Why Is Nunes So Eager To Cover For Trump?: Analyst | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “Why Is Nunes So Eager To Cover For Trump?: Analyst | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. And not even ONE of these crooks will pay the price. they have totally gamed the system. and no protests!! apathetic America is a lame noodle. the criminal is now the judge. In our face!

  2. Because Trump is the one with the giant red tie Nunes needs to "play matador" with the mad bull coming for his bacon after that law suit he lost?

  3. I would not share the information that that Mr. Parnas is his dad. Mr. Nunes is well within his right to say if he remembers talking to him or not under that circumstance. Please feel free to shake up Mr. Nunes, though. Because he is a twofaced NUK! Did you know it is impossible for Mr. Nunes to be called a racist since he is color blind? I am suspicious that Mr. Parnas is actually a good guy.

  4. Do "random people" have your cell phone number Devin? Wait…wasn't it Parnas' wife that called Devin? Story changes again!

  5. Devin Nunes always came across as a guy full of conflicts of interest back in the days when he as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee where he had to recuse himself from the House’s Russia Investigation for the secret rendezvous with the White House, so it’s not surprising he’s conflicted again as the Ranking member.

  6. Remember…Nunez already cleared this all up. Nunez said his wife might have gotten a call from Parnas. Nothing to see here. LOL!

  7. See what happened was, someone passed me the phone, it was at a party, it was loud. I didn’t do nothing🤷🏿‍♂️

  8. God bless beloved President Trump. In 3 short years he has turned the United States back into a world leader instead of the Obama way of the worlds doormat. Iran on the ropes, North Korea tamed, ISIS destroyed, Russia under control, lowest unemployment ever, jobs flooding back into the country, wages increased, taxes lowered, GDP soaring, stock market soaring, oil independence, the wall being built, large numbers of conservative judges appointed, prison reform, the list just goes on and on. All of this despite the willingness and attempts of the evil DemoRatic party to sabotage Beloved President Trump at every turn. Imagine what an even greater country it would be if the DemoRatic party actually loved their country and worked for the people instead of their evil agenda of Americas destruction. I can't wait for the next 5 years of beloved President Trump and I hope that the DemoRatic party is laid waste to this election cycle. The do not deserve or know how to handle power. MAGA! Trump 2020

  9. Newsweek: Devin Nunes Now Remembers Talking With Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas
    Newsweek: Devin Nunes Now Remembers Talking With Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas.

  10. Oh how far America has fallen. It’s pretty sad when some corrupt Ukrainian sleaze ball is absolutely shocked at how America handled the house impeachment, allowing Nunez to head it up when he was one of the key players in the corrupt scheme. Shameful. Trump supporters have failed America.

  11. I can't believe that this is not considered a conspiracy. What am I missing here? Devon being directly involved with Lev, Rudy and Igor, all whilst sitting on the congressional committee related to Trump's Impeachment. How is this okay? Shouldn't we also be looking to Impeach Nunez? This is as corrupt as it can get.

  12. Nunes is a liar, no doubt. Just wait until the truth comes out about Moscow Mitch and his self-dealing lies and involvement in all of this…

  13. Pretty sure that the continued cooperation of Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Nunes, Barr, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey etc is because he has offered them positions in some new venture that's been on his mind. Just look at how it worked in Germany, a ways back. The president of the German senate (the Reischtag) was none other than Hermann Göring, without whose help Hitler would have never taken over. Göring was well rewarded. Ribbentrop (Nazi foreign minister) was previously a champagne salesman. Heinrich Himmler (architect of the Holocaust) was previously a chicken farmer.

  14. The republicans wanted first hand witness, and had him running the show all along. anyone surprised? Senate trial will have equal integrity.

  15. 2:23 "… so, what I always like to remind people is we are dealing with " [ lying and committing acts of obstruction ] "EVERYDAY… so…" – Nunes, prison is calling… should they just speak with your staff ?

  16. Nunes now implcated an he was the ranking gop during the herings?? Now its clear he knew how to ask questions AROUND THE TRUTH. Now that this is out he should have absolutly NO PART IN THIS TRIAL. PARNAS WAS CLEAR an Nunes is lying during that interview. This whole thing is getting more cortupt by the day. It has got to a point of beyond relm of reason and law. I am hoping the Dems are closely watching this. This i hope will changd ghe gop mind on witnesses. VOTE TRUMP OUT AN GET AMERICA BACK AGAIN AND THE VALUES FOR WHICH IT STOOD FOR

  17. Nunes: “I don’t recall parnas, it’s not likely I would have gotten calls from random strangers”

    Nunes after being busted: “it was a random call, about random things, I don’t recall the conversation, I don’t remember him, Parnas had notes???”

  18. Reminder: When a politician says they "don't recall" when asked about something potentially incriminating in their history, they recall, they just need more evidence.

  19. I didn't watch this video because of the commercials at the beginning! Thumbs down!!! NO MORE U-TUBE COMMERCIALS!!!

  20. Now we are going to see some true justice because even the bucktooth judges wont let these people off with their pensions in tact . There will come a time very soon when the people revolt against all this legislative and executive malfeasance.

  21. To "call" Nunes for what he is one doesn't need GPS, one should start studying mobster language first. These thugs are all destroying the once so GOP.

  22. Nunes may as well a drunken night out with the classy Robert Hyde. Who knows? Maybe Stormy will be pole dancing at the Dumpster Club.

  23. For the love of GOD. Why do we still believe on ANY, ANY politician at all. We citizens needs to shut down the congress and the senate. Get ride of all of them. We need to start fresh with more severe laws for them.

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