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  1. I saw this post on The Wags Club Facebook account. IT'S SO SAD 😭😭

    Jen Forss doesn't recommend The Wags Club:
    Making this post is difficult, and is a decision that did not come easily. We have given this much thought have decided that if what happened to us had happened to a friend, we would want to know. We feel as though it would be a disservice to our friends, family, and their fury loved ones who use the dog walking service Wag, is considering using it in the future, or know someone who does.

    We have kept information about Winnie to a minimum. The way she passed is not what we will focus on in this post (although very traumatic and we miss her every day), but instead focusing on the way Wag has chosen to handle themselves and treat their customers after the passing of a loved one. We also want to be clear that this post is not out of anger or for sympathy, but only because if this information was out 6 weeks ago, things may be different for us.

    The day that we lost Winnie, she was being walked by a new walker who unfortunately was careless, resulting in Winnie being hit. Having the feeling something was wrong, I reached out to the walker. She assured me that Winnie was at home safe and that Wag would be calling me to follow up. Five minutes later, I received a call telling me that was in fact untrue and she was gone.

    Again, we will not focus on this, but instead the aftermath and how Wag has treated our family. On the phone call, a Wag representative gave me little information. She told me where to find Winnie and assured me that they would cover any expenses we felt necessary (cremation, clay paw print, etc). After sending them our receipts, Wag then chose to send us an e-mail saying that we would only be reimbursed if we signed a settlement agreement essentially stating that we would never tell anyone what happened, not write any negative reviews, nor post anything on social media, completely leaving their company name and walker out of it. We agreed that getting a reimbursement was not worth pretending as though this never happened. Wag then explained this option would be available to us if we ever changed our minds. Not even 24 hours later, we received a notice stating this agreement was no longer valid.

    It has been six weeks since we last saw Winnie. Other information that is important to note: We have not heard from the walker since she lied and told us Winnie was home safe, we have not been provided with details on what happened that day (who was involved, how it happened, where it happened, if the car stopped), no reimbursement, and it will likely stay that way. Wag has experienced no consequences and has shown little to no remorse. Our family is left with many unanswered questions, therefore hindering our grieving process and shows us a lack of kindness on Wags behalf which has been very disappointing.

    We also wanted to mention we have met many wonderful people who loved Winnie dearly through Wag, which we are so thankful for. What happened was tragic, but again, we believe the story of what happened afterwards is important information for anyone who uses this service. We know that this post won't bring Winnie back, but we hope that someone's loved one may be spared and cared for properly because of our story. Thank you for reading, and we love you all.

  2. Honestly, get a lawyer and Sue them before they sue you. They can't take away your freedom of speech and burrito clearly didn't have anything wrong with him before hand. You can get them to at least pay for all the medical bills, maybe even some extra for the tramatic experience your dog had to go through. It's fucked up, what they're doing. Hope it gets better

  3. Awww, poor Burrito🌯! I work for a veterinarian and also im a dog owner, they are our family!! 🥰 Boarding facilities by me have cameras📷 you can look in on to check up on your pet.🧐

  4. I'm sorry that happened to your pup. Almost everything that happened is normal for boarding facilities. A lot of places can't just let people walk into the back as it may upset the dogs and cause a fight so they may have put more reactive dogs away for the tour. 30 dogs in a play group is an appropriate size with pre-evaluated dogs. I've worked at boarding facilities that had 85 dogs split in 2 groups. Many dogs don't eat or sleep well at boarding so him being tired and even a bit lethargic when you left with him is also normal. The thing that's not at all okay is them not owning up to whatever happened. Dogs getting minor injuries or having allergic or stress reactions is very normal but we would always tell the owners about it. Even if they did not know what exactly happened (does not look like a dog bite) they should have been more caring towards your shock of finding your dog in a cone with unknown sores on his face. Even though I have spent a lot of time working at very nice dog facilities I always recommend them to be used as a last resort. Take the dog with you, have him stay with a friend or family member or have a professional pet sitter stay at your home.

  5. God this place needs to be shut down.. so sorry for your fur baby, it's untelling what they put burrito through.. and Yelp is bullshit, I don't trust them at all now. Thank you for speaking out and letting us know the truth 💜❤️💯

  6. I know this is an older video but I'm very very sorry to hear about your baby burrito! Definitely not okay and I hope you sue them!

  7. I know this video is from October 2018 but a lot of these comments are correct.
    You have enough & proper evidence to sue.
    He was attacked by a more aggressive dog

  8. Hey Mar!! I watch pretty much every video you post lol, I just wanted to say sorry that happened to poor baby burrito 😢 and ya know since yelp is hiding all the poor reviews you should totally make an app with true honest reviews that wont be hidden or paid ti take off! I think it would he a good idea lol since you do a lot of star rated videos..but hope baby burrito gets better soon!! 😘

  9. I would NOT have paid that place!! That’s crazy either they did something to him or another dog hurt him & they are trying to cover it up. I would fight to get my money back .

  10. You should not have paid and went to the vet. If they didn't own up to it they're shady af. I'd make them pay my vet bills for a) the bites and b) drugging your dog. I'm like snapping here, because you seem like a nice person that was really screwed over.

    Next time get a blood test, if he has more issues I'd actually sue (I'm literally the last person to sue anyone).

    Report them to the Better Business Bureau and they should actually have the cops called on them for animal abuse. You think your pet is safe with them and they aren't. Also report Yelp for deleting reviews.

    Update: Yelp doesn't have a report an issue button (pretty sure most review sites do).

    Here's a BBB Complaint you can fill out. Have others that DMed you do the same. Soone turn into class action lawsuits.

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  12. you should go to BBB and do a report. and everyone else. BBB would look into it. and go to the state business licensing and tell them about it

  13. Okay I work at a doggy daycare facility, and we are trained to be able to care for 25 dogs at once. Obviously things may happen that are out of our control because worker safety comes first. But it is really bad that they wouldn’t tell yall if something happened to him. The place I work also has 24/7 live cameras, so you can constantly watch your dogs on the camera. And if there was a problem you could go back and watch the film. This is sad because at the place I work all of the employees love all of the dogs that come in. We know all of there names (even when there are 100-160 dogs there). Don’t let this one bad experience defer you from taking your dog to a daycare. I can assure you the dogs at our camp have a much better life than one that just lays around at home all day.

  14. I worked at a kennel for 6 years and even before I saw those reviews about overcrowding, I knew just from Burrito's face and lethargy that the place had too many dogs. The lethargy especially can be from exhaustion – being stressed and awake for too long. The more dogs you have in an area, the crazier it gets – they won't settle down or sleep. Then when they get home they sleep for days. Staff not being on the same page, not wanting to give a tour right when you ask, lying about any changes in your dog's health; all red flags. That place is a hot mess and shady AF.

  15. It broke my heart to hear that happen to burrito 😔 I hope there can be a stop to all of this because they don’t deserve to care for dogs if they are going to miss treat them, that is very wrong. Spreading awareness is the best way to keep other people’s dogs safe. I hope burrito gets better!!! 💛

  16. WOW I JUST FOUND THIS VIDEO! My mini Aussie went to Wags Club when I first got her as a puppy, I paid nearly $900 for their daycare packages since she was a hyperactive dog and I wanted to make sure she got plenty of exercise during the week when I was at work. Things were completely fine and when I got her spayed, they did a great job keeping her in a secure room when she was there so she could heal properly. She loved going there, always ran to the door to go play. But when she was about 7 months, I noticed a change in her personality, she started misbehaving and barking like crazy. I always asked the workers there if she ever barked at them or behaved this way when she was there and they always said no. Long story short, I decided to no longer have her go there and her personality did a complete flip. She had professional training which I'm sure helped but there was something strange going on there for sure. Now my Maya goes to a new place down in the South Bay with a water park and people that work there who are experienced with dogs 🙂

  17. Yelp is a joke. Businesses can pay to have reviews taken down that is 100% true. Also if you aren’t an established reviewer with at least 3 reviews prior to your current review it will end up in the “not recommend at this time” reviews that don’t pop up unless you specifically go to the not recommend reviews for that business. So rule of thumb if you want to leave a review for a place that you want to be seen. Review 3 other places before reviewing the place you originally wanted to review in the first place.

  18. I know this isnt a new video but i just now watched it. Seeing pictures of your dog obviously drugged made me tear up. I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and am leaving my German Shepherd at a doggy spa/hotel and now I'm worried. I wonder if there are any hidden camera dog collars on the market? If not there should be!

  19. I run a business social media and it is very hard to get reviews deleted from Google and Facebook. We don't have a Yelp though because their reviews are never reliable, people get paid to do reviews etc it's just all around a trash service in itself.

  20. As far as reviews not being recommend on Yelp, if there are mass influx of reviews, they will hide all that are similar in an effort to hide false reviews that are meant to defame a business. Google and Facebook also do that. It's algorithms

  21. Poor burrito .I have a dog he's Benny and I love him like my kid ,sounds like he may have got bitten cause two same blood spots on both sides sounds like a bite , that must have happened that morning ,so here he's bleeding gets a bath and in pain he gets pain drugs that why a blood test would have been a good idea.. well sorry this happened to your boy . This goes for real kids and our pet babies …no body will love them like we do ,, so they don't care like we do when things happen so be careful if u ever need. To leave him again

  22. I know this is CRAZY late, but since time has passed I think your viewers should FLOOD their yelp page. There’s no way they can get ALL of them down fast enough and on all of their engines. There has to be something that can be done.

  23. I think you should update this. I just went on and there’s a TON of negative fb reviews and someone keeps posting your videos and people who must be defending you are posting and the same two idiots keep commenting on all the negative posts and must work there. Go check it out! Several people mentioned Burrito. You did make a difference.

  24. Ive worked at doggy daycares for a while. When they say "get ready for the tour" they go and put up the reactive dogs. Some dogs go crazy when people come out to tour the facility. This can cause the pack to go crazy.

  25. GRRRRRRR….As an animal lover and someone whom has worked in and managed a couple dog daycare and boarding facilities in the past 11 years, stories like this infuriate me! I quit the last place because of things like this. Witnessing neglect and then getting in trouble when I spoke up or try to remedy the situations and such. Unfortunately, there are no regulations , no OSHA, no protection when it comes to these animal care businesses. You are at the mercy of the business owner and the handlers that "care" for your fur baby. This goes further than deleted Yelp reviews . I have worked with some amazing people that loved their jobs and treated the animals in their care like royalty. I have also witnessed abuse and neglect on many levels at the hands of irresponsible idiots. I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. Give "burrito" lots of love and patience. Whatever happened was traumatic and will take time to recover from. If he was attacked be prepared for him to act fearful or even aggressive near unknown or new dogs. If he was hurt while being groomed, be prepared for him to get squirrelly or nervous when it is time for a bath. Basically, look for clues and possible triggers. Burrito's behavior can help reveal what may have happened to him. best wishes

  26. This is breaking my heart right now I cant believe it. I hope hes doing better these days. :c This place sounds so crazy I would be in bitchmode fr my pups are my life. I love you Mar! And Burrito too!

  27. Lord! I hope Burrito is much better! Strong Mariale! 😘 for you, Gordo and Burrito. Blessings!!!!😘😍

  28. Thsi shits 20 minutes too long like stfu n get to the point lol how u only have 70 k views b 2 mill. Cuz u annoying

  29. All 1 star reviews say from the owner that they aren't a registered customer.. CAN THIS PLACE SHUT DOWN ALREADY

  30. Maybe yelp is taking down the complaints because they get paid to. Damn the people are corrupt. Poor burrito 🌯 hope he’s better and has forgotten about the experience ❤️🙏🏻🌈

  31. GIRL NO GET MAD! Wtf I’d sue there ass! A dog either bit him or scratched him. Girl no I’d be pissed!

  32. Red flags
    #1-they have to prep for you to see you should be able to walk in any time unexpectedly
    #2-way to many dogs
    #3-anything other then what you were told should never be accepted
    #4- gut instinct
    That's just on drop off
    I'm so sorry that your baby had to go threw that but research red flags for pet resorts groomers ect sadly people are shady.
    My friend recommended a groomer I walked in unexpected to my dog being hit she is shut down I was one angry momma

  33. Their account is not private on ig anymore or they just blocked you bc I just looked them up and everything showed up. I thought I saw burritos pic on there but it wasn’t him. Sorry. But yeah their account isn’t private anymore

  34. Oh, God, I'm so sorry about Burrito. I hope he's fine now. I'm very suspicious of such places, too. Thankfully, a close friend has a dog hotel.

  35. Omg I love u so much mar I’m so glad u posted this because I have a dog and we’re on a trip right now and we would’ve took my dog there if u would’ve have posted this I LYSM 🖤

  36. Aloha Mar! I know this is an older story, I am a new sub, so I'm catching up. You should sue them! You have ALL the necessary documentation to do so! They actually need to be shut down! I believe there is also an organization called the Better Business Bureau that you can report to? Thank you for this info about Wags/Yelp. Glad Burrito is back to his old self!

  37. Hi mar,love your 1 star videos,just starting following you and shocked to hear about this. Cant even trust yelp anymore.ive heard of business paying for better reviews but to remove the bad ones is wrong. This is why I have a lot of trust issues in businesses and people.

  38. That’s so sad. Poor Burrito 🌯. These people are evil and basically abusing dogs by taking these reviews down so other dogs could get hurt 😔. The fact hat they claimed to sue you is ridiculous because they can’t sue you for sharing your experience with the world.

  39. girl, SUE THEM! take them to civil court, call Judge Judy, let it be known ! They obviously neglected your dog, your entitled to your money back!

  40. So low key I work at a boarding kennel. U can always fly me out to take car of him hahaha so sorry burrito and you, had a bad experience boarding:( dont give up on boarding tho just because of a bad place!

  41. Mariale I would do the same thing, my dogs are everything to me. It sucks burrito had to go through that.

  42. This is disgusting!! Cant believe Yelp would help their business like that. Google reviews is the way to go

  43. This is so sad it’s very terrible to see how people that you trust your pets with don’t care about them I would be very mad and upset I would of went off on them so they don’t do it to other people am so sorry u went thru that not every place is what it seems hope burrito feels better take care

  44. If only that was my dog I would talk back and be on fire because I always talk back to my friends and win

  45. You should tell your SUPER famous rich friends like SSSniperwolf to tell their fans to watch this or somthing

  46. I justed checked out their FB page and half of the comments are people talking about Buritto. ❤ your followers got your back lol

  47. Oh my goodness my dog passed and he I think had marks like burritos but we thought he was fine he started throwing up and we thought it was normal cause he always ate grass right and if he ate to much he would throw up so we kept thinking and thinking he was ok but he wasn't he passed a week or so later 😥😓😰😿

  48. Sounds like they give them Benadryl to keep them calm, which is beyond wrong

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