.some know because we've been taken and we all have been told the same kinds of things…

  29. Wait so it’s too far to see with our telescopes already yet we can see into other galaxies ? That doesn’t sound right.

  30. We had enough of Alien stories. We need a real Alien invasion like Independence Day and only then the world will unite as one .

  31. Of course it's an alien space craft,It's actually an alien surveyor ship,Propably looking for a sight for a Hyper space by pass.

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