Wireless Scanning Using the HP All-in-One Control Panel | HP

Wireless Scanning Using the HP All-in-One Control Panel | HP

Scanning lets you make a copy of a photograph or document that you can save on your computer, print later, or email to a friend. You can scan using your software or by using the buttons on the control panel of your HP All-in-One. This video shows you how to scan from the control panel when the All-in-One and computer are connected to your wireless network. When your printer and computer are connected wirelessly, they may not be near each other or even in the same room. If you have more than one page or photo to scan, and are using the Scan software on your computer, you’ll need to walk back and forth from the computer to the printer to scan each page. This is tiring and inconvenient. Scanning directly from the control panel saves you time and energy. Before you can scan from your HP All-in-One, you must first turn on both the All-in-One and your computer, and make sure both of them are connected to your wireless network. If you haven’t already set up the HP All-in-One on the network, refer to your All-in-One’s onscreen Help or go to www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting for more help. To set up scanning from your printer’s control panel, double-click the HP All-in-One icon on your computer’s Desktop to open the printer software. In the window that appears, click Scanner Actions, and then click Activate Scan to Computer. A dialog box lets you know that the setup is complete. Before you close the dialog box, note the name of your computer. You’ll select this computer name when you scan from the control panel of your HP All-in-One. To begin scanning, lift the lid of your HP All-in-One and place your original face down in the front right corner of the scanning glass. Then close the lid to hold the original in place. Press the Scan button or icon on the control panel of your HP All-in-One, and then select the computer you want to scan to from the list on the display. Your HP All-in-One may include Scan Shortcuts to make scanning easy for you. If so, select the Scan Shortcut that best meets your needs. Depending on the model of your HP All-in-One, it may show you a preview of your scan. After reviewing the preview, touch Scan on the display to scan your original. If your HP All-in-One doesn’t display a preview, press OK to scan your original. If you have additional pages or photos to scan, repeat the process. What happens after you scan depends on the Scan Shortcut you selected. If you saved your scan to a computer file, you’ll find it in an open window on your computer screen. Each page is saved as a separate file. To scan all pages into a single file, use the HP Scan software on your PC. Be sure to note the location of your scans. If you close the window before noting the location, you can find it in the HP Scanning software, under Advanced Settings.

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